Friday, December 17, 2010


In all the videos I have seen up till now, this seriously tops the most effective in analyzing the current affairs in the light of what Ahadith tell us about the Last Day and its signs, which have already begun showing their faces today.

This world is surely coming to an end, we all know that. But are we prepared to SEE it coming to an end? We always assume that futuristic things mentioned in Hadith, are all going to happen after we die. Sure we see a lot of signs right now, but major ones..? Oh yeah they'll happen later.

What if later is... NOW?

*pretty scared now*

Have a look at this video! And oh yeah, I always thought 2012 is a bit of a hype. What if the world really changes a LOT by then...?

PS: How come most of the scholars don't talk about this huge issue about End of Times and the significance of what's happening today????


majworld said...

many signs have appeared but still few major ones like imam mehdi etc allah knows when it will come.

Uni said...

Yeah, the signs are there. But many people aren't aware of them - we only know the major things like earthquakes happening with alarming frequency (which has been happening), etc etc.

I wish we could do an in-depth study and have some knowledge in this regard.

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mahalqa said...

interesting argument..did he mention gog magog in there???

Noor said...

yes, you are right that they dont talk about these things because they cant. media is controlled by the same people, that scholar was talking about. :(

Uni said...


No, he didn't. But I believe this is a Q/A session of his talk on Gog and Magog - something I started listening to day before yesterday and am half done with the series.


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Yeah. Sad though it is, you're right. SO the way forward in awareness is to pass on any scrap bit of knowledge (which doesn't seem to be contradictory to the basic teachings of Islam) to all our friends' circle and ask them to pass it on to their friends' circle.

AT least then, humari hujjat poori hoay gee.. IA.

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mahalqa said...

aoa uni
u remember me from salman's blog right. i believe u have somewhat religious or idealistic views. here's my own link. whenever u cd take some time out do pay me a visit:

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Uni said...

Yeah I rem u :)

Sure I'll visit! IA.

Noor said...

yes, you are right and I passed it around on social network :)