Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Sounds of Silence (and the Trumpet)

When the ringing gets loud
And your ears start to hurt
Each clang sounds out so loud
That they just might burst

Everything is so still
That it has a life of its own
Every creak, every stir
The sounds penetrate your bones

Each whir, and click
Of the cogs of your brain
Each thought rumbling by
No, you can't catch that 'train'

During the cold, dark nights
As the fog spreads - and the rain
Covers the clarity of thoughts
Wraps them in its icy mane

You strain your ears to shut them out
Doubts - roaring in their violence
You sit back, with a sigh
And listen to the sounds of silence

Copyright Uni Chup-oony 2010

Had a wonderful ending to the day. The Trumpet: Schottkey is coming to Pakistan! (my bfffffffffffffffff - can't stop the fs) :D. MA. She actually is more than 8000 miles away from Karachi! And that distance feels like err..light years basically.

So I had a great chat with her... (went on Google Talk at last)..and man, do I feel better or what! Alhamdulillah. Can't wait to see her doll of a kid MA !!!


majworld said...

it seems that she is coming from mars :) enjoy ur time with the friend..

Tazeen said...

The picture made me giggle and the poem was real nice.

I missed reading your blog so badly and I have plans to gobble it up today!

Uni said...


LOL. She's on a different continent! jahan janay kayliay 18 hours ki flight lagti hai..:). planet hi hogya doosra.
Thanks 4 dropin by.

lol. pic waz cool. is cool actualy. wow u misd them??? *v.honord*....
Thank yee.

Sowee 4 stewpid typng. Squrming baby on board - :PP
Thnks 4 dropng by!@

Ahmar said...

Great :)
Hope you have a good time when she comes and meets :)

Anonymous said...

Aww how sweet. Must be one NICE friend :P


Uni said...

Hope so!