Friday, February 11, 2011

Painful Days !!


The continuous stress and pressure is so getting to me. This pushing oneself to the limit really teaches something!

1. Humans can work really long hours, if required!
2. They can survive on 4 hours of sleep at night.
3. Point number 2 can repeat throughout the week...
4. It's tough to explain why one needs to ''learn'' vocab!
5. I hated the MS class we had today!
6. Gotta stay up till 4am at least *wide yawn*

I wish GRE folks hadn't changed the analytical portion. That used to be so much fun!! The local GAT follows that pattern... and it's way better. There was no need to introduce that fuzool Analaytical writing... which can work if you're lucky, and go completely flop if you don't get the right idea from the topic you are given. Ugh!

Some nice things to balance out the bad-ness

1. Hosni Mubarak MIGHT just live up to his surname today :D
2. Another day has gone by with Raymond Davis FakeName still in his comfortable room in prison and not escorted to the airport, and sent away with state honor.
3. Electricity went off (and there was a fault in generator) at university today, so quite a lot of time was wasted :D
4. I managed to get the book (of this subject) from the library! Shukkarrr
5. Heard a lot of whispers and lots of "Poocho poocho"..."Acha na pooch raha hoon - sabar to karo" ... before this one guy finally asked me ''Zara yeh book dikhaa dain''
6. *lote pote with laughter* at point number 5

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Oh btw, another good thing is that finally got a working browser in my netbook. Has a funny name lol. SeaMonkey! Ain't that cute! 


anas imtiaz said...

Believe it or not, the first part of this post is quite motivating.

Uni said...

Yeah, but exhausting just the same lol.
Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

hope i can get fresh with 4hrs sleep in life sometime..:S

Uni said...

Fresh kaun hota hay.. *glumly*.. it's just survival!!

UncleTom said...

so how many times did you hear pocho pocho to be asked ???

and did you get mad on the question :P be honest lol

Uni said...

Hahaha. I heard it 3-4 times... and no, I wasn't offended by the question! I was nearly bursting with laughter..!!

Actually this isn't the first time this has happened. That's why i find it really funny :D

Thanks for dropping by!

UncleTom said...

you mean they always ask you for the book ???

Uni said...

Er, no no. I meant that this thing "people whispering a lot before asking me stuff" has happened a lot. Most probably cuz I am not that approachable and im not talking about girls.

Khair. So that's what has happened quite a number of times (for any request: books, note whatever). Lol.

UncleTom said...

do you wear a burqa or something ??? or are you a quite type in college ...

Uni said...

Oh. Actually yes to both questions :)

UncleTom said...

lucky you , at least you can hide behind something ,,, every winter i wonder what am gonna do in summer , how will i live without jackets ..... then i wear a dress shirt over the t shirt ,,, now i am thinking about the cap ,,,

Uni said...

*stares in surprise*

That's not the purpose of the hijab you know.

UncleTom said...

i made a post about it on my blog you can read it here .

Uni said...