Friday, November 12, 2010

Karachi CID Blast: And the Loss is Ours

"Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil". -Thomas Mann



Once again, we are faced with yet another tragedy. A building in Karachi's red zone was targetted this time. The fact that it was the Crime Investigation Department's (CID's) building (and a historic one) raises a lot of questions on what happened, and why did it happen. 

At around 8.30pm today, my sister and I were talking on the phone. Suddenly
She: Hey, what happened?
Me: Er, what?
She: Well, our windows just shut all by themselves with a loud clang!
Me: Hain?
She: Hey listen, I'm going. I need to check out what happened. Call you back later. 
Me: Please sms me if everything is okay! [imagining burglars entering via windows. Little did I know].

A few minutes later, as I went back to my studies for the upcoming midterm, she called back again, and gave me the bad news. There had been a huge blast in the CID building.

She lives about 30 minutes' drive from the blast. So you can imagine the intensity. Its being reported that the explosives weighed around 600kg [and some reports say 1000kg]. It's beyond imagination what kind of carnage these must have caused. 

I rushed to the television. Initial reports were now pouring in. The entire bulding had collapsed. The houses/residential quarters in the neighbourhood had collapsed. The cars and all other vehicles in the vicinity had been reduced to their skeletons. The buldings a little distant from the blast site had their window panes broken. All news channels were showing live coverage of the site. The scenes were beyond terrible. 

I saw many ordinary people (not just policemen) injured, and even killed. There were women (elderly too), little boys and girls, young men - with bad wounds, and being taken in ambulances or in the arms of their loved ones - to the hospital. My initial shock was also due to the fact that my former office building is right there! Almost in the neighbourhood of this building. And on certain days of the month, we used to stay back in the office till late - like I remember once we stayed till 9.30pm. The thought was terrifying that had I been working in my previous workplace, the situation would have been terrible. Thank the Lord everybody I messaged, was safe and sound. The office people had returned home. All our relatives had returned home. 

Almost half the city, heard this blast. 

We are so near disasters, and we don't even realize it. It doesn't take long for terror to strike, for evil to show its designs, and for bodies to fall. The worst bit? The perpetrators of this tragedy had opened fire on the security personnel of the CID building before they drove in their truck. They fired with latest weapons (eyewitnesses reported) and targetted the security personnel who guarded the gates of the building. The police personnel stationed there retaliated with their own gunfire, but apparently, they were not much of a match against these heavily armed six or seven people. 

This went on for ten (or 15) minutes. And it was heard by ALL those who were near that place. Again, I saw reports of people explaining how they had heard heavy duty gunfire from the PIDC area, and how they had ran for their lives, and even the traffic had been slow in that area. 

My question is. For ten minutes, heavy duty firing occurs in the heart of Karachi - the ''red zone'' of Karachi - a place which is only a few yards away from the American Consulate, the CM House, Sheraton, Pearl Continental, Rangers Headquarters.....

And nobody turns a hair??????????????????

No extra security personnel arrive as back up..., nothing happens??? And these animals (whoever they are), calmly walk back to their truck, and drive it in, breaking the security barrier..? And then that vehicle is fired upon - by the security jawaans - and it explodes..? 

Don't you find a serious flaw in this argument? How in the world can a truck (a truck!) full of explosives, calmly enter a high security area of Karachi, stand there for a full 10-15 minutes, while heavy firing goes on, and then explode? There is a gaping hole in this story - and based on past experiences, we're not going to get to the bottom of this incident, like all other incidents. 

But who lost out on lives, infrastructure, vehicles, possibly documents and data? Us. Nobody but us! So if you still believe there is an ''Islamist'' element involved here, then I'd advise you to think again.
The only element involved here is an ''anti-human, animalistic'' one... whoever these people are, and by whatever name they call themselves, and by whatever ideology they justify themselves with. The thing that is totally 100% certain, in this confusion and doubt is: That these people cannot be in favour of Pakistan, in favour of Muslims, in any favour of our city, and our country ever ever stabilizing, or progressing. 

