Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Women and Men (!!) Want!

What Women want ......

... A Plain looking husband

... A Normal simple ring

... A small wedding party

... A honeymoon at a quiet place

 ... A small house for the kids to run around

... A couple of lovely children

... With a husband who is a family man

... but one who works hard ... and earns well

... A small car for shopping

...  And a bigger one for the family and kids

... A few personal collections

... and a few shoes for each occasion

... Some decent outfits

... Some basic cosmetics

... A makeup kit or two 

... Just one overseas trip every year

... Or three or four domestic holidays

... Occasional presents

...And finally, some solid securities for the future

This made me laugh out loud.. :D. A forward email of course.

Women can't be this idiotic... to want this much. Same goes with men and their expectations out of life, and specifically concerning their spouses. One disturbing find which I read on this blog gives a precise explanation of his dream wedding event - yes, written by a man. Read on!

For my wedding (whenever that happens) i have specific ideas which i wish to implement. i would also like my partner to have an insight and have a joint take on things rather than it be a dictatorship. Throughout the whole wedding i would want a VERY LIMITED number of children as they mess up the whole event. crying, breaking things, casusing havoc and its just something that i would not want. imagine me and my bride walking together in the hall and 3 or 4 kids running past us or making faces when stood behind us. totally uncool. I would want me and my wife to be colour coordinated and would want our colours to be exclusive. for example, if me and my mrs are wearing white and yellow on the mehndo, wouldnt want anyone else to be wearing the same colour clothes. sorry to be selfish but its our day, you can wear the same colour clothes another day. I would want my family to be visible throughout the whole wedding event and not run around so will be hiring a wedding planner who will oversee all that. that way everything runs smoothly and people like my mum, dad, aunties, brothers, sisters are with me where it matters. I will have the best hire cars to make the baraat stand out. in pakistan there are a shortage of prestige cars but will get them from somehwere to have that x facor. I would like the mehdni done at home (joint mehndi for the bride and the groom) and have my side and her side do orchestrated dances. Wedding day will be at a hall or a restaurant with food served by waiters. i have seen countless asian wedding in pakistan where its a bufffet system and people eat like donkeys. Have professional photographers who only take pictures of immediate family and key moments to make the wedding album extrra special. Walima would be me and the wife driving to the hall in a convertable with me driving and her by my side. Would do all the rasms such as Maanya, Karoli, Chatti, Ghaana etc to make it a fun filled event. I would have all my friends fly out and not have nayone miss my event. Go on a honeymoon to dubai and spend our first night after being married in a hotel room and not have a the typical tacky fake flowers out around the bed.

....thats my preferance. dont ask for much do i? lol
I actually gaped at this above. The forward email was obviously a joke.  But this is real ! ! !



Dawson said...

Hahaha. . .i thought the pictures were cute, but that link. . .
I'm kinda creeped out, actually :P

Uni said...

The pictures were sure cute :D. And btw the link doesn't belong to the sayer of these words - it belongs to somebody who just quoted this from somewhere.

:) - join the club!

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tazeen said...

Ouch. That was weird. The guy's wishes.

And the email was actually sad. Where'd simplicity go?

Uni said...

Shukkar. Its creeping others out too! I thought I've skipped some new trend, and this is the way nearly all think :)

Aha. So you spotted the seriousness within the humor :P. Yeahhh *sigh*. Simplicity is ALL gone. Just take a look at many of the weddings/events happening around us.

That in part, really goes to show what people really want... :S

Tazeen said...

Yeah! Pehle I thought I skipped something too. :D

*Giggles* Are you teasing me? I could totally tickle you abhi. :D

Yes. We can only pray k Allah Ta'Alah logon ko hidayat de. Simplicity is beauty. There goes a bit of my philosophy. :P

Uni said...

No way jose. I wasn't teasing you at all :) I was pointing out that yeah, you got the seriousness within the humorous forward email.

And unfortunately, the humor is not really a joke... if you look around the weddings (majority), they do depict that people really want (and to show off) material wealth only.

Simplicity main beauty - rarely do people think that bhui.

But nice philosophy :)

Thanks for dropping by!

UncleTom said...

the guy must be crazy ,,,i wouldn't want such a wedding party,,,, i cant imagine my self sitting on a stage and 100 people watching every move i make ,,, thats crazy ,,,, i would want a simple nikah done in masjid or something,,,, i cant enjoy anything sitting on the stage ,,,,,

Uni said...

@Uncle Tom
That's the point. But this (opinion that I quoted) is a real 'khwaish' of a person... that's why it was so weird, because normally its embarrassing to be sitting like a statue on a stage with lights (and people's eyes) glaring at your from every conceivable angle..