Tuesday, February 8, 2011


If anybody were to ask me 'Hey, what's up?', I'd take this literally and say that my head is up, which is kind of a rolling swirl of letters and alphabets right now. My entire soul seems to be spinning. I keep imagining the table is shaking and check to see if an earthquake has come again... but then find out, it's my own self, slowly swaying... in time to..? To the pounding in my head. I cannot remember any other day when I have been this crazily ghoomofied in this vocab list which is just not getting prepared so that I can start learning it. 

*tries hard to keep her chin up*

This whole episode is something I'd like to forget in my life veryyy soon. *tries to keep her head from nodding randomly*... and I never want to wish this upon anybody else in my entire life. Not even... *pauses*... Zardari. 

And know what the worst absolutely BAD bit is? That I'm sick of these words already. I loath the thought of having to learn them up (because that would mean going through them again), and also... this is one horrific way of increasing vocab. It's like I'm breaking the word down to lil pieces and trying to shove them down my throat. Urgh!

I am on sentence number 414! (800 more to go? Oh joy!) and the stories are still not completing. I thought it would be faster if I typed. And the result? I have been sitting in front of the PC for the entire day!!! Entire ...! Day!!

I had given myself 3 days to write the stories down in order to learn them. And two days are gone! I have 24 more hours... *blearily*.. But I have got to sleep! Even when I close my eyes, a word pops up behind my closed eye-lids, beckoning me - taunting me to try and guess its meaning! 

Allah Help Me and the worst vocab-learning experience of my life!

Btw, the sick events in my country have made me feel more sick. As if it wasn't painful enough to watch the widow of one of the victims of Raymond Davis kill her self yesterday :'(.... the worst bit was yet to come. He (the murderer) is being shifted to this jail where they had a state of emergency for 3 hours and checked out 'conditions' of the jail... whether the murderer can comfortably live there or not. There were 'foreign inspectors' as well, to see whether all the comforts of life will be given to their companion, who would be staying at this five-star facility free of charge, while the nation mourns the dead and the relatives of the murdered condemn in futility. 

I can only hope that Allah SWT Punish really badly, both in this world, and the Hereafter, the perpetrators of this heinous crime and our servile aid-providers, murderer-paaarers - who would like nothing than to see Raymond Davis, fly back to his country safely and soundly. Never mind he killed three people here... who cares, right?


UncleTom said...

i once tried not reading the newspaper , but it didnt work.... ,,,,

Tazeen said...

*Hugs tight* I had a mini-nightmare like this one yesterday when I tried to create my assignment within 2 hours. :$ Terrible it was and the worst part was that the teacher didn't come and also... Okay. *zips her mouth shut*

May Allah help you! *manages a small smile to cheer you up, even if slightly*

Plus, the whole Raymond Davis things is... Bas. Mai nahi bol rahi. I am very naraz at the unsystematic "system". It's just sad! :(

Uni said...

*stares*.. huh?
Er, okay.

Aww! *hugs right back*.. The teacher didn't come?? Oh man ! Hate when that happens.. !!

[Khair, its worse the other way round --> teacher being there and not the assignment]

Ameen!.. and yeah, after a good night's sleep, I am qadray cheered up compared to last night :S

Lol, cute... :) We're all naraaz at this stupid system. In my life at least, I can't remember any time when I was not naraaz at the system.. :(

Thanks both for dropping by!

Noor said...

ya Allah!! *horrified*
May Allah give you all the courage and power and brains to complete this list. Ameen Ameen Ameen. Dil se Ameen.! and this system is ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!! Allah nimtyga in log se! :(

Uni said...

:{ Ameen

And you can't imagine what worse thing happened next... :S.. {in next post IA}

Trials are surely hard these days

JazakAllah for dropping by ..