Friday, December 10, 2010

Product of a Fevered Brain

Its a funny thing. When you're free and all, you feel like writing a blog post at the weirdest times. And late nights are one of them. This time is another. I mean, 10 mins later, loadshedding! And my fever hasn't abated. Nor has the heavy head. Nor the cold, and the extreme throat irritation. I'm irritable (though, not showing it). So writing a post at this time is totally weird!

But I like it ! :)

Anyway. I had to write about yesterday. What happened to make it one of the happiest days of my life. Point form, here we come:

1. I usually feel like a useless piece of ... er, human. I mean, I don't add any usefulness in anybody's life. If you subtract me from the planet, nobody gets to any harm, or loses anything.
2. So yesterday, I felt the opposite of point number 1.
3. Had to go to the institute where I had taken my Quran course, and talk to people there about the website uploading business that just wasn't happening.
4. Had to deliver the presentation that I had painstakingly made till 3 am the previous night :D
5. Drove out the house at 9.50am.
6. Had to reach by 10.20 am.
7. Ho! Caught in a jam
8. Surah Baqarah revision aik taraf, I was all stuck!!
9. I was stuck in it for 1.5 hours.
10. Was fuming inwardly
11. But then, reached finally at 11.10.
12. Talked to people about website - the uploading hadnt been done by the lady who had to do nothing could come out of the meeting... BUT
13. Thought of BLOGGING.
14. Introduced them to the world of blogging
15. 15 minutes later, the institute's blog was created and running
16. Posted a few things, added pictures
17. Everybody was beyond amazed.
18. Needless to say, I was nearly skipping home.
19. Picked up sis the priss on the way back.
20. Throat was worse.

Evening to night, the day was pretty much okay. But at night, received some real nice news! Alhamdulillah! Can't be elaborated for privacy concerns, but needless to say, my heart was all afloat :D

So long folks!


majworld said...

oh.get well soon :)..nice to be feeling happy in fever :)

Moon said...

I usually feel like a useless piece of ... er, human
Lol .. tobah haiiii!!!

Waisay would have been great if you had shared the link to this blog of your institute ..

Anyways .. hope you get well soon .. :)

Uni said...

Thanks very much. Yeah, its dwindling now... happinesses cant last long when your throat feels like on fire, you got to breath through your mouth, and what not...

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah I will IA. Just as soon as I complete it. Its still in its very initial stages. Not much there. Under construction !

Thanks so much. Need the prayers, bad :'(

Thanks for dropping by!