In the end, I can only watch the rescue operation with clouded eyes, and make duas for the deceased, for the family of the deceased, for the injured, and for the countless people who have passed away in blasts exactly like this one... in the city and the country.
May Allah Protect us from evil, Give us the strength to look at our faults, to search out our enemies, and to recognize the enemy when we see them - for they may very well be walking among us, or promising us with concepts of ''human rights'', ''tolerance'', ''enlightenment'' and ''moderation''. 

P.S: Mum just informed me. Since the blast literally ''shook'' half the city, many people thought its an earthquake. It was even measured on the Richter scale, and turned out to be a 3.1 intensity one. Meaning, the earth really truly shook - with the force of this blast. 

May Allah Punish the perpetrators with much much greater intensity. Ameen.


GMAT said...

Nice blog! I like your writing way. I'm doing practice GRE here: . I hope it's useful for GRE test takers.

majworld said...

its really sad :(..i didn't knw abt it..really sad to read the details..Its really sad feeling coz living abroad makes u realize that our country is so blessed and nothing like it..nd then such blasts occur to destroy peace :(..i hope such things never happen again..i hve experienced listening to few of those heavy ones in isb nd understand how it feels..we can juz pray nd hope all gets right..

Uni said...

Yeah, it was devastating. They're estimating about 100 police personnel were inside that building. But up till now, the rubble hasn't been cleared. The sight reminds one of an earthquake.. it's so bad.

Just make lots of duaĆ”, and yeah you have to defend your country a lot - especially with Aussies ...

Thanks for dropping by.

majworld said...

ya..I really hope so all gets right. I have experienced these blasts nd all.Its really bad :(..this one was a really huge blast..nd that too out of blues..
Ya,we should pray nd hope all gets right. Belive me, there is nothing like our country..But these things make things terrible..
nd with aussies, they don't even know about any such thing..atleast the teenagers and youth have their own lives to enjoy than to care about wat's happening around the world :) But still we need to present a sound image of our country by our work nd dealings..

Uni said...

Yes, Isb has had its share of blasts. In fact, this yesterday's blast was being likened to the Isb Marriott Hotel bombing. Same story, of truck exploding, building collapsing etc.

I agree. There is no place like our country. But news like this easily goes out into the international media, and I have seen it happen that people studying in foreign universities (belonging to Pakistan) are then questioned, and sometimes even judged, according to the news that gets projected.

Well, good luck with the Aussies :)

shaguftaabbas said...


I heard it too, n it was really scary.

And the worst part, we know that our oh-so-awaam-loving government wouldn't do a single thing about it other than giving those 'kefar-e-kirdaar tak pohnchaynge' wali statements.


majworld said...

ya..i had seen the tense times in isb..i had heard a blast just 500 to 700 m away from where i was hvng lunch..although it was stopped and not a big blast..hope these incidents never ever repeat..

And ya, u r right..may be it happens..actually as research student, ur interaction is bit less..but i hope i will justify my country somehow :)

Tazeen said...

It was scary. My friends don't live too close to that area but they heard it alright. They thought it was thunder.

And yesterday... I saw that the poor were once again affected by this blast. Some katchi abadi near that place collapsed.

What feels worse is that we - as citizens of this state - can't do anything about it except hope that govt. does something, which it won't.

Uni said...

Oh man you heard it ? :S:S. Thats got to be the scariest sound ever!
And yeah, the government is definitely going to do nothing!! Thats for sure.. :(

Thanks for dropping by!!

This means nearly all citizens of this nation have experienced a blast someway or the other. :S.

Well, hope you do Insha Allah!
Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah :( that katchi abadi (it was visible from the roof of our office building, I had seen it very often), collapsed.

I wish there was something we could do :(.

Thanks for dropping by!