Saturday, October 2, 2010

So What's the Disappointment About Mush's Return?


So Musharraf is coming back. What's new? Why am I so disappointed in the PUBLIC support of this man? Have we forgotten everything? Each and every one of our values? Ideology? Morals? Integrity? That we can actually look forward to HIS return, and his political party to succeed in the next General Elections.

I don't care if he's apologising. This isn't a personal scandal he's guilty of. I don't at all care if he was a DICTATOR, and has now miraculously turned a golden new leaf, and is now back to the democratic process. I also don't care whether he is better than the current head of state. No, these are all false reasons for wanting his return!

Have we forgotten this?

The pictures show some events that took place during Operation Silence at Lal Masjid. A family member of a seminary student is in tears, while policewomen head towards the surrender point to handle the female students rescued from Jamia Hafsa. Armymen move towards the combat zone as smokes come out of Lal Masjid - Source

On 12th July, AAJ Tv boradcasted a program of Live with Talat in which Talat Hussain visited Jamia Hafsa. While touring the bullet ridden compound a number of military personal hovered around, at a certain point Talat Hussain asked an accompanying Army personal about all the evidence of smoke around the area asking, “Why is there so much smoke?”, the solider replied “WP”, Talat put another question “Please explain WP?”, the solider answered “White Phosphorus.”
Source: Teeth Maestro

So have we really forgotten this gruesome piece of work, headed by this man who is so innocently apologizing to the nation? Can you really say ''sorry'' for killing women and children, [not counting innocent men... ] ? How can you expect to get away with this?

Have we forgotten her? The man responsible for ''selling out on his own country men AND women" is saying... SORRY? Can he bring her back? Can he reverse the 86 year sentence handed down to her? Can he atone for the abuse she suffered? And most importantly, can he provide a SINGLE shard of evidence against her, due to which he SOLD HER OUT in the first place?

Can he???

Are we blind, or we CHOOSE not to see????

I can go on here. The man admitted so himself in his book, that he DID sell out his own people for dollars. After doing that, he merrily goes away (resigns, yeah yeah) and earns more dollars lecturing folks .. (on what? How to sell your souls for money?). Then one fine day, he says he's completed his ban period of two years, and now it's time to return to glory.

Do we recall a certain ''air strike'' on a madressah in Bajaur Agency - the very first ever of this kind? And we all thought ''What? A missile strike! But by WHO?" and speculations arose, that this was the work of a foreign drone attack. Later, the army denied completely that any drone had entered Pakistani airspace, and we all thought, okayyy, so our sovereignty wasn't destroyed, but why were the kids hit? 80 PLUS kids passed away in this huge huge attack! And THEN, the story unfolded. It WAS the work of a drone hit. And the Pakistani army was under orders to allow it. Who was the man in charge? Who had given the order in the first place....?

The source of whatever I said about Bajaur killings :

US drone strike kills 27 in Bajaur
Published: October 25, 2009 

The last paragraph of this article is what's relevant here:
Political administration of the Bajaur tribal region has confirmed the US drone strike but said they could not give any casualty figure since the area was under the militants’ control. This is the fourth missile strike by American drones on Damadola. Eighteen people, including 14 members of one family, were killed when a residential compound was hit on Jan 13, 2006, in Damadola.
It was hit again by a pilotless Predator on Oct 30, 2006, killing 82 people, many children among them. At least 12 people were killed in a Hellfire missile strike on Damadola on May 14, 2008.

Finally, I have just this to say... Each one of us, if alive and reading this, have a responsibility, and a duty to fulfil. Duties can be fulfilled socially, but the political aspect should never be forgotten by all individuals, as this is the path where real change can be brought about. So be aware of whatever goes on, and as for the case of Musharraf returning and trying to become Pakistan's next 'leader' in the current scenario...your input will be counted. He's spent a lot of money getting his share of ''fans'' on Facebook. He has tried to ''reach out'' to the masses. Whether you're ''reachable'' and easily ''influenced'' by his sorries and thank yous right now...


Moon said...

Musharraf is evidently still a long way from home... Haha! But for an exiled ruler who has spent more than a year in a three-bedroom flat off Edgware Road, last night's brightly lit stage and the admiring, handpicked audience listening to his speech, interrupted only by strategically placed activists yelling his praise, must have seemed like the next-best thing to being back in power!

Keep up the good work! Because in Pakistan, you never know the floods and inflation in the current period might make the people forget what he did with the constitution, the media and supreme court judges, and all what you mentioned above...

majworld said...

its all sad acts that he did..condemned and i don't support him either..
one problem is that the way current govt has handled everything, nd way inflation has increased in country..poor people may support musharraf as they compare today with his era when things were bit better..
its really a hope that we can select a good leader..but all seems blurred as far as I can see the whole situation..

Sis the Priss said...

Khalil Jibran was so right when he said:

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting,
and farewells him with hooting,
only to welcome another with trumpeting again.
Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years
and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.
Pity the nation divided into fragments,
each fragment deeming itself a nation.

N.A. said...


Have published the link to this post on my blog. God bless you!

Bea said...

seriously.. i wish sum poeple have a bit of self respect in them.. after ruining a lot he's back for more damage.. so shameless.. *sigh*

Uni said...

Very true. And yes, I acknowledge that he did even more legality-skirting stuff, but the worst things are usually those that involve human life, and human value. And if somebody overlooks THAT, I believe there can be nothing worse than this. The Constitution being manipulated is one thing, giving a free hand to foreign troops to arrest one's citizens without charge, torture them and interrogate them by techniques like waterboarding - is in a completely different league. And the absolute icing on top of the WORST cake - is the attitude of our elite, our intellectuals! Who hold the view that he's the man for the country and he's the only one who can lift Pakistan from the depths of despair it's in right now ... forgetting completely who put it there in the first place!

Thanks so much for dropping by!

Uni said...

Yeah, I agree that people who are hard hit due to the inflation and prices wegaira will be totally in favour of having some of their past luxuries back (luxuries in terms of maybe 3 square meals a day :(..).. but the fact remains, that the economic downfall is not due to the current government only!

I wish everybody realises this :(

Thanks so much for the comment!

Hey JazakAllah for the link posting. Hope people see things the way they ARE, rather than seeing things the way their elite peers think !!

Thanks for the comment!

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
Khalil Jibran was soo very right :(
Our halaat are exactly depicted in these verses. Veryy true.

Thanks for dropping by!!

It is beyond shameless :'(... How could he just SIT there and have the GALL to say 'Oh Ive made mistakes in the past, after all I'm just human!' :S:S... Wasn't Dr Aafia Siddiqui a human? Weren't those poor 4-5 men in Guantanamo (Pak citizens) humans who are still languishing there without a trial? ALL happened under his regime!! And did you know.. one of those prisoners - Saifullah Piracha - is above 80! And he has suffered THREE heart attacks! In prison!! .. Can we believe this amount of torture ever happening to ... any near and dear one.. let alone us !? :S

It's beyond shameless.. :(

Thanks for the comment.

Moon said...

Agree to you word by word. The curse he brought upon the innocent lives of the people can not be overlooked.

No wonder he has got support from the elite, and the so-called intellectuals, cuz his rule was just a

'government of the elite, by the elite, for the elite'

It wasn't real economic growth. But, who cares, as long as their own pockets are full!!

Uni said...

:) Nicely put!

And yeah, the personal monetary benefits is all our rulers care about. Whoever doesn't care about that, doesn't make it to the top.

Sigh. Hopeless!

Thanks for dropping by!