Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eid ul Adha 2010


What a day!

It started with Fajr, and then Qurbaani (sacrifice) of course. I didn't watch this time. I felt too... ashamed. This is because I remembered the crowd-gathered-around-poor-tied-up-animal scenes, and how cheering is going on, and video clips are being made, and when the animal goes down, a huge roar sounds in the crowd, everybody has a huge smile/grin on their faces, the owners of the animal [if huge] have chests jutted out with pride, etc... the whole mockery of the concept of sacrifice, and Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi.

For, can we ever imagine.. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), laying down his SON on the ground, picking up a knife, and have a crowd cheer him on? Have gleeful faces around? Even have jokes/crass remarks/hilarious anecdotes...? At that sacrific?

Can we ever imagine, that when the son was replaced by a sacrificial animal (sheep I believe), even then the sacrifice brought anything but profound humility, gratefulness, and love for Allah, in the heart of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)?? So whose Sunnah are we following anyway?

The whole while, TV blared out news that involved the word 'Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi' in their news... but the issue remains... whose Sunnah do we really follow?

So I didn't really feel like going and 'watching' the Qurbani .. (like I always always do).. but instead, stayed inside, and tried not to imagine what was going on outside. Sigh.

That done, the next step was of course, the sorting of the meat. The meat was brought in by 9.30, and we made three equal portions of it. One was for ourselves, one for relatives and the third for the poor. The relatives one was sorted into plastic bags and labeled with neighbours etc. The needy one was sorted into piles for the domestic servants, and the ourselves portion was put in some plastic bags and stored in the freezer. This somehow, didn't take that much time.

But the day was spent cooking! Lunch: kaleji (liver?), and rice. Then for the night, we had invited (tradition) sis the priss and co. for dinner. And biryani had to be made. The biryani turned out pretty nice! Er, if one's not that great a fan of mirchi... which we're not :D..

Oh yeah, we had to go and deliver the meat packets to the neighbours, so that was one task. One very sweet thing that happened on the way was:

I had parked the car (er, by neighbours I don't just mean aas paas key ghar) outside this lane where I had to deliver two packs, and I walked in that lane. The whole lane reminds me of my childhood, since I spent a lot of time in that neighbourhood. The first place was Amee Jee's where there are (I have mentioned this before) a LOT of kids - 14 to be exact..! :D. MA. I delivered the first pack to one of the bigger kids who was standing outside, and was about to walk on to the second house, that some of the kids poked their heads out of Amme Jee's gate. 'Uni baaaaaaajiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.....' - they yelled in unison..

:D. I turned in delight. And there they were. Some waving, some showing their new watches (eh eh eh), and some twirling, showing their clothes and all. Man, I heart kids (friendly ones). So all this kid-calling-Uni-baji-replying later, I happily walked on to the second place, and they have two adorable lil daughters there. So both of them greeted me very nicely, I gave them their packet of meat, they ran inside, and then brought out a packet for me, and the younger one (chotay walay aisay hee hotay hain meray khayal say :D).. started off..

'Pata hay, we had two cows this time'
Me: Reallyyyyy??? Twoooooo?????? (exaggerated, so she would get more free with me)
She: Yesssssssssssss...(even more enthusiastically). One was brown, and one was black!
Me: Wowww. Soo...the packet you've given me, is that the brown one or the black one?
They both: Hain? Humain nahi pata (we don't know).
Me: Hainnnn? You donnntttt? Bhui, if I look at this meat, how do I know its the black one's or the brown one's???
They both, staring at packet..lost in thought...'Er, nahi pata aisay to...' ...
Me: *grinning from ear to ear*... well, chalo koi baat nahi. I will see its size, - baraaa saa gosht hoga to its the big cow, and chotaa sa hoga to its the small coww....and determine... keh choti wali thee ya bari wali!
They: Oh haaaaaaan.. :)

How utterly adorable. MA.

So after having run around the house for the entire day, I have finally settled down in front of the PC, and am typing this.

Oh and btw... this cake baking thing didn't turn out bad..! The oven in the house became functional around a fortnight back. I baked my first cake in it 2 days back ... as an experiment (cuz I was sure it would bungle up - I was doing this after years!)... The recipe said 'bake for 40-45 minutes' and ahh..after 30 mins, when I smelled something burning, I rushed to the kitchen, and pulled out the platter. :S:S:S

It was nearly black from the bottom...:( and not VERY done from the top. Sighhhh.

Totally dejected, I pulled it out, set it to cool, then cut it into pieces, and hid them all in a box and put the box discreetly in the very corner of the dining table, so that nobody notices.

At dinner time, the first question was..'What became of the cake'... I tried to change the subject, but it didn't work. So I brought out the box sullenly and handed it over to Chotpo, who took out a piece. 'Its burnt from the bottom' I mumbled....She didn't care, and just ate a piece.. (it was plain cake btw)...and her reaction was like 'Wow! Yeh to bilkul baher walay cakes jaisa hay! Wow' ..

:D... Not bad huh. Dad asked for two pieces.... said 'I really like this cake.. Meri sugar bilkul sahee hay, jaldi say doosra piece day do'

:D eh eh eh eh :D


majworld said...

Enjoyed reading this post a lot :)..really made me miss all the eid festives back home..i was actually imagining everything u written in the post :)...its good u had a great Eid M.A..lot of u were responsible for distribution too :)..Enjoy the 2nd day too..kaleeji and cake :( :( :(

Uni said...

Thanks very much :).

And yeah, its hard on the festivals, when one is away from home. I can understand that.

And yeah, distribution was also my department, but actually since we had a goat, there wasn't much to distribute. So didn't take much time.

Lol. You can get a cake too waisay!

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! The cake part! :D I literally laughed reading that and the one where you told the girls k bara gosht bari cow ka hoga aur chota wala choti cow ka :D

Mannn! I heart kids too! Though I'm usually shy around them but.

Eid mubarak! :D

Uni said...

Hahahah :).. well its funny now come to think of it :D..but at the time I took the cake out of oven, I was farr from happy :)..

Kids are cool. They cheer you up in an instant :D.. MA.

Thanks for dropping by and a very Happy Eid Mubarak to you too :):)

Noor said...

hey, salam! Im a new one on ur blog. ur material compelled me to follow it. :) Mashallah, it was a great post.

Roshni said...

yaaar....itni der hogayi, I havent even SEEN a bakra -sniffles-

Uni said...

Hey Wa salaaam :). Thanks so very much! And welcome!

Hope you had a great day! :)

Uni said...

Hainnn? *stares*... Kewww????

Are you abroad too? :S:S.. Just er, visit a zoo...? Im sure they have petting zoos out there...*thats the only lame idea I have* :P

Thanks for dropping by :)