Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preconceived Notions !

One of the most traditional concept for which one has firm stereotypes and firm how-tos in mind, is marriage. Everybody is absolutely convinced of their own notions, on how things should be, how people should dress, how the bride should look, how the groom should look, how the function is to be carried out, how many functions are to be there, how should the venue look, what kind of food should be served...

All fixed... And woe betide anybody who dares drift from the set path. But the point is, we as Muslims should ask ourselves: What exactly do we base our notion of marriage ON? What should be the base? The standard? The yard stick..?

The answer is simple. We (IF) call ourselves Muslims, hence the solution is obviously presented by Islam, and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). At once we can make the comparison between weddings held today and the concept of marriage that is purported in Islam and exemplified by the Prophet SAW and his companions (RA).

This video sums up the concept very nicely. I like the fact that Dr Israr Ahmad is so straight-up about the concepts which we hold quite sacred and necessary. And if we don't hold them as important, our parents, and the other elders DO take these ideas as extremely necessary. SO its kinda hard to escape these ideals for the average Ahmad and Ayesha.

Anyway, do watch the video. Its of 11 min duration. And I did roar with laughter at 10.48 :D:D


Moon said...

Very useful video .. May Allah guide us all in this matter and give us the tawfeeq to implement the things just the way they are described in this video .. I will see all parts iA after my exams .. and will iA research more on this (to build good enough an argument that my folks may understand!) ..

Thanks alot for sharing!

Sis the Priss said...

I think all five points are absolutely implementable but for that you need very strong in-laws who can stand up to everyone. Especially for the "no dinner for barat" and no jahaiz.

Do you remember how, during my time, kitna sunna para tha mum ko about the no-dinner policy? Man

majworld said...

ya, we have made things difficult for our ownselves..dats why society is not in peace today by not following rules set by islam..nice lecture..

Uni said...

Ameen to the dua and good luck for your exams!

Thanks for dropping by!

@Sis the Priss
Yeah, I totally agree with you. There were other things too for which we had to be strong - like no male guests allowed in the wedding ? :)

Lol. But definitely, its a two-way traffic thingie. Can only work if the same thought process is present on both sides.

Thanks for dropping by!

Totally. And this fact is more realised by the youth today, rather than their elders. :) I wish the elders would also come to this realization soon. It would make life much more peaceful.

Thanks for dropping by!

Sis the Priss said...

Oh yeah. I had actually thought about installing friends around the stage to ensure no one snapped random photographs and shared them indiscriminately. Ah, now I am nostalgic:)

Uni said...

Lol.. I remember. But people did follow your highness didnt they :P...

Tauqeer said...

There is lot we to change in our societies. May Allah (SWT) help us all. (Ameen)

Uni said...

I agree. And as I said, people do recognize it. They just cave when elders try to impose their view of a perfect wedding on them, and blow the entire concept completely out of proportion.

Thanks for dropping by! And Ameen.