Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Of Honesty and Patience!


The day was in no way related to honesty, but it definitely showed me one rare example of patience! So patience first.. :P.

We had to give our mamu's stuff to donate (S Mamu who passed away in September), and this was supposed to be dropped off at a girl's place who works for PIMA (Pakistan Islamic Medical Association). Me and mum went over to her place, and since her sister had been in the same university as MY sis, she also knew us somehow! Khair, when we reached her place, and climbed up the stairs, a rather funny sight greeted us. There were four kids, ranging from 7 years old, down to 5 months old, two of which were clinging to their mom (the girl!), and the eldest and youngest were the only quiet ones there. We only sat for around 5 or 7 minutes, but in those minutes, I learned a lot!


1. The 3 year old was constantly crying. And when I say constantly, I mean constantly. Crying...pitch getting higher and higher! The girl (my sis's friend) had picked her up and was trying to console her...WHILE talking to us in the most normal tones possible. Not a HINT of frustration, or ''maathay pay bal'' !! ... Not a SINGLE time her voice got higher than normal... She laughed and smiled normally, while holding her howling child. And explained to us that since the kids had come from school, they hadn't had lunch - and were just hungry. And mum and I were flabbergasted, and tried to stand up at once, that hey, you can get them to eat, we'll just leave... and she says, oh no no... today lunch got late because the maasi (domestic servant) didnt come.. It doesn't happen everyday. I'll serve them in a little while and it'll be okay. Come on! They're kids, they cry on small matters.

2. The second kid (4 or so years old) was about to cry, and kept tugging at her dupatta. Why? because he didnt want to study Qirat from Qari Sahb.. ! And the mum never turned around and gave the kid a good...er, nothing. Well, she was really really patient.

3. The 5 month old - I picked him up and how happy he looked. The SECOND I put him down in his walker, he started bawling at the top of his lungs. I couldn't hear myself think. I think I nearly ran from the house - as we started to leave. God! The rukus!!

And when we came home, the question in my brain was...''HOW can somebody... who is also a doctor!! (she's a doctor!), giving her FCPS part I I think...in a few months ...MANAGING it ALL!??!?!

With a smile!??!?!?!

Without a SINGLE scowl?!?!?!

And even when no maasi comes...!>!>!>!>>!


The answer to this is obvious. The girl herself is the patient one! She bears whatever trials she has, with a cheerful face and disposition! Never ONCE we felt that we have inconvenienced her, by coming to her house at a bad time or something. Never once. Not by any shade of tone! [And I tried to detect it!]. Mum, after listening to my total surprise when we reached home, remarked ... ''Humain is liay strange lag raha hay because hum khud aisay hain!!"...

*worried*... I haven't been tested with 4 kids driving me crazy ... but I can sure predict I won't be so patient...!

And I am determined to try ....otherwise! [Insha Allah multiplied by 1000000].

Honesty. Ever heard of too much honesty? :D.. I actually LIKE too much honesty. There is nothing more appreciated than hard - cold - truth. So one day, when I was totally new to the university where I did my bachelors, this girl comes up to me and the conversation goes like this:

Girl: Hey, are you Uni?
Me: Hey, yeah I sure am!
Girl: Have you gotten transferred from XYZ Uni?
Me: Sure I have! How'd you know?
Girl: I go to coaching with this group of people, and one of them comes from XYZ Uni. FA. FA told us about you!
Me: Nice. What did FA say?
Girl: *genuinely looking very puzzled*... Well, FA said some really really nice stuff, so we thought you'd be brilliant and zabardust and all... but you.... *trails off*
Me: *grinning so wide it hurt!* - So me...????
Girl: Er, *blurts out*..laikin tum to aisi nahi ho!! [But you're not like that!].
Me: (thinking: honesty kee hadd hogayyee yaani keh)...... : Well yeah, I'm definitely not like that. You can see I'm totally average. Below average even... So Im glad you found out Im no piece of brilliance.. :P. And btw, FA and I never interacted much too. So easy to get a wrong impression you know..
Girl: Well, yeah. We were just wondering what was so special about you.
Me: Well now you know... *grinning*... nothing!
Girl: *looks relieved that I hadn't minded, and moved away*

How extremely honest :P. I appreciated it a lot. Because it gave me the humility that is always needed - comes in useful at the most needd of times. Also, it gave me the chance to look at myself, and try to improve in the areas where it was needed. Lastly, it gave me a really good laugh of the day! :D. So much so, that I still recall this conversation... and smile when I think of it.


Tazeen said...

I really loved this post. :D It made grin and laugh at the right places. Especially this line:

"And the mum never turned around and gave the kid a good...er, nothing."


This is wonderful and that sure was too umm "honest". *Calls the girl a meanie under her breath* :P

Uni said...

Awww thanks soo much :):)

LOL.. no she wasn't a meanie :D.. she was nice! And later on, she became on of the good friends! Now yeah we don't have much contact.. but then, it was great!

So as I said, honesty (even too much of it!) is appreciated ;)

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

oh quite rude from her :S..But still never care what people say in life :)

Uni said...

Well, it seems so - probably more so in written form. But sincerely speaking, this kinda honesty is extremely rare in people. They'd rather hide stuff and be all nice up front - and backbite about you later. At least she had the gumption to blurt out why she was so surprised about this thing :)

So I appreciate it. !
Thanks for dropping by!