Friday, February 4, 2011


Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious :D -
I don't have to agree with all the stuff to appreciate the humor though :D


Ahmar said...

veryyy funny :D

Sis the Priss said...

trust you to find something like this:D

Noor said...

I missed your blog in all this time. :P its great to be back. :D loved your posts. :) 1200 sentences? *nearly faints* :P good luck!

Uni said...

Lol. I thought so too. This whole website it hilarious (phdcomics dot com)

@Sis the Priss
I didn't find it .. it found me :D..I mean, it was a forward email...

Aw, thanks so much kid :)

And *smile fades*.. I miscounted.. its actually 1300 something... :'(

Thanks all for dropping by!