Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is it with pressure ?

It's so frustrating. Why are humans most inclined to work in pressure? This is so ingrained in their nature - that a majority do so without even thinking about it. And there are only a few rare ones out there, who manage to make lists, set deadlines for themselves, and work with the same zeal and drive, even when there is no pressure or deadline externally.

How do they do it? What secret ingredient do they have ??

I need to have the secret ingredient. Because the career line I think I've chosen, DEMANDS for me to work alone, in pressure and set daily tasks and deadlines for myself.

But howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww???

Take today for example. I knew I had to do some major things. Like, cooking BOTH rice and saalan... and also coffee for ten people - not to mention the bakery items that had to be taken out, heated, put in trays, and given to Dad's circle of friends and neighbours who were over at our place. Not to mention, MAKE and complete two adad presentations. One for the speech I gotta give to a bunch of A Level kids. And second, is for Quran class - Surah Fatiha.

ALL this had to be done today!

Time constraints? Had to shop for these bakery things in the morning, after dropping off sis the priss - and then at night, had to give out these things at 9.30 pm!

Sigh! Yeah... so what could have happened. After dropping sis the priss, me was off to the store for shopping. Huge traffic jam, so driver went to this other store called Imtiaz Super Store. It's been around for a long time, but I had never been to that place. And when I reached there, MAN... I have never seen this small a place, holding this many a people!! Everybody was running around in a frenzy. With Ashura coming up, there is no guarantee what's the security situation going to be, and hence, everybody had to stock up!

Ahem. So I had 15 or so minutes, and the list. Pressure. NOW I started acting ! Forgot my leisurely pace, and rushed around the small space, trying not to generate too many curses :D. And did the shopping. 15 mins later, I was outside.

Second pressure point of the day:
The guests were supposed to come at 9.00pm. Mum had been telling me for a long time to get UP and do the cooking (curry and rice) first and THEN do the serving bit. Chotpo wasn't well, so I was on my own. I wasn't getting up! Glued to my chair in front of the laptop, I was furiously making the A Level wali presentation. Oblivious to Mums instructions, I did this till erm, 8.45pm. And then when the pressure was on, that hey, I just have 45 minutes to do EVERYTHING, I hurried to the kitchen.

Ufff, I can't tell you what happened next. With me, zooming in and out of the kitchen, snatching up random vegetables (well, okay, not random) and hurrying back in, cutting them uni-speed (which is like, slow!), and receiving achi see scolding on the other end. Mum also helped out, lol. Nice of her, otherwise I had really thought I'm done for. My coffee nearly blew up in my face. How? The second 1 litre pack of Olpers was 'Phatta hua' ... curdled into... curds! I couldn't believe my eyes. Thank the Lord I had seen its texture, before pouring it in the simmering milk on the stove, and ruining the entire coffee!

So till 9.30, it was a blur... a real whirlwind.. :(
Later, when I was actually free enough to reflect on what I had done, there was only one conclusion: I only function in pressure.

How did I ever conclude I'd actually be doing research one day ?????


majworld said...

this seems all responsibilties of household on u :)try rubbing an oil lamp during loadshedding, may be an alladin is solution to all this..
nd ya, one needs lot of self motivation to achieve bigger things in life. And its really required for research too. But dun wry, whim of the supervisor is a bit of pressure every now nd then :)..

Tauqeer said...

I love the picture at the end, and lol@ uni-speed!, and well-done for spotting bad milk before pouring in!

Uni said...

Well, most of the times it is :S. And the thing is I wouldn't mind this if I were made of some super-bionic material which would JAAGOFYE at the right time, and WORK at the right time.
But the sucky fact is: I don't!
Hence, the rushing arounds, the last minute panick etc etc

Yeah well... a supervisor can only motivate to a certain extent. The rest of the week's responsibility is the student's.

Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks for visiting the blog! And the picture was a lucky find! ..

Yeah :S. It would have been a disaster if the bad milk had been poured in too! SO much for super stores..

Thanks for dropping by!

... N.A. said...

Ufff this post reminded me of... well, myself :$ :(

Please DO let me know if you are able to get your hands on the 'secret ingredient' :D

majworld said...

dun wry, its same with everyone :)last minute panicks r always gud..

Noor said...

Oh man, you were really messed up!!! :D that Olper's scene reminded me my scene :P if my mum would have been reading it she would have said only one thing for it: Allah tum sab(including me:P) k haal pe rehem kary :D:D

Uni said...

Really? I don't think I remind me of you :P.. Because you're wayyyy more responsible, mature, serious, studious, diligent... (Im running out of adjectives here man!), than me :D


So the secret ingredient, if I ever do find any, is allll mine :P

Thanks for dropping by!

No it ain't. I'm telling you I've seen totally opposite people in the sample space !!

Yes I was. And Yes I am.. you won't believe what I did today :(...too! And okay, maybe a blog post will do on the latest in-pressure act.

Our mums sound alike..! Mine keeps saying 'jaldi ka kaam shaitaan kaa' as I rush around doing chores.. :P

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

Phew. What a day! Wish you all the luck with those presentations!

P.S.: I love Imtiaz store no matter how cramped it is with people. :D

Noor said...

hahahahahaha! btw, you don't mind I laugh ta you. do you? :O

Uni said...

Hey thanks. I need all the lucks and duaas! And really? I liked it only because its so small, so if you're cool minded and don't mind the irritation of others, as you try to navigate - the best thing is that its much faster to shop there... ! Everything is crammed into one small space :D

Maybe we can bump into each other there one day !:P... wont that be cool!

Aray no mind to mind... :P
So no biggie :)

Thanks both for the comment !