Sunday, February 6, 2011

Aafia and Raymond -- Justice of the Mighty

Aafia: Kidnapped, tortured, held in secret and then in isolation
>> Raymond: Pampered, full access to lawyers of his choice and his embassy

Aafia: Vienna Convention disregarded
>> Raymond: Vienna Convention invoked

Aafia: US & Pak govts worked tirelessly to ensure she never goes free
>> Raymond: US & Pak govts working tirelessly to ensure he goes free as soon as possible

Aafia: Harmed no one
>> Raymond: Killed 2 human beings and caused 1 additional death 

Aafia: imprisoned for 86 years for "attempting to kill her captors"
>> Raymond: Given immunity and expected to be released in a few days

Aafia: Citizen of Pakistan
>> Raymond; Citizen of USA  

To quote from Mel Brooks: "Its good to be king!"

Source: here


UncleTom said...

double standards of so called 1st world

Uni said...

True. If only the most of the 'intellectual elites' in this country realize this (Im talking abt Pakistan).

Tauqeer said...

Pathetic, if seen in this context.

Uni said...

And since the death of the widow of one of the victims of Raymond Davis, this is turning out to be even more pathetic.