Saturday, November 6, 2010


The day was horrendous. Three major things happened. A plane crash and two suicide bombs. Have we turned into Iraq?

Possibly worse. Because we call ourselves ''independent'' and ''sovereign''. Apparently not.

Today, as I was going for class, I could see everybody in a huge hurry, and shops were being closed. The hustle and bustle at that time of the day (6pm) was strange.

When I was returning, (around 9pm), the scene had completely changed. We were driving at 80 km/s on a busy road of Karachi! Nearly all streetlights were off. EVERY shop was closed. ALL of them. Not even the roti wala was open [hence I had to make roti!], and can you imagine..? This was Friday night 9pm.

The city of lights? Apparently not.

Our downhill descent seems to have no end. I wonder what else can go wrong here.

Oh yeah.. one lil brightness of the day. We won by 1 wicket. Being not a big fan of cricket, I'm usually into it when some good moments occur. And hence, I was only in front of the TV because Pakistan needed 5 runs on 4 balls I think. From there I started watching :). Sigh. Okay, it never happens, but I can't help having this teensy hope that we win the series. Kash!

My quest for a good GRE score has not yielded much, despite some solid techniques and good motivation. Why? Because I have to stare glumly at 107 words which I don't know at all, [I'm actually making a list of words which I don't know at all from those darned 3500 word list], and knowing that I'm just on letter ''C"

:-(. Sucks no?

Too exhausted to write more. I wish this flu would find someplace else other than my nose! The picture cheered me up though :D


Tazeen said...

Aww. You've got flu too? Lets share tissues.

I like the way you described the whole scenario about what happened to the city. My dad didn't let me go to university for the very same reason. I stayed home and watched a movie.

I heard cheers last night from the neighbours and from downstairs when Pakistan won last night.

What words are you studying?

Is this a blog post in a blog post? Gosh. I better post this before it gets too long. :D

Uni said...

:D:D.. most welcome.

Yeah, the attendance at my univ was pretty low. And many people left early after marking their attendance.

:) this was a well-appreciated victory. Seriously, we need some smiles around!

The GRE words (Barrons Word list - there are 50 word lists). And each list has about 70 words!!! And Ive noted down my 167th words - and 'C' hasn't finished...!

:D thanks for the comment!

Moon said...

I wonder why you have to note down the words .. I think just marking a 'tick' against each word that you know (or seem to know) should be enough.. all the words that will be left will be the ones that you then need to work on .. And, and, and, even while working on the words .. you can write down the sentences (mnemonics/whatever) on the barron's book itself, that is, in the white spaces around each word .. once you are done with making the sentences, only then do you need to write down the words on separate neat pages (in a story-like order) ..

Best of luck!

Uni said...

I wonder why you have to note down the words

Becauseee, the only study technique that has worked with me - and served me well in exams (in terms of recollection) is WRITING down stuff. I've written down points/answers/stuff I couldn't possibly remember etc, and they have magically come back to me when I was bent over the exam paper with a pen in my hand (the same pen helps more).. :S So its something to do with the brain - and thats why Im writing them down with meanings. Also, they'd give me a better story idea - all written down in one place.

Insha Allah.

Thanks for the tip! Your way sounds faster of course. But er, I'm only taking my time here because I have time - and because I'm also solving those Tests at the end of each list.

Moon said...


Okay .. Whatever works for you!!

Also, they'd give me a better story idea
Just to make sure you don't misunderstand, let me make another point here: While working on one word, don't care about the entire story. Just focus on that one word in isolation. The story will form automatically after you have worked on the complete list of 'same-first-syllable words'. And even if it isn't a very nice story, it will serve the purpose.

Anyway! I hope to not interfere more with your strategy!! TC

Uni said...

Oh thanks. Thats a useful tip. I'm more into stories making sense, but I know that's not important here. :S

I really hope to improve in this area - because its the analogies and antonyms that are giving me achay khasay problems. And both these question types are pure tests of vocab and nothing else.

Thanks for the insight.