Monday, January 3, 2011

And I realize... (quite visually)

There have been many times when I have thought to myself ''Life is sooo unfair'' - and I never realized how stupid I was being. My life, as a whole, has been tremendous Alhamdulillah. If I objectively search the database of my past, no record of any trial (huge) can I find... even if I use the best search algo. I'd find nothing. Because I've had none.

My life's been one sheltered piece of cocoon! I have hardly peeked out from underneath it. My only forays have been into the online world, wandering here and there, and generally doing nothing useful in society. I often wonder - what in the world would I do, were I faced with actual challenge. Actual trial. Actual tribulation. Actual worry. Actual disaster. Actual pain....

Thinking back, I can definitely learn a few lessons. 
1. I have never faced actual trials - yes, even not yesterday when I ate that gajar ka halwa, and felt sick to my stomach for the whole day.

2. Things are always easier than they seem - yes, even when you're stuck at a coding problem and can't seem to figure the heck out................ ahem. 

3. In life, one should compare oneself with others to be grateful - yes, even when you may turn green with jealousy and lament your own shortcomings. 

4. It isn't great to be hurt at small things - life is huger than that! - yes, even when some Auntie says to you ''Ohh what in the world will you do in with your life, Uni'' *scowl - quickly turns into a forced smile*

5. Aims and ambitions should be greater than ''what everybody else is doing'' - yes, even when you're reduced to a sulking mass of protoplasm when the next friend tells you about a promotion!

6. It's not a good idea to read other's personal statements when writing your own! It throws your SOP into a glittering mass of .... nothingness - yes, even when you're curious about others' lives, and your curiosity gets the better of you!

PS: Today was a sad day. I emailed and emailed.. (in desperate need for some help) people to help me out in this research business. Sucks big time when you're stuck at something and going nowhere!


Noor said...

lessons noted. :D loved the last pic. Good luck! :)

majworld said...

may allah save all of us from azmaish coz we r too weak.ameen..
nice points in the post..nd ya, dun read other SOP's..just make ur own..its the individuality that they see rather than excellent use of wordds or something..
gudlcuk with the research issue..i myself is caught in trouble..but guess emails or asking others helps least..its all alone business :)

Uni said...

Yeah, the last pic was cool :D. Made me smile too.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ameen. The SOP business is tricky. You have to be an amazing person, to write an amazing SOP. Otherwise, it's all jhoot. And that's something I am unable to do. So my SOP will (automatically) be very very mediocre..:S

Best of luck! Asking for help is my last resort..


Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

that's the mistake i ws talking abt...we think that we have to write an amazing SOP...they dun need amazing words or amazing things..they just wana know why u interested in studying that field and what are u actually...a simple sop describing thse things with proper reasons is far better than writing huge stories...
that's what my opinion is..

Uni said...

Um to tell you the truth, ALL of the SOPs I have read, are ALL amazing. And no, Im not talking in terms of winning nobel prizes or something, but there is amazing stuff in the normal things people have done.

It gets kinda depressing...
Thanks for the pointers though.