Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Panick SHOULD set in! :$

Sigh. If its 12.15am, and you're having a cup of coffee... this has to be a desperate situation!

The desperate situation isn't so desperate (technically). But if I don't think of it as desperate, I am not going to do anything about it.

My supervisor thinks that the research proposal should be ready by end of Jan. Like, end of the next month! The next month is going to be ''this month'' in only 3 days! *trying to panick*.

The research proposal consists of the literature review, and the complete mapped out plan of what is it that I plan to do.

What is it, that I plan to do? :$:$ [open question].

The next component of the desperation package is the GRE. I have already registered for it, and have to give it by end of Feb.

Why did I get registered so early? But now that I did, I have to stick by that date. And the fact is that less than a month after I submit the research proposal, I have got to give the GRE.

And so far, I am stuck at making up stuff like ''Abba nay jury ko solemnly urge kia keh jaldi karain!''  [my made-up sentence for adjuration - which means to solemnly urge]. I'm done for!! *now panicking*

NOT to mention, the upcoming Saturday class and the presentation I (now unwillingly) have to make. If it were 100% certain my presentation would be used, I'd probably be not so unwilling. *deep sigh*.

Anyway, the day went by pretty much in a blur. Our driver didn't come today (his sister passed away, May Allah rest her soul in peace, Ameen). And so I had to drive, and pick up Sis the Priss (a not so well, sis the priss) and come home. Bhanju was in his element the entire day. We couldn't believe our eyes when he picked up the Vicks bottle and sniffed it exactly the way we do when we have a cold!! :D:D..

Not to mention him snatching the phone from Mum's hands, making it fall down, then picking up the receiver and saying ''Hulllaaa'' :D:D:D ....*all nihaaal*


Roshni said...

tta submit my lit review for dissertation n 2 weeks!..I have YET to start.
May God help us =[

Tazeen said...

Ah. All the best. :D

Seems like you're always running behind schedule but somehow magically, you complete your tasks. MashaAllah! :)

Vicks. That's a life-saving drug for when I can't sleep due to flu.

Uni said...

Oooh.. sounds tough! Which subject? And best of luck! :S

Yeah... *quite doleful about this*....happens ALL the time. I haven't known ONE assignment/test/exam where on the last day Ive been free of any worry regarding something NOT done yet.. :S

Er, I scrape through. God Help me!..
And lol. Vicks is cool! (pun not really intended). But it was so amazing to see bhanju wanju sniffing it (you know..looong see sniff) exactly like he's seen us do!! :D...what a lil copy-kitten!

Thanks both for dropping by!

majworld said...

so u finally registred gre..gudluck with the crazy exam :) nd review papers do help in making proposals as they identify the challenges nd current solutions..

Uni said...

Oh yeah, its very much crazy!
Thanks for the wishes.

Wish you best of luck for your work as well.

Thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

all I can do is wish you GREATEST luck!!! you'll do everything on the dates you set. Inshallah. go for it.!! :D

Uni said...

Thanks kid.. *glumly*. I need allll the luck that's lying around waiting to be picked up by hardworking folks unlike me :P

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Roshni said...

Expression of CD14 in bacterial endotoxin.... much cmplicated than it sounds =/
good luck to you toooooo

Ahmar said...

best of luck :)

Uni said...

*blank, but trying to act intelligent*... Oh. How erm... complicated!

Best of luck :S

Thanks very much!!