Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mental State: Visuals!


Since I am incapable of writing out exactly what's on my head, and since I really would like to remember today for what it was, here are some pictures of what I feel like, right at this moment!

I think I need a coffee drip!

My brain feels like one of the tires of this vehicle below:

Have piles and piles to read up - trying to figure out the minutest of things. I marvel I still have hair on my head!!

In my quest to do everything at the last moment, the pressure has again become unbearable. Just a few days back, got free from exams.. :( and now...!!

My head is a bunch of ''remember this'' and ''take a note of this..'' etc etc

But I have got to show (myself) that I can do it!

Even if I go crazy, along the way!

Image source

May Allah Help me for the next two weeks. Crucial time. (Please say Ameen, whoever reads this !!)


Ahmar said...


majworld said...

the images u choose are really gud nd funny :D..dun wry, u ll make through..gudluckk

Sis the Priss said...

Erm, are you not going out for lunch today with your friends? And, are you not having bhanju wanju over tomorrow? Your blog does seem a bit parallel to real life sometimes, if you know what I mean:P:P:P

Uni said...


I was in a panick last night, when I chose them. Funny they should be :S :). Thanks!

@Sis the Priss
My lunch plans are jinxed I think. One friend's driver can't make it. They begged him to, so she's going to confirm by 1pm that whether we're going or not.
Aaaa and I have to cook b4 that!!!

Yes, I know what you mean by that!!

Thanks all for dropping by!

Dawson said...

Ameen! I'm feeling the same way, so can relate. InshaAllah, everything will be okay.

Noor said...

Ameen Ameen Ameen. Allh, mjhe itna rehem arha hai ap per. wesy those pics were awesome!! :D I hope they are not depicting the true picture. :P you can do it. you will do it. :) Inshallah!!

Uni said...

JazakAllah! :) And thanks for dropping by the blog!

Awwwwww! That's so utterly sweet of you !! Thanks! :) Makes me feel better already!

And YES those pictures depict my state !! Every last one of themm!!
[even the need for a coffee drip! :P]

Thanks for the vote of confidence!!