Sunday, November 28, 2010

No :) - That Wasn't Too Bad!


So what happened? Point wise (not up to writing essays)

1. Our Architecture course was not easy at all.
2. I had had problems explaining to the teacher how I didn't even know what a pipeline was (except oil ones)
3. The class was wayy intelligent. Esp a couple of girls - very very smart (MA?)
4. The first quiz was held, horrible. Beyond! It was a surprise one. So no surprise :P
5. So me all dejected, that this time, understanding won't be enjoyable, because I'll be far behind in class.
6. Midterm exam came up. Prepared okay. Not very crazily. Scowled for 15 minutes during the paper, because saw the two smart ladies (one is smarter) in my class, easily telling each other stuff. Under Ms's nose!
7. Scowled after the paper. Felt bad.
8. Felt it was unfair this smarter lady should get credit for work done via cheating.
9. Was reprimanded by another friend for just feeling bad when surprise quiz results came out because ''this smarter lady had gotten more marks than me!'' Hello. Why would I feel bad at that! (when I had done so badly in the quiz anyway?)
10. Tried to forget. Bless the brainless brain.. :D Forgot.
11. Midterm results. Got the highest :D:D:D ... Oh joy. The smart lady got 2 marks less. Oh double joy! :$ *sowie*
12. Last quiz of the season. I mean semester. Saw the talking-going-on again!
13. Scowled during the quiz. Wasted time in scowling !

Sessional marks were uploaded today. Out of 28. So the results are. Me = 24.67/28 ... Smart Lady = 24.23/28.

Oh triple joy :D. Scowling in the paper rocks :D. What does 0.44 marks matter?? Nothing. But in my case, Allah SWT Showed that one will not end up blaming honesty for failing somewhere... even by a factor of 0.44 :D

Er, btw. Term paper submission has to be done - and that counts for 12 marks, and THAT makes the total session marks up to 40. Which means that er, the competition is still on. Only that term papers are heck difficult to write.. :( and whatever I've written so far, doesn't look very impressive. Allah Help me, please. Ameen.

Uh. Lemme share something useful in this otherwise useless post. This Ayah struck me as so beautiful:

[94. Surah Al-Sharh : Ayah 7-8]

"So when you are free, nominate. And make your Lord your exclusive object."
This is beautiful because in this, Allah SWT is so Understanding , that human beings will need to go out to work, to study, and this means that they will be generally busy during the day hours at least, so here, He Reminds us to remember him when we are free (faarigh), and with exclusive devotion ... that now, you have spent your day in earning your bread, or education, anything... and now, its time to turn to Allah and make dua etc. It would be so great if (first me, then you) can follow this pattern that we devote some time (maybe 15 minutes, to half an hour), to studying some verses of the Holy Quran - either some time in the night, or immediately before Fajr, or even immediatly after Fajr. Im vowing to do that tomorrow Insha Allah!



majworld said...

congrats on getting great sessionals..nd i think cheating doesn't help a lot in such its better to concentrate on own paper than to look anywhere else..gudluck with the last 12 marks too..
nd ya, we shud devote sumtime of day for reading quran or some duas..

Uni said...

Thanks. And n nahi, Im telling you.. cheating helps a LOT. Have seen this.

But one should be honest anyway :S...

Definitely we should. Hope to achieve that on a regular basis IA.

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

ahan..well, i never cheated nd in engineering subjects, it never from what i know..atleast there r many unseen questions..i believe that if we prep well, cheating can only equal us in worst case :) gudluck..

Noor said...

I kept on laughing while reading ur post :D:D goodluck with the 12 marks. :) and bohat bohat shukrya for sharing that ayah. :):)

Uni said...

Well, thats just very good then MA. And yeah, but not many think that, believe me.

Thanks for the comment.

Well thanks very much :)... and lol, Im hoping for the best there...!

Boht Boht shukriaa meray blog pay tashreef laanay kaa :D

Tazeen said...

Wow. I don't know what's "wow" but mun se nikal gaya. :D I guess it's because I saw my friend here i.e. Noor. :D *waves*

Congratulations for the brilliant results! And you say, you do not study. -_-

All the best for the remaining exams/tests! :)

Noor said...

@Uni: hahahahhahahaahaa!!
@Tazeen surprise!! *waves back to you* :D:D

Uni said...

Cool :):) ... I hardly have anybody here who knows me in real life. And I totallyyy prefer it that way! :P

And yeah, I don't :S. Not like you, anyway. Its the flukes... So sometimes I get good grades, and sometimes I mess up... because everybody knows. Tukkas won't work EVERYTIME :S.

Thanks so much!

Lol. Cool to see you guys here! :)

Tazeen said...

Oh my. Yeah, Tukkas are really scary. I can't afford to rely on them. My dad expects too much out of me - and so do I! Isliye proper parhai karni parhti hai. =/

Uni said...

:).. Tukkas are my lifeline... :$. Can't help it. They just are. And yeah, my dad did too. Once upon a time. Looongggg ago :P

And good for you! Keep up the great work!!