Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year: What's Gone, and What's On!


The year has literally flown by. I am amazed at this speed with which time flies by, and we're left wondering where the months went. I mean, a year is a pretty long time! I still remember as if it were yesterday..

It was a totally unexpected decision of mine to go and attend a 3-month Quran course at Mom's suggestion. It was beyond amazing. Not only did I learn a lot, I also gained some valuable friends (likeminded friends, hence even more valuable) :). Jan marked the results of the previous semester and I got a great GPA :D. I dunno about this Jan though *anxiously*. My second semester at university had begun and I really liked AI! Had decided that I wanted to further specialize in something related to AI, then. Then came...

With its sadness regarding Dr. Aafia being found 'guilty' of all seven charges that were made against her. She was given the right to appeal, and the sentencing was to occur later. Sighhh. Feb also brought my first ice-skating experience. No, we don't get snow :P.. I just tried it out at Arena. Fell down a lot! And couldn't let go of the railings. Skidding through the month, only too quickly...came...

March came with my first experience of talking to A Level kids in a school, advising them about their career decisions, especially if the careers revolve around engineering. It was a low-key talk, but I was extremely nervous, and then extremely happy at the end of the day! Since, I am following my blog archives.. :D.. lemme remind you, that in March I became aware of the astonishing fact that Ada Lovelace is a woman!! (We did Ada programming language in our advanced OS course.. ! And Ada is the most ... BADA language I have every come across !!). So a woman being behind this language, seemed... er, weird!. The spring month over, it was only too soon when .....

arrived.. ! April saw my semester getting tougher, with midterm and what not, and the extremely annoying media frenzy of the Sania & Shoaib tying the knot deal. Taubah! April also marked the end of a wonderful Quran course, which taught me quite a lot about Arabic grammar, got me through the word to word translation of Surah Al-Baqarah, and also motivated me so much that by the end of April, I started learning Surah Baqarah. Er, I still haven't completed it though :S...Next month came upon us too quickly..

May was a month of intense frustration. My Quran course had finished, so I was feeling quite out of sorts, and useless. Since I had no offline job (throughout this year actually), people's comments just ruined my mood nearly all the time. Even though there were happy moments (like when I stood first in the Quran course exams), and lol, that hilarious math song I found online... life was pretty much miserable. Only the Khala-hood joys kept me going I think :). Bhanja was turning naughtier by the day! May was also the month I left Facebook. Huge decision that was - since this (for sure) meant further alienation from my friends.Had my 2nd semester exams. Went okay :D

June brought with it a lot. My S Mamu had to undergo surgery of this lump they had found in the brain - stage 4 :( Cancer. In June, we were still hoping for the best... his mum and dad had gone from Karachi, to the UK to stay with him. Sigh. June also brought about my internship. Something Mum was obviously not happy about :D.. but it turned out to be all right. Only in terms of the fast speed internet connection though... not the actual amount we actually learned.. :P. June also marked the death of Chotey Nana - a very dear family friend, and my best friend's Dad in Law. May Allah Rest his soul in peace, Ameen. My third semester began at the end of June. Cool subjects, and the high of previous cool GPA.. was enough to make me motivated for this semester! And then stormed in...

July came and with it a lot of unexpected things. I learned quite a lot about the changes that happen in people - over the years...(looking back at my blog archives), July 6th was one of the strangest days ever! Not only did I enjoy a particularly complex class, I even wrote a poem on it :D... lol.  In July only, I got to attend one of the best course of my postgrad studies.. :D Advanced Computer Architecture. It was boring for everybody else. It was extremely cool for me! Especially the teacher! July also marked my birthday :D...and some really really nice gifts! My swimming was on! And it was a generally upper month, compared to May of course! It didn't end on a nice note.. :(.. yeah, the Air Blue crash happened on the 28th. Beyond horrible.

August started with the shooting of the MQM MPA Raza Hyder, and the resulting around 100 deaths in Karachi. It was bloody and cruel. My evening classes were a source of a lot of fear for our family, because that time of the night - nobody knew what could happen next. August also saw me begin work for the thesis, which would be in the last semester of my postgrad. But had to start early, so started in this month. Emailed loads of people, and many of them helped, Alhamdulillah :). August saw the flood relief efforts in all of Pakistan, and we did our little bit, by going to Imperial Lawns and working with the ''Help in a Box'' initiative. Ramadan came, and was really nice as usual. Taraweeh attending was amazing, and carrying a pocket Quran was a source of learning, khushu/khuzu and a bit of comments and arguments as usual :D. Bhanju started walking :D MA. Only too soon, came...

