Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Awwwwwwwww (add infinite 'w's here!!) and Ugh :@

Forwarded email. Omg. Cutest pictures I've ever seen! *smitten*

These forwards can be a source of a huge cheerup!

Only to have the smile wiped off from your face as you learn about the latest development on the spineless creatures club - our politics of course.

They didn't mind giving ''immunity'' to this lovely human being who was carrying around pictures of our sensitive military areas! Some diplomat. Ha! And they expect us to believe in 'qaanoon'? Rule of LAW?

What law? The law that allows them to create forged documents, and define illegal definitions? Skate over crucial details, and choose their own hides and dollars over their citizen's lives? Choose aid packages over human dignity and state sovereignty?

There will be further Daymond Ravises... roaming the country pretty soon. Shooting around people and spying on our madressahs. After all, they're all going to get ''diplomatic immunity'' no?

I'm wondering. If Raymond Davis had managed to shoot some important relative of Fozia Wahab, or Rehman Malik, would they still be so vocal in providing ''immunity'' to the beloved creature?

And I am ashamed of you all. I am ashamed to call you a leader anyway, and remember - you will have to answer three victims of this man, who will ask you why you did not deal out justice, when you were in a position to do so. Better prepare some good answers in the foreign office.


UncleTom said...

you know after the Raymond case, what my biggest wonder was ????
a bayan from Rehman malik saying " Sipah Sahaba is behind it" lol trust me i did wait for such a comment from him, atleast he should have said that taliban are behind it.

majworld said...

immunity has been given yet or not?? its highly shameful coz we all knw dat nothing vl happen to that guy..

Uni said...

Yeah. You're right. This kind of craziness is expected from him

It's been given at government level. So now, even if the matter goes to court, our government is taking the stance that no matter how many people this man kills, we are declaring him 'immune' to any prosecution here in this country...

Oh its beyond shameful. Its the height of shamelessness :{:{:{:{:{

Thanks both for dropping by

Tazeen said...

For now, he's still in jail. And I hope he stays there for life!

Uni said...


he's enjoying there :S... but at least hes fearful...chalo chalay gaa :):)