Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Earthquake and the 'Bhoot'


The previous night was dedicated to the earthquake. I am humbled by the fact, that despite the Richter scale showing a 7.4 (at epicentre, in Balochistan/Iran border), and a 6.3 in Karachi (not 3.6 which I quoted earlier), and the depth of this earthquake being 10km (!!), I am still sitting here, in one piece, typing away a blog post.

I should say a thousand thanks to Allah SWT for saving us, and the earthquake not haveing caused destruction (which it could have easily caused). Alhamdulillah.

So what happened at my phuppi's apartment was that she was asleep at the time of the earthquake and got to know this story when she woke up in the morning. LOL. Anyway, from the past few days, in the apartment next to hers, there was a tale of a 'ghost' circulating the whole building. It (the ghost) was supposed to be causing weird things. Khair, at 1.23 am last night, the apartment people felt the bed shaking, and things rumbling - and they were finally convinced that what they had been suspecting WAS true, and there was a ghost in the house. BHOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. They screamed... shook each other awake.... and within seconds the whole family was outside, yelling their heads of...

"BhoooOOOOot.... Bhhhooootttt Bacchhhaaaaaooooo!!" (Ghosstt! Ghoosst!! Hellpp!!!)

*helpless with laughter*

:D:D. My phuppa narrated the incident next morning to phuppi... and she narrated it to us. Needless to say, we shouted with laughter. Shukar the apartment people learned that there is no such thing as ghosts :D:D... and we before laughing, should have remembered our own faces last night :D... I mean, I had just jumped three feet in air, and ran to parents, yelling.

Khair, lesson: There are no such things as ghosts. :D... Think before you laugh And well, *looks around at bhanju wanting to jump on my lap and bang on the keyboard*... another lesson is that er, babies consume your whole life. You can't do a single (your own) thing with a kid. And that is the major reason why this career (mommy-hood) is the hardest, most demanding career in the whole wide world... :S. And hence, no mother should feel like she's doing ''nothing'' if she is just managing her child, and bringing him/her up in the world -

Lol. Can't Bhanju follow the example of this kid above ? *wistfully*
Waisay. Just to record another milestone... I was lying with a blanket over my face (not sleeping) and bhanju came up, tapped me on the face - and said, ''Utho!'' *sis the priss was soo nehaaal* MA

eh eh eh eh eh


Tazeen said...

Awwww! MashaAllah, what a lovely Bhanju you got! :D

And that earthquake story really was hilarious! :D Surprisingly, I didn't feel it but some of my friends did.

So there is no such thing as ghosts then? *disappointed*

majworld said...

earthquake is really scary nd i hve felt some really bad nd strong ones..scary time wen u experience a strong one..thanks to allah that all remain safe..

Uni said...

Hahah.. MA. He's lovely (mostly) :P:P.

Nah am just kidding. He's beyond lovely all the time! Even though you should see sis the priss's face when he wakes up at 3 and thinks its morning... :D Even I cower - because I get scared of her! :D:D

LOL. Bhoot story was cool. Gave us a great number of laughs. Shukar the earthquake didn't cause damage !!...

And nooo!! :D there ain't...! There are jinss. .. but no ghosts.

Yeah :(. It's very terrifying. I hope never to experience one again. Although, given the fact that earthquakes will be many near the Last Hour, it makes sense to be seeing so many :(:(.

May Allah Help us all! Ameen.

Thanks both for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

Well, Ghosts do exist you know :P (maano ya na maano :D )

Alhamdulilah we all remained safe, and may Allah be with them who suffered.

Uni said...

No they don't :S... only jins do. Spirit is always taken UP...

And Allah shukkar. Ameen!

Thanks for dropping by!