Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why (oh why!) don't I live in Texas??? *wails*

*dead* of envy... Gone! I cannot express how BADLY I WANT to get into this program... But I don't live in Texas *waaaaaillllll*

All the Texans out there (er, Muslims of course)... you don't know how lucky you are! There (and I can safely tell you this) is NO program like this here. And I am very sure, the people who graduate from this intensive program will not be forgetting what they have learnt in a hurry. Cuz the program is not like the rote-based programs we have here...(usually).

Oh maannn :'( :'( :'(
*really sniffles*


majworld said...

watched the video in 30 secs..:) be u get scholarship somewhere near texas nd u may enjoy this course..dream it :)

Uni said...

Haha .. thats the thing see. If I get a scholarship and go study - I cannot go to this place and take this 10-month course..

Its a catch 22 situation!!

majworld said...

may be u can join in after finishing ur studies then :)

Uni said...

Hmmm. Not workable. Because the scholarship says you gotta come back to Pak and serve the country for a certain number of years.

majworld said...

may be by dat time, they have their online course remain hopeful :)

Ahmar said...

sounds very interesting...awesome..
The closest one can resort to is their online resources which I hope will grow with time..

Uni said...

Yeah.. *not very excited about that*. Because the online thing isn't like real interaction. How in the world would we converse in Arabic - that only comes with interaction in class!

It sure is awesome!! Lol. Yeah, I guess something is better than nothing, so I do hope for the online course.

And of course, enough money saved up to get access to it :D