Friday, February 11, 2011

HE went :D... and IT returned :D:D


MOOO-barak to all!

Egypt's Da Man has left. Fled the country to somewhere exotic which has an apt name (Sharm-al-Sheikh? :P). The internet-revolution was successful, but this success is only partial. Only one part is done! Mubarak's departure.

What's left is to see who takes his place, and which policies does he follow. I'm not much hopeful in the current scenario where Omer Solaiman is the one who has been delegated the powers right now, since he has been known to work closely with US and Israel - so no doubt there what kind of policies will he follow.

I just wish the second part of this revolution brings about a changed leader in this great country. A leader who does NOT stuff like "People can stay hungry in Gaza, but they shouldn't starve!"

This lovely statement was said by:

Egypt has been Israel's chief partner in the devastating blockade of the Gaza Strip, which has caused Gaza's economy to be on the "brink of collapse," as a UN spokesman put it yesterday. Suleiman is quoted in a December 2007 cable as wanting the blockade to cause "Gaza to go 'hungry' but not 'starve.'" 80 percent of the people of Gaza rely on UN aid to survive.
Source: here 
So what came back? My data :D:D

The laptop still is in the ''workshop'' and the hard drive was successfully retrieved (hadn't gotten formatted like I was worried it had), and thankfully, all the necessary stuff is lying safely in a USB.

I have learned my lesson! Back up NOW
There is no LATER... now is the word!

So this means :D, that the past 2-3 days of continuous typing has worked and all the GRE vocab is now in the form of a 1285-sentence novel :D waiting to be read (with beyzaari, Im sick of all of them seriously), by me, er, soon.

I really hope this method works out well *anxiously*, and Happy Moo-barak fleeing day to you all :D


Tauqeer said...

I am certainly not impressed with current events in Egypt. People may have been jubilant, it is there right to do so.

But I certainly do not see anything good coming up. He said all the right things last night, when he said he has given some of his powers to vice-president to form committees for constitutional changes. That would have been only the 'right' way of doing it.

My worst fears are that it is going to be another 'Iraq'. Unfortunately, infighting and lack of leadership has been a long term problem of Muslim countries.

Uni said...

I'm happy at one thing: A dictator had to flee the country. No matter how exotically and fantastically he lives for the next 10 years, he is one figure completely loathed by the very majority he ruled over.

I am just happy on that!

Yeah, the latter part, like delegating power over to that Soleman and following the same foreign policy will not change anything !! But the fact that HE is gone.. calls for jubilation , at least for now.

Btw, I didn't get how you relate Iraq here?

Tauqeer said...

Yes, I am happy for that part as well.

But when you say "he is one figure completely loathed by the very majority he ruled over", on what basis are you saying this? Have you ever met any egyptian? have you ever been there? I don't know the answers to that.

Although what I know is that couple of million people on streets definitely do not portray will of 80 million population! Egypt is a huge mix of different ethnic groups and religious denominations. In all this saga, have you heard of any Christian political party? any political person/party representing masses?

I am sure you haven't because they were never allowed to form groups or parties, although most of them were very well protected by the strict government control.

So again, I am not actually defending for what Mubarak may have done in past, I just wanted to see a better political transfer. One has to understand that this society never had free speech, never had any free political involvement. Having elections in few months will not transform anything in the country though during this time, ethnic, religious parties will elevate with their traditional rhetoric, and you will end up with a government similar to Iraq! where they struggled to form government for almost 9 months... that country is plagued with ethnic and religious difference, because they do not have a single party/leader who can claim to represent masses.

Good luck to Egyptians!

Uni said...

But when you say "he is one figure completely loathed by the very majority he ruled over", on what basis are you saying this? Have you ever met any egyptian? have you ever been there?

I say this on the basis of the whole Egyptian revolution movement that has happened - and if you believe that the ones actually on the streets were the only ones rejecting this regime, then I have a different opinion :). Cuz the movement was actually an internet-based one and the support was massive on an online and home-based scale.

And yes, I have been to Egypt and have been in taxis lol. The talk there - whatever English they could communicate with suggested the exact same sentiments that we have for our leaders. And they were not satisfied. Who would be? For a leader who chose to fill his own pocket and leave the poor, poorer?

So I can safely say he was loathed! Badly.

But nobody could do anything about it. And about political party, the only party I have heard about which still has some people's interests in itself is the Muslim Brotherhood. And this party's members keep on getting arrested (a lot so in Hosni Mobarak's regime).

Better political transfer ka to baad main hee pata chalay ga. That's what I meant when I said only one part is done with. The crucial phase II begins with the new political setup of Egypt.

Jiss ka pata abhi nahi, bad main hee chalay gaa.

Yeah good luck to them.

Thanks for the comment.

Tauqeer said...

Internet based many Egyptians you think uses internet? or even have access to such things?

Anyhow, I think there is a bigger conspiracy going on :P and yes, dekhtay hain kia hota hai.

Swiss government froze Mubarak's bank accounts tonight, why? under what authority or charge? I tell you, there is something going on! lol

majworld said...

there is no leadership, dats the issue..if after such revolutions, thing dont get right, then i wonder only nature can do something..

anas imtiaz said...

Surely he can't live in Sharm-al-Sheikh! He has to go to some other country…generous Saudis will take him.

Things will not get right straightaway. It will take years. The good out of this is that the next ruler will be aware of how people can react, and people will also know how to show him the door. So ruler might be a bit careful. And yes the current VP (or whatever he is now) is hopeless. The whole regime must go.

Uni said...

The purpose of saying that it was an internet-based movement was to show that there was support, even if the numbers weren't that much (compared to the Egypt population) on the streets.

The very fact that this was a Facebook-incited move by a man who was a Google exec. points towards a bigger picture and I agree with you when you say something is going on! I totally agree. Why now? Why all these middle east nations.. what happened to them suddenly..

These are big questions to which we don't yet have clear answers. But the good part is.. that a jungly dictator is gone. And there is a slight hope that the next ruling party is going to work for the people and not for their masters.

Uni said...

Yeah. I think the lack of leadership say ziada its the lack of loyalty to the Egyptians... the very nation that calls itself a muslim country. The regime made a mockery of a 'Muslim nation' !!

Oh yeah, he will go somewhere. Saudia is the most likely choice. God, where are their spines. But we have to wait and see.

The current control is with the army (which I read somewhere is majorly-CIA trained).. so not much hope there. But a new government (if omar solaiman less) can maybe work for the people and not serve others' interests.

We can hope and pray bus.

Thanks all for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Deakha how many comments you can get, even with a slightest hint of politics or religion in your posts :P

Uni said...

Lol. Happens.. these are sensitive subjects indeed.