Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Day to Remember!!

This was supposed to be published yesterday at 2.30 am at night....
My head is buzzing. Weird thoughts are flitting through my brain... my very very very very very very exhausted brain.

My heart is dancing a little jig though.

So yeah, its pretty strange to have an extremely pressed down (pressured, in other words) brain and have a heart that's just plain-as-day HAPPY, but that's how it is. I wanna remember this day for the rest of my life. Oh Allah (SWT) please do not give me the trials of Alzheimer's (or dementia :S). Ameen.

Yeah, so what happened today. *seriously have no himmat to write.. what the heck am I doing online !!!*

The day started off with... okay, not on a very happy note. I was upset! Big time. And I had slacked in preparing for the speech which I had to give to the A Level kids today, so I had to prepare in the morning. Some preparation !!... Had to somehow squeeze in cooking in between and read the speech notes at the same time, wondering whether I am going to remember this stuff in front of the audience. My legs were like jelly, my stomach churning. I am a VERY nervous public speaker. The only reason my shaking like jelly legs don't show to the public is because I wear an abaaya. So where was I ? Nervous. Very very veryyyy nervous.

The time finally came, when I dropped off mum at sis's place and went off to the school. When I reached there, I was further terrified. This was some official university presentation day, where official looking people had set up stalls ... and were scheduled to speak to the kids. Ufff... I remembered my informal totally idiotic slides... and felt worse. Finally, I was sent upstairs to the auditorium. My throat felt like sawdust. I swallowed several times, waiting to see if I can even speak up! The kids were now filing in the auditorium. The other time when I had visited the same school and talked to the students, there were a handful of them, and the talk was held in a classroom, without any need for mic. Here, this was a hall. With a complete sound system. *gulp*...and oh God, so MANY students. The moments (terrible ones) finally passed. Their teacher started speaking, told them who I was and that I had been her student, and passed on the mic to me! I took it with shaky hands. And began.

Inititally, it was a disaster. As I asked them which subjects they had : they answered Commerce! (most of them). Hello! I was talking about engineering :S:S... they all laughed (some hooted). They whispered among themselves, and giggled (while looking at me). Man! Its a speaker's nightmare to have an out of control crowd. I was done for! Every scrap of notes fled from my brain, as I just wildly began... and as it always happens, words were coming out of the mouth without my control over their sequence, their order. And gradually, like 7 minutes later, I couldn't believe my eyes. The crowd was quiet. And they looked... well, they looked exactly like the picture below:

You can't imagine my amazement. I went on. There was quite a lot of laughter, (at the ludicrous slides. I hate boring slides), and they were all with me! I was with them! The time flew by.

The speech ended on another embarrassing note. The principal came up to the dias and said something like ''Oh she was my child, and got this this that that achievement (blah :P) and now thinking about doing PhD - take a good look at her'' - The kids all clapped! :$:$:$ [if only they knew my shaky plans eh]...I wanted to sink into the ground. But so pleased was I (that somebody appreciates), that it cheered my doleful heart up enormously :D...

Ahh... Khair. Then I went to a separate room with a bunch of students (because the next speech's time had come), and those bunch of kids asked me loads of questions. It was overwhelming.

Finally, came out of the school and nearly skipped (well figuratively, I was driving actually) to sis's place. Bhanju was over-elated to see me Alhamdulillah :D. His teeth just wouldn't disappear :D... the whole time. Man, the cuteness!
[wish I could be that carefree waisay *tries not to fall into dolefulness again*].

Came back home at nearly 2.30pm.
Is that the end of the story of today?
Nope !

Because I had to go to a place where they do sound recording (or voice recording) for dubbing CDs. So I had committed myself for it, in order to ... :$.. er, well. This voice recording thing (under nearly all circumstances) wouldn't be allowed yea. Me being a female and all. But this case was different. They were dubbing (in Urdu) a CD which had interviews of American women who have converted to Islam...! So uh, I thought maybe that can be a sadaqah-e-jariya thing. Hence I signed up.

I didn't know what I had signed up for. And how difficult it would be!! Its not just reading you know.. it's watching the clip - seeing the exact expression on the lady's face when she talks - and then trying to talk in the same way, like they're doing... only that you're doing it in a rectanguular room with a mic in front of you, all alone, sound-proofed.

It was my first experience in a recording studio. :S...and was TOUGH as HECK. Specifically, when they had to TELL me, ''See, its not ''tarak'' - it's ''tark'' (you know, as in tark karna... I had thought it's tarak karna), and stuff like ''See, its not ''ehl-khana... its ehl-E-khana'' :$:$:$:$:$

Man! This lasted for hours...and hours..! (well, I was there from 4.30pm to ... 9.00pm) :(... they're actually aiming to get out the dubbed CD in time for the book fair which is going to be held in Expo in a few days IA. Oh man !! I can't wait to buy one of the CDs, and listen to erm.... *trying her darnedest not to be vain*... well I have to see what I sound like dubbing somebody...!! It sounded horrendous in the studio...all amplified and weird! A proper CD will do!

But you know what? The content of those clips, was beyond beautiful...and inspiring. I mean, there were times during the recording that I could hardly control my tears (thank the Lord I didn't break down), the conversion stories (and actual conversions) were SO emotional and beautiful. 

When I finally came back around 9.30...I was nearly dead with exhaustion. But extremely happy at how the day went. And even though my GRE is latkofying by the fragil-est thread possible, the A level kids were still impressed to know that I m going to TRY for a PhD IA :D

Allah Taála Surely tests us in different ways, and provides relief through other ways :D...Alhamdullillah!!

Watch this clip this was one of the clips being dubbed today - the kid with us was doing Henry :)...) and see if it makes you feel something ... something quite undescribable in words, really! Have a good day, people. Thanks for reading this much :)


majworld said...

so u r in to everything these days :p..the way u r going, it seems soon u r going to address the whole nation too :p dubbed part was gud..which language it was in initially?

Tauqeer said...

lol @ those Urdu pronunciation errors... how could you make such terrible mistakes! :P

Noor said...

such a productive day. Mashallah!! :) and I pray that you don't develop alzhiemers or amnesia :P:)

Uni said...

Well, not everything. Just that my previous school had requested me to come over and talk to the kids, and I had agreed. I didnt know it was a big thing :S... addressing the nation. Like Ha! !
And it was initially in English - it was translated in Urdu, and we had to do the urdu part.

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah.. :$. Im very ashamed, that I didn't know them. I really thought my Urdu is qaabil-e- um, tolerance?

Thanks for dropping by!

Heheheh :) Ameeen!
And productive is RIGHT. I was psyched (enough to write a post!) till late night.

Thanks for reading !!