Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"A friend is someone who's there when he needs you" - Anon

Dear God

Could you please grant me some like-minded friends in this life?

3-4 will do, but even one is fine.

And can they please be females?

And can they please not live more than 8000 miles away from me?

And please, can they not be incredulous when I talk about my crazy big ideas on how to change the world?

And can they be really interested in ''current affairs'' and not ''celebrities' affairs''?

And can they please be not busy in some career and a full time job?

And please, can they be not married with kids so they don't have any time for now for others?


Er, I guess the conditions are far too many. :(. Forget it.

Dear Brain

Could you please develop some inclination for learning vocab? 500 words isn't enough and you know it.

And could you please, like... get SMARTER?

And can you please not make stupid errors in quantitative questions. You CAN do visual processing right? So why should you miss out a ''not'' and mess up a fairly simple probability question?

And will it kill you to comprehend the reading comprehension...? No matter how boring it is? A 580 is not good enough and you should have gotten a better score today.

Dear Heart

Could you please stop laughing at idiotic jokes like:

When a girl falls in love with a guy, her parents say, "Who's that idiot!??!" And when a guy falls in love with a girl, his parents say, "Idiot! Who's that girl? - Moral: Guys are always the idiot!

And could you please find some inclination towards somehow transferring these vocab words to the brain.. it's not that big a transfer, is it?

Just make yourself WANT this scholarship, can you?

And please, it's a humble request. Don't be inclined towards any recipes for bread pudding, and healthy veggie salad. The two do not go together.

And can you please detach yourself from BLOGGER?

And no, please don't dream of swimming and running right now. It's time to study. And you don't have permission to run in the park anyway. Please be content. You can run all you want in Jannah (IA).

"I can resist everything except temptation." - Oscar Wilde.


Ahmar said...


Tazeen said...

*Sigh* May Allah make things easier for you. I've forwarded your note-to-God to God from my side as well. I guess I need friends like that too who like stuff that I like do not live so far away.

Tauqeer said...

Get married and you'll be okay.


majworld said...

haha@joke..:D..nd y people want friends who think like them :S..for a gud friend, its nt necessary to be like minded..

Uni said...


And :), acha.. you face the same dilemma. That makes the two of us. But hey, you have university peeps don't you. So you're a lil better :P

Sure. That's fine. But by like-minded I only mean people you can get along with comfortably - not necessarily people you don't agree with.

Thanks all for dropping by!

MAK said...

so you know how to seim :) please teach me :D

dua ha kay aap ka dil o dimag aap ki sun lay.

Uni said...


teach? i am a total beginner!

Ameen !!