Friday, December 31, 2010

Oh Meray Allah :S:S


This is morning! 4.10am... *a little hysterical*.... And my Bhanja just wouldn't SLEEP!!

It's beyond belief. !!!

I am soooo frustrated right now, I can't tell you!

The story is like this:
1. The mommy told us to ''keep the kid awake till at least 11pm''
2. We felt so sorry for the droopy-eyed lil angel, that  we let him sleep at 9.30pm.
3. Don't kids abroad sleep at 8.30pm and wake up at 7am in the morning or something?
4. Yeah, so he woke up around 2am - and has been up since!!


Why won't he stop thisss....

And sleep like this!...

His mommy grows more and more angry... by the second (as I type) ...*grinning actually*

And the cries of the kid grow shriller by the second... (as I type!) ... **not at all grinning now**

I am kind of wondering... how in the world did I analyse my CV and re-wrote stuff in it..abhi. No wonder it took me hours and hours...ufffff!

Things are hammering into my brain. And I know I don't make sense.
Er, I think I better go before er, an earthquake comes in this house..

Allah Hafiz...

And remember folks. There isn't a more forbidding enemy...
..than an angry baby...


majworld said...

kids r trouble wen they have taken their sleep and awake in night..funny images again :D..where u find them :)

Ahmar said...

There is a lesson in there..don't let the kid sleep early at :)

Uni said...

Uff.. they are sahe walay troublesome when they think its day time, and horse around the house making motorbike sounds... at 4.15 in the morning!!!!!

I find them on Google Images :)

Thanks for dropping by!

yeah.. *glum*. But how in the world do we KEEP them awake, if their eyes are getting closed.. :S we can't hold their eyelids back or something yeah..

So we let him sleep. BUT.. we'll figure out something. Never again..this episode should be repeated. My sis couldn't stop saying 'I told you sooooo'

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tauqeer said...

Good buht hi acha hua ! :D

Uni said...

*scowl* was beyond horrible! Allah aisa waqt kisi ko nahi day! Ameen!

Noor said...

it once happened to us. :D man, that was a disaster!! :D:D kids can be so stubborn!! I loved the last pic. :D awesome!!

Uni said...

Lol :) it sounds like a dream now! Even though it just happened last night :D...

Kids are definitely ziddi! And this is their age to rule :D.. and they do rule!! we follow each and every direction of their lil finger, it seems sometimes ! :)

And yet, they're adorable :D MA.

Thanks for dropping by!!

PS: Last pic depicts exactly what my bhanja was doing last night :D - glaring at us all, and doing whatever he wanted :D