Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Worst Nightmare!

I JUST FELT THE EARTH MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is for real. My absolutely worst beyond worst nightmare. I'm terrified of the solid earth moving. And I felt it!!!

I was sitting here, contemplating on writing a very sad post, when I felt my table shaking.. *hands shaking while she types this*... I looked around, thinking I have finally overdone it - the studies, the thesis, the research and the gre word list has finally gotten to my head and its finally spinning.... - but it wasn't. Before my very eyes, the empty water bottle shook, the telephone shook, the cup shook and I could feel pulsing movements beneath my turned-to-stone feet. This went on for about 30 seconds - and then my wail echoed through the house...'''MUMMMMmmmmmmmm Earrtthhhquakkkeeeeeee''


My dad, who was resting his arm against the window, felt it move and thought the cat has come in.

Oh God.

Listen everybody out there. If I've ever done anyting (miniscule, or not) please accept my heartiest apologies.

I'm staying awake the entire night. I've got to see if there are any aftershocks, and run outside the house.

News has come in that we felt the tremor of 3.6 - and this was felt throughout Pakistan. Oh meray Allah....


Sarah said...

Yeah I also felt my bed shaking and this rumbling sound!

Uni said...


There's this hilarious story of my phuppi's place and the 'bhoot' - which I think I'm going to narrate in the next post :D

Thanks for dropping by!

SO glad nothing bad happened!

Sarah said...

hahaha:D I'll be waiting for that one!

I read your blog I just never commented!

me too glad :)

P.S visit my blog :P

Uni said...

Oh thanks :)
Thanks so much for reading!!

Will surely drop by your blog IA.

Thanks for the comment!

Tazeen said...

Now that was scary. I have the bad habit of reading recent posts pehle. :D

Uni said...

Yeah, it really was!

And yesh, me too :)

Thanks for dropping by!