Sunday, December 26, 2010

Of Shopping and Painful Ears


Weird it is that I was so darn happy when I had just come back from the Valima ceremony (of the awesome wedding I mentioned in the previous post).. and now, the entire mood has gone poofie!

Sigh. Life just sucks sometimes.

Anyway. The shopping bit is interesting, and has a few lessons for all of us. What happened was that since segregated weddings are quite rare, this one was something very much anticipated. And since all formal clothes of mine are either given away or belong to the time when my sis the priss got married (she has a year old son now:D), I was in dire need of a suitable suit. The shopping HAD to be done. Yesterday. And today was the valima. Now, since we didn't want to go far away, I had thought of a place quite near ours, and there I remembered they sold formal ready-made clothes (there was no time for stitching anything). Around a few years back, the formal clothes had cost around 1500 rupees (that was the starting price). And i had thought it was exorbitant. Now, I was expecting something like 2k? (starting). And I had steeled myself that hey, this is 'kaam walay suit' so maybe I can invest this much in one, just one. And I'll wear it till it wears out. Heh!

So off I went to this place, along with my Chotpo. When we entered, and looked around the racks (there were only a few of them), the dresses were all out of this world. Fabulous. Even I could appreciate their um..nafaasat! (the intricate design etc). But when we looked at the labels, our eyes nearly popped out! 4k!! 4k for a dress!??!?!?!?!

Okay. Maybe this is the norm now. But we were sure shocked to see the range! And when we asked the shopkeeper ''Hey, don't you have any suit in the 2k range?", he looked at us as if we were beggars, and added (while trying not to snicker) ''Well, all our clothes start from 4k, and go up to 6k... so what do you expect!'' - Man, were we embarrassed or what. Hurried out, and I walked away, totally dejected. Here, I was, for the very first time (yeah, seriously), out to buy clothes only for myself, for a function and look what happened.

Anyway, got some stuff that Chotpo wanted, and then aisay hee walked into a clothes shop and asked him if he knew any ready-made clothes shop. He said ''Baaji aik dukaan chore kar doosri dukaan ready made kee hee hay!'' ... We went to the other shop and there, we saw clothes (ready made yes!) in our range. But ohh man! ALL of them had er, transparent sleeves. There were sleeves, yeah, but even if you minus them, they wouldn't be missed :D.

Khair, very hopelessly I asked him whether he had ANY suit with full opaque sleeves. He was most surprised! Said ''This is the first time ANY customer is making such a request. We have clothes, in your range too, but not with the request you have made'' - totally dejected again, I turned to walk out. Suddenly, he pointed at a suit and said ''Wait, I think I've found one!.'' We stopped and turned back. He took out an amazing dress from the hanger and showed it to us. Totally cool!! :D.. and in our range too! Whoa! Got it immediately, and came home. Alhamdulillah.

The dress didn't even have to be altered. Totallyyy right! And I wore it today, along with these earrings I have vowed never to wear again in my life. I mean, my ears literally felt like two trucks are tugging on to the lobes with heavy strings or something. It was pretty painful :S. No wonder at the end of the valima, I had freed my ears, and carried the earrings home in the purse.

The ceremony was again, pretty pretty nice :). The best thing was, we got farigh from the function at 11.30, and were out of the hall by quarter to 12. Woh alag baat that waapsi pe, got into a huge jam and came home by 1am :S:S

Lessons learned from today!
1. Shop owners shouldn't think too big of themselves, if the only gentry they get can afford a 6k party dress!
2. It's normal not to spend this much just on one dress, because even if you have the money, its nothing but extravagance to throw it like that. Better give it to the poor.
3. If you hunt around for some bargain stuff, you CAN get it. And of good quality too.
4. There is no shame in wearing the same dress twice, or even thrice, in front of the same people :D. I have tried this with my sis's nikah dress (the one which I wore then), and it doesn't matter in the least how many times you wear some dress.
5. Don't abuse your ears. They haven't done anything to you :(


Noor said...

Hahahahahahaha!! that ear picture was awesome!! :D and yeah, you are right, extravagance has increased lately..

Tauqeer said...

eeeeeeeeeh@pic *cold shrug*

and good lessons :P

Uni said...

That pic is horrendous no ? :D. Depicts the state when you have too large earrings in your ears.

True. Amazingly, so has poverty!

Thanks for dropping by!.

Yeah, hope we benefit from these little happenings in life.

Thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

yes, it truly does. :D:D