Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How Nerdy Are You?

Nice quiz. Wasn't very tough to answer. Here's what I got.. lol.

You are most like:

Your cranial ability differential has a strong left bias

You're a real purist nerd. Not distracted by the 1337 wannabe's. Face it - you probably even got the joke in the title of this result.

Keep up the nerd factor - it will likely land you a great job one day or at the very least help you take over the world in less time than you had originally predicted.


Take this quiz: How Nerdy Are You?


Ahmar said...

I attempted it and got the same :P

Uni said...

See? I knew it was too easy. So everybody feels good ! Lol :)

MAK said...

how come i got the same result....u play CS??
if yes
print("found a girl who play CS");
print("Failed again !!!");

Salman Saeed said...

Nice :)

Uni said...

Hain? Who said girls don't play CS. Waisay :D.. In that question.. I put 'I suck at that game'

which is true :S..

And no, I surely don't waste my time in gaming. But yes, I have played (tried to) CS. So the answer to the if statement is 'Failed again !!!'

Lol. Thanks for dropping by! And I'm telling you... the quiz is fixed to give everybody the same result.

@Salman Saeed
It sure is..!

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

And this wat I got :p

We're going to pretend your 'normal' this time around. You have a brain and use it but nerd things just don't interest you...or you can't be bothered to try and understand.

Ah..i m talking to nerds here :p

Uni said...

You got normal ?? Wow. That means the quiz is genuine loll :)

majworld said...

ya the quiz is genunie coz i m not that nerdy..:)