Monday, December 27, 2010

Books and Dolis!


The Book Expo is so on! It started in Karachi from the 24th, and will continue till 28th Dec. I wish I could go everyday and stay there till it lasts :). I made a short trip to Expo yesterday and had loads of fun. For one thing, Bhanju was there with us, strapped in a stroller, looking around in amusement at the hollering activity around him. His mommy calmly and purposefully went to certain stalls only to get books for herself and for Bhanju's library (lol! :D). The Khala was the one who hurriedly made some handy investments and then tried not to feel guilty. So why was she feeling guilty.

Imagine this: A lil toddler sits impatiently in a stroller, and doesn't want to sit strapped inside a stroller. He tugs and tugs at the belt which is restraining him, and cranes his little neck all around to locate one person in the crowd surrounding him: you. His indignant gaze zooms in on you, and he cries out '''Hatta!'' (I dunno why, but that is ALL he calls me now...*despairs over whether she will ever hear the words Uni Khala from the kid ever!* - so on it goes ... "Hatta!'' ... ''Hatttaaaa'''.....''Hattaaa'''
And you try to disappear, so he will get distracted by the activity around him, and even when you go to the farthest corner of the book stall, you can still hear .... "Hatta'''.. ''Hattaaa'' ... Oh. My heart nearly broke with his broken cries!!

Finally, the poor soul fell asleep. And we had a lil peaceful time looking at books and deciding what to buy.
*looks guiltily back at the withdrawals from her bank account, and the measly deposits*

There is a reason why people do a job! *scowls very hard*.

Anyway. So that trip went well, and I'm hoping not to buy any more books this year! IA. (2011 kee end tak I mean). 

Tonight, we had to go to yet another wedding. And oh man! :D.. I don't think I've ever seen this spectacle before in my life. 

Imagine this: The bride didn't walk in ! She was carried in - in a doli - by 4 men! Lol... It was such a cool sight! So first, the band people entered. They looked Scottish (I mean, the music was exactly like that), but they weren't wearing a skirt (eh eh eh). And then, in the midst, she emerged, sitting serenely in a doli which was bedecked with flowers and colored dupattas. They doli was carried by 4 men. One of them was TB .. :D... oh man, his face. He looked as if desperately trying not to laugh. Lol! 

Khair, the doli was set down near the stage. The dulhan stepped daintily out of the doli. As she emerged and stood near the stage, the dulha descended the stage and then they went up together. Amaaazing. No rehearsal  and yet executed quite perfectly. 

So the decoration and food was beyond lavish. The bride looked awesome (because she wasn't decked to the bone). It was nice - but as usual, weddings like these depress the hell out of me, and fill me with a foreboding so great that... well, that nothing. 
So long folks!

PS: Mum said later that dolis are not for entry, they're for exit. Eh eh eh eh. 

PSS: I was so fascinated with the doli thingie, that I expressed a wish that hey, they should have rides around the hall -  Rs. 5 per ride. I would be the first one to hop on!


Tauqeer said...

Or you can go for it on your own 'shaadi' :P

and lol @ 2011 kee end tek! that's not this year, is it!

Noor said...

me too went there, and I wished the same. :D it was great! why did you take your bhanju with you? :P

@Tauqeer I was going to say the same for doli thing :D
you can ask your mum to arrange a doli on your shadi :D:D

Uni said...

Oh, no you misunderstood. I wasn't talking about riding in it as a doli - i wanted to ride in it like, an elephant ride.. :)

And yeah, I should have written at least not for another year!

Thanks for dropping by.

Uni said...

Lol. I didn't take him :D.. his mommy did :P...Sis the Priss came along and obviously bhanju bechara kahan jata :)

And ahem! I think Im sending out a wrong message here. I didn't mean THAT. I meant it exactly like a camel ride!!

[Btw.. if you're a bride in a doli, you will never have the fun which you can have when you're just a normal idiot in a doli, doly-ing around with the movement of your carriers and all!]

Thanks for dropping by, kid!

Tazeen said...

Rides around the hall? That made me laugh out loud! :D

My cousin had a doli on her mehndi. Man, did the guys look stressed out or what. My brother sprained his shoulder that day because most of the weight was on him. :P

Uni said...

Lol. It would be really cool, imagine how much the kids in the hall will be entertained.

Ooh. This means dolis must be 'in' - I had seen one for the first time :)

And LOL at the sprained shoulder :D... (no offence!)... its the weight of the doli, as well as the dulhan and her heavy dress and jewelery .. :D.. poor guys!

Thanks for dropping by!

Noor said...

I knew what you meant. :D doli as a camel ride? I hope, dulhan's parents don't listen to you using that word :D:D:P

Uni said...

LOL.. :D They shouldn't mind.. lolll... see, this way they and all the guests would be profoundly relieved...they wont have to run after the kids..

Ready-made entertainment.. (plus, money earned for the doli carriers)..

Lots of advantages in this prospect you know :P