It was a really sad month. My S Mamu was flown in from UK. He wasn't conscious. It was a time when we were visiting their place, trying to offer some hope, and trying not to cry at the state he was in. On September 17, he passed away. May Allah Grant him an amazing place in Jannah, Ameen. Eid ul Fitr 2010, was very very sad. September marked Dr Aafia's sentencing of 86 years in jail. Not even in jain, in this mental facility in Carswell. :(... More like, CarsHELL. Along drifted...

Bhanju turned 1 :) Masha Allah :D ... What a year!. So October, had my midterms. Bad times. Oh yeah.. Tony Blair's sis in law, converted to Islam :):). Alhamdulillah!

This month was riddled with exam tension, thesis work and GRE worries. Two back to back exams were looming ahead, and we had lots to do. Term paper was another big headache.. :) Although, an enjoyable headache that was. The month wasn't without its usual dose of death and destruction - Karachites experienced the horror of a blast which was heart throughout the city..! Yes, the CID blasts that happened in this month, leaving the building razed to the ground, and people running helter skelter for help in the chaos! :(
Eid ul Adha came up, with the usual rush for sacrificial animals and the meat distributions. Exams were coming nearer now. Panic was setting in. In zoomed...

With those bad exams... :S...and the associated tension. The great thing is that they were over soon :)...and I had a very nice week of complete relaxation! Listened to a lot of nice lectures (btw, I highly recommend Shaikh Imran Hosein's lectures... all of them. Do listen to them whenever you have some time). But this time was shortlived.. :(
  • Had to start thesis work again - now am superbly stuck at some points, and don't know how to get out of them
  • Have to submit the research proposal by end of this month (Jan!)
  • GRE looms closer (Feb!), and I've just done 230 words !! 
  • Found out that the scholarship I am planning to apply for, has a HUGE application form, with lots of essays etc. So got to start that immediately!
  • Since I got so conscious of my dwindling bank account, I decided to apply for jobs on Elance (where I work as a writer), and ahem... somehow, I got it! [As they say, be careful of what you wish for].
  • Predictably, mum and sis are very reproachful of ''doing something extra, when you know you have to work so hard for the next few months!'' 
  • Dad's happy :D
  • Me's in a panic :P. This job ain't easy, requires time...and energy!
  • How in the world am I going to balance all THIS on the one plate that I have ... that is ...

When I think about all this, my brain starts to hurt, and the only thing I can think of doing is er, praying for some miracle to let everything (cooking, house chores, khala duties, job stuff, essay writing, Quran presentation making, thesis work and problem solving) fall into place..
:$. Wishful thinking I know.

Have been typing for more than an hour and a half now. Uff! Should wind up now. Sorry folks :$

So with loads of duas for you all, and er, remember me in prayers too, here's to a hopeful, happier, and somehow miraculous...


Sis the Priss said...

You forgot one HUGE milestone of 2010 my dear - that happened sometime in July methinks. Tsk tsk tsk!

majworld said...

wow..great review of the year :)..i used to read such end of year reviews on sunday magazines of urdu paper near end of a year :)
have a gud 2011 and hope u achieve watever u want this year :)

Tazeen said...

What a year. Mine went a blur but if I got writing, I'd find out that a lot went on!

Not feeling too well right hence the drab comment.

Take care. God bless you. :)

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
Lol. And I am so glad there are people out there who do not read between my cryptic lines.. :D
- mepatsmyselfontheback


Yeah :). This was more personal waisay... I didnt cover all events.
But hope you have a great year too.
Thanks for dropping by!

It seems like a blur now :).. and yeah, when one writes about it, the post can get LONG.. like mine did. Since I took help from my archives, it took longer!

Get well soon !!
Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

I liked this post, interesting...will come back to it again IA'..

Uni said...

Thanks so much! And thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

loved the post!! I don't remember much of my year. :P and alienation with the friends..can understand it better. :P Inshallah, you will do great this year as well. dont worry. just have faith and keep moving forward, goodluck!! :)

Uni said...

Thanks so much :)
And I remembered most of the stuff that I read up in my archives :D.

Yeah I hope so :$. Result's just around the corner. I should be having nightmares...!

JazakAllah for the encouraging words.