Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute Nasheed And Khalahood Episodes!

The time with Bhanju has been very productive in terms of revisiting all the cartoon characters we left behind when we grew up. I mean, this new toy of his, which pops up a Sesame Street character which starts saying some dialog of Sesame Street really got me back to my 5-year-old-self days :).

Actually the dialogs said by the characters in this toy are pretty funny, Ernie pops up in a bathtub with bubbles all around and warbles 'Rubber Ducky, you're the oneeeee, you make bath time sooo muchh funnnnn' :D:D:D:D eh eh eh eh.

Anyway, this nasheed abvoe is one of the collection of nasheeds Sis the Priss has chosen for her son. It's just adorable, this lil boy (Rashid Bhika, who has grown up now :))..singing for his mother.

[Makes me a tad ashamed, for I am not the perfect daughter I should be. But I keep trying :$. ]

Bhanju is finally asleep. Sigghh. I so wish I didn't have the workload I have (I dont wish this v.seriously though :P). Because I cannot afford even a day off. Conscious day off I mean. I get enough day offs when weekend arrives, and with it the extra load of housework/guests etc. So even if I wanted to, I couldn't take the Thur/Fri days off for my work. Which I sorely wish I could, when Bhanju runs up to me, holds out his arms and says in that VOICE of his..'Hattaaa' - and its no use pronouncing Uniii Khalaa to him. Im thinking of giving up.

It's been months.

One of his latest tricks. I was horsing around with him in Chotpo's room. He kept hiding behind this curtain, and I kept finding him (after acting out searching for him for ages :D). And then after a while, I blocked the way to the curtain. He tried to go from the left, I jumped to the left, my arms wide (in a blocking action). He tried to go from the right, I jumped to the right and held my arms open. He tried these ways, and then... :D

Simply saw the space between my feet, and crawled through!!!

Smarty-diapers :D

We took him to the supermarket today. He charmed the salad - wala so much and kept calling out to him ''Taaaaa'' - that the man smiled, and handed him a bean! He (bhanju is a bad eater!) chomped on it contentedly, and then gave his 6-toothed smile to the salad man. Heheh. The man was even more charmed, and handed him another bean :)

It wasn't this charming when I was at the meat wala and Bhanju, in his best ''YO-man'' voice, yelled at him, ''Oooooyyyyyyy!!!" (you know, like we say oi kia kar rahay ho!)... :$:$ How utterly embarrassing. Kids surely make people more impervious to hoity toity social norms and even normal norms. Suddenly, it becomes easy to baby-talk in the superstore aisles. Ehh :$. 

So long folks!


Anonymous said...

Yeah its fun to remember the forgotten rhymes. And to discover more interesting ones on youtube. Btw wa alaikum as salam. :)

Uni said...

Totally :). Thanks for dropping by.

majworld said...

nice to read experience of urs with the lil kid :) enjoy ur time with the lil one :)

Uni said...

Yeah. He's gone now. Too quiet, the house. Lol. It's a trade off b/w fun and work.

Thanks for dropping by!