Monday, January 10, 2011



This is the stupidest time to be writing a post. :$. But since I felt kinda er, *looks around furtively*... not very brave, at this moment, the idea of broadcasting an idiotic post kinda appealed to me.

So why not very brave?
Nobody's awake !!

Usually, my mum and I (nocturnal beings of the house) are awake together. So at this time (when Im using the PC), I can hear re-runs of the Kashif Abbasi show, or some other talk show from the TV in the background. But since Mum didn't feel at all well (*worried*), she went to bed early.  I never realized that those sounds - when not present - are going to be missed this much.

How do people work in utter total point-blank silence...???
*huge sigh*
So why the stupidest time to be writing a post?

Lol. I have 4 articles to write. Yes. FOUR.
Now! Not in four days or something. I have to write em now. How on earth is that going to happen, no idea. Not in this silence !! :$

The day was a total whirlwind. I tried to do so much today - and very little was achieved. There were times when er, anger took over my good spirits (good mainly due to Bhanju and his amazingly loving voice saying ''Hattttaaaaaaa'') - :D...

Anger was mostly due to the amount of housework associated with Sundays - and yeah, whenever I glanced at the sink tonight :@. FULL of dirty dishes. Man!! *sigh*. I so wish I could be imbibed with a natural love for householdy work. Like, it would overcome all dreary feelings regarding cooking, and cleaning and yeah, washing dishes.

*shrug*... somebody's gotta do the work around here. Lucky, that's me.

So long folks.
I think something just creaked around here... *petrified*


majworld said...

cooking and washing dishes are the part of life..but its hard wen we hve to do for other people too :) have a fantastic four..articles..

Uni said...

Yeah. But I kinda don't mind doing it for others too - the continuous-ness of it kills me :)

And yeah. I stuck to three. There was no way I could have written another one.

Thanks for dropping by! Now, after a 4 hour sleep, I can appreciate how idiotic my post was ! :$

Tazeen said...

Oh my God. I feel spooked too even though it's broad daylight abhi!

Uni said...

:D.. Lol. Well actually, I feel spooked in daylight too - its the silence that gets to me when Im literally all alone in the house !

Uf. I thought age kay sath insan nider bhe hojata hay. Wishful thinking !

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

lovely little post :D
And I can't work properly when I there is noise, I need complete silence ..
Don't get angry at the little kid, its great to have babies around and enjoy :P...

Ahmar said...

How is your mom doing now?

Ahmar said...

hello subsequent comments, please follow me to my inbox now..thanks :P

Uni said...

Well, I work with background noise :)
And when it's not there, its missed sorely.

Oh you didn't get it, I wasn't angry at the kid. My anger was disappearing because of the kid :).. it sure is :) MA.

Mom is Alhamdulillah better. After medicines and all. But Allah ka shukr, fine now.

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

Hahahaha! That happens! Usually I'm Miss Oh-So-Courageous but then if I hear a single creak, I'm a gone case. :P

P.S.: Guess what the captcha with this comment I'm about to post says? Guess guess! It says: Uniliess. :D

Uni said...

hapens 2u2? coolio
man this baby!1


Anas Shafqat said...

I find that I work the best when there is alot of noise :P So we have that in common.
Hope your mother is well now :)

P.S - This is the first time I'm visiting your blog, and I love it ^^

Uni said...

@Anas Shafqat
My mom is Alhamdulillah, fine now :)

And thanks so very much for dropping by!