Friday, December 24, 2010

Weddin' n Sheddin'


Weird title. But this is wedding season. And the cold weather makes one's hair shed :P. So....

The day was pretty useful - in terms of meeting with the supervisor, whose talk reminded me of how lazy I have been lately and have to buck up! :S. I mean, this project is NOT easy. What am I doing?

Went with Sis the Priss to get some new abayas for the upcoming 1-2 weddings. Had a nice time especially since Bhanju was asleep, and when he woke up and stared at me incredulously, Sis the Priss remarked "He thinks he is dreaming, and has gone to heaven'' :D eh eh eh.

Tonight, had to go to this veryy close friend's (mum's close friend actually - her daughter's) wedding :). It was a great and pretty cool wedding. Check this out. The entire event was segregated. Which meant that the girls could dress up as much as they wanted, and have a load of fun. (I had fun in the latter bit!). It was crazy... seeing people in hijab and then seeing them without is a totally amazing experience. It's also cool when you see people look at you, then their eyes widen with amazement, as they realize its YOU ... eh eh eh eh. As I was sitting with the bride and asking my favorite question of all times, to which she gave a very disappointing answer btw, I noted the camera in the dulha's sis's hands. I nearly leapt down from the stage, and exclaimed ''You didn't take a picture right?" ...she says, grinning ''Oh of course not!! I was focusing on Bhabhi!'' .. Ahh, the joys of people who think the same way as you MA! :)

When the doolhaa came in (man did he look over the moon or what! MA)... his entry was announced before he stepped in. Everybody was asked to do purdah (if they did) cuz the doolha was coming in. There was a flurry of activity as everybody scrambled up to get their coat/scarves. The only girl serenely standing there was the doolha's sis who watched all the activity with amused relaxation. He came in, and I was so amazed to see all the dulhan's sisters also wearing dupattas on head and not getting into any rowdy rasm (noisy traditional acts?). When I heard some commotion on the stage, I looked over and saw that there was indeed a rasm going on, but the elder girls (sisters of dulhan) were all standing away, and the very young ones were doing it .. awesome MA. 

May Allah Give a load of Barakah in this simplistic wedding. Ameen.

Aww, aren't the lil girls cute ?!

One last thing, a very nice reminder:

It is related by Huzayfah radiallahu anhu that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu alaihe wasallam said: “Do not be of those who do (by others) as the others do (by them), and say that we will do them a favor if they do us a favor, and if they will be mean and unjust to us then we, too, will be mean and unjust to them. On the contrary, resolve that you will do good if the others do good, and if they do a wrong and act unjustly, even then you will not be unfair to them.” (Tirmidhi 268/28)


It tells that a true Believer should always be kind-hearted and amiable to others and an act of goodness should not be done only to those who are good to us, but to such people, as well, who treat us unjustly.

Cool no?


Roshni said...

Been to a wedding like that..lets just say it was a different experience to that we're accustomed to usually =p..glad you had fun!

Uni said...

Yeah .. weddings like these are very very different.. :).. esp because the conventional ones are, lol.. common (how redundant!)

Thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

awesome!! :D and in which wedding did you go? I mean, were you in Pak?? :D:D I don't see such pardahdari in my community :(

Uni said...

Yes yes.. I was most definitely in Pak!

And its seen rarely, but at times, it does happen. May your community also have this kinda events in the future IA :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Tauqeer said...

and the question was? :P

Noor said...

Ameen :)

Uni said...

Took me a long time to figure out what you were asking.. !

And yeah, the question was: You're not tense, are you?



Tazeen said...

Wow.Sounds like a really cool wedding - and the hadith at the end!

It is such joy to read your blog on slow days like today. Lots of love to Bhanju!

Uni said...

Oh yeah :). It was awesome MA. I hope the valima is as good!

Aww thanks so much :D. It is such a joy to read your comments on slow days like today :D:D

Lots of love to... er, Pavlov? :P:P - and Pixie!!!