Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's the Block!


The procrastination is getting to me. I'm unable to figure out what's the block here. I mean, I advise (or advertise) on my blog about making lists, plans, what not, and here I am, idly googling 'How to keep a one year old busy'. What kind of an idiot Khaala am I anyway.

*tries desperately to smile*

Yesterday was bad. I was furious with everything the whole day. Only at night, things becamse slightly better because we all went out to dinner in this fabulous little (tiny! I mean it) place near Tariq Road, and had a great great (amazing, beyond cool) dinner. Its a different story that Bhanju was placed in a 'baby-chair' and he absolutely hated it. And since he was seated next to me, he figured out that by pulling hard on my scarf and making my head jerk to one side rather rudely a load of times, he will probably be taken out of that 'thing' in a jiffy. He wasn't wrong.

Man, dinner was difficult at first. I couldn't enjoy anything on my plate. How can you, when a darling lil baby with stubborn eyes and even stubborn hands refuses to be distracted with french fries (his favorite thing to do, is to take a bite out of a fry, and then throw it as far as he possibly can). And then the scarf-snatching business. Eh, I could feel my bad mood returning. But Bless mum, she took one look at my face, and around at everybody else's serenly-occupied-in-their-yummilicious-food faces, and took pity on me. So she took him and tried to distract him as best as she could. Obviously he wanted to be placed on the ground. Its a cool thing the place was so tiny, and hence there wasn't any room for him to 'run away'. Finally, we came outside, and the bhanju sahib screamed to be placed on the road so he can 'run among all those cars!' .. He's become a lil dangerous. I'd say.

Today morning. Worse. My stomach didn't take very well to the very nice chicken steak, and hence I had a miserable time. Tried my best to distract myself with books and spring-cleaning my Gmail archives. But didn't really work. I think I am more depressed about this book I just finished reading. I actually read till like, 3.30 last night. Badddd!

So yeah. This book. It's written by this highly-aclaimed author (I'm wondering why!), and its called 'A Case of Exploding Mangoes'. It was released in 2009, so I'm reading it late. But the book won a load of prizes, and praises, so I was naturally curious. I should have guessed what kind of stuff the book would contain when I saw India Today and Hindustan Times highly praising this book. After all, why would THEY appreciate this book, if something nice about Pakistan was written in it? They're the poeple who are afer their own writers for taking a stand for Kashmir (let alone Pakistan!). AND this book was published in India. No surprise again.

I will not deny that the book is actually very well written. But the way Pakistan has been portrayed, the absolutely rotten way ex General Zia-ul-Haq is portrayed, and the armed forces of Pakistan have been portrayed... well, let's just say it doesn't take much to guess why this author must have left the forces (he was in PAF) and went on to become a journalist - lives in London and all.

The late General Zia may have had his faults, sure. Who doesn't . But you have got to have respect for anybody - as a human. If he used to refer to the Holy Quran a lot, and didn't incorporate the deen in his personal life (if you're really sure about it), even then that doesn't give anybody the right to ridicule his religious acts, and make a mockery out of referring to Quran, saying words involving ''Allah'' and making fun of religion / martyrdom in general. It was neauseating to see the hatred that festers in the heart of the author for religion, General Zia, and generally, any act in the name of Islam.

So someday, when you feel like getting depressed, and can stomach rotten things that have no real connection with reality, do go and have a look at A Case of Exploding Mangoes.


Ahmar said...

I was just talking to a friend and I said I will try to work and I was asked, why try? Is anything wrong with me :P..
And I said, no..Its just that knowing myself, I mostly end up procrastinating. And then I come to this post and read something similar.
So my dear friend, procrastination is a global and common phenomenon, don't let it overwhelm you, don't feel bad, it happens and it wil happen again. Just strive :)...Interesting time during the dinner eh.. with the bhanju wanju :P, I think you are his favourite ;)
As for the book, I have bought quite many books for myself in the past sometime and :S, hardly ever read any , all lying like that :/..One day, when I get a good habit of reading books, I will have a look at this one maybe IA'

Ahmar said...


Uni said...

Its a global phenomenon ...? *gloomily*. Well, okay. But the fact is that I usually tend to look at the people who do NOT procrastinate, and always do their work on time, and are hence very very successful. So um, thats the standard I compare myself with.

Plus, its not getting cured.. :S.

Hope you get to read all your books IA!

Thanks for dropping by.

Ahmar said...

well, its good to aim higher and compare yourself with those who don't procrastinate :S, but don't feel bad to the point that it starts taking you over but rather, making you feel more determined :)
btw this one book which I actually bought :P is titled "Procrastination, why you do it, what to do about it now" (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Procrastination-Why-You-What-About/dp/0738211702?pf_rd_mnb=ATVPDKIKX0D34&pf_rd_stb=center-2&pf_rd_rat=0817NMRY4ZRQZM6P18TH&pf_rd_t3r=101&pf_rd_ptd=470938631&pf_rd_ied=507846&tag=myblo07-21&pf_rd_ptd=470938631&pf_rd_ied=507846), BUT I haven't read even that yet :(, have had that with me for 4-5 months at least, possibly more..
I read a bit of it in the start and this book said that its extremely extremely common to procrastinate..(I had bought this book after its reviews which seemed quite good then)

Uni said...

Good. I want this book too .*frown*.. Isn't it ironic that you brought a book on Procrastination, and are procrastinating about reading it

? :D

Lol. This is hilarious.

Salman Saeed said...

I guess I should get this book too.
And yea procrastination sucks =/

Uni said...

@Salman Saeed
I totally need this book too... !

And welcome to the blog!

Thanks for dropping by :)

majworld said...

Dinner Outside and steaks :( :( :(...I miss my home and all such ayashis i used to do :(..But dun wry, I have made chicken too :p..
reading such books :S..
apnay course k ilawa books parhna tu haram hota ha :p..difficult thing for me to do :) but I have interest in such discussion etc.
And well, I dun know a lot abt Zia ul haq, but guess, he did more wrong than right..

Ahmar said...

hilarious but true and I am sure its common.. :P
I am sure that those who are tempted to buy this book , buy it after feeling too bad about procrastinating and are too much into it, and if you are too much into it, its not unlikely that you will procrastinate even about reading the very book which claims to make you get rid of it :D