Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is your ITunes full of Music or Quran?

Nice show :) where they talk about the distractions that we can so easily get into, and not come out of - for er, the rest of our lives. Anything that makes us completely involved, and takes 100% attention...should make us stop and think a bit. Is it the right thing? Is my intention right? Am I neglecting other important things in the pursuit of this particular thing? Etc.

May Allah Guide us all to the Way that is Straight! Ameen.


majworld said...

wat is an itune?? i hve seen these on stores nd they r quite expensive even..

Uni said...

Well, it's basically your collection of audio that you have downloaded from Apple iTunes, to play on the iPod, or iPhone, or iPad. So this collection of music/other audio/lectures etc is being referred to, in the title... whether it's full of music, or something useful too.

Hope that was clear.

majworld said...

bt y the need to download music and pay for it wen u got youtube nd everything free on net...

Uni said...

Oh, the need to download music and maybe take it on trips or gym and all - because the iPod is teensy nah, so its more portable. MP3 players aisay hee use to hotay hain.

Payment ka dunno !