Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Sequel to the Pain


The day was a complete roller coaster. In terms of house work and then class from 6 to 9pm :(. Life seems tough(er) now. The teacher is insistent on taking the term paper before the final exam, which means I don't have much time now. And this also means that my thesis work (which is in shambles since that stupid code just wont COMPILE), and my article writing work (which is in shambles because this stupid net just won't WORK), I'm in a rut these days. And forget about GRE prep. God.

But I digress. I was supposed to talk about what happened yesterday evening.

So TB (my bro in law but actually a dada!) brought with him (along with sis the priss and the lil dude), some spray thing called ''Deep Heat'' (frightful! :P).

That spray he claimed ''is used on tennis players, and they get up and start playing immediately, no matter how bad the sprain'' ... The spray bottle was deep red... and I gingerely placed my foot where he could apply the spray. TB made us turn off the fan, and then... pressed the lever thing to start spraying. He didnt stop!! On and on... it went.

''What are you doing? Are you going to empty the bottle?" -  me and sis exclaimed.

Khair, with 1/2 the bottle empty, he now stood back, very satisfied.... as a nasty smell of iodex type filled the room. Trying not to choke, I let my foot dry - and then put the bandage on. My foot was smarting now. Apparently, there was menthol in it. Then TB left.

And THEN the burning began. I felt a stinging like sensation on my arm and looked down, and to my complete horror, my arm had a long reddish gash - all the way up the elbow.

"What's this!??" I exclaimed. Everybody turned to look. Dad was the first one to jump to conclusions (no surprise :D). ''This is a rash! You got an allergic reaction! You'll have to be given a steroid... an anihistamine... a...'' - my alarm grew. A steroid???!?!?!?

Man, in the mayhem that followed ... as some rash started developing on my second hand... Chotpo was the only one who restored some order. Her suggestion was ''Don't even look at it now and get more panicked. Just help me with dinner and all.. After dinner, if the rash persists, then do something about it'' ...

Lol. So we all trudged towards the dining table. (me now imagining itchy feeling everywhere and what not)

Sure enough, after dinner, the rash had mostly disappeared. And a few hours later it was completely gone.

In that chaos, I had forgotten that that ''Deep Heat'' had been really effective, and now I was walking with only a slight limp :D.

And namaaz wasn't that torturous too. I could do it without grimaces of agony. Shukkar Allah ka.

So today, I was able to attend class (just that my walk was slower than usual), and was pretty much okay with the bandage too. :). The foot doesn't look like a giant's swollen foot too! :D.

Lesson of the day: Never apply any spray without testing on your skin first to see if there is a reaction. [not even if a 'damaad' says otherwise]



Moon said...

LOL @ the Lesson of the day. But there is another lesson of the day which shouldn't be forgotten.. "It's such a blessing to have so many caring people around you who love you so much they can't see you in pain (MA). So, you should be thankful to life and welcome all the little problems (term paper, final exam, thesis, article, net etc) which seem so big. As long as you have the love of Allah with you (which manifests itself in the form of the people around you), everything is gonna get sorted out! And even if it doesn't, He is still going to love just as much!"


Uni said...

That was quick :D. Abhi to post kia thaaa..

And JazakAllah for the beautiful comment!! That indeed is another lesson of the day (funny, I never thought of that).

I think I should write this line down and hang it up somewhere so I can have a look at it now and then:

As long as you have the love of Allah with you (which manifests itself in the form of the people around you), everything is gonna get sorted out! And even if it doesn't, He is still going to love just as much!

:D Thanks for dropping by and for the comment!

Sis the Priss said...

Oh yes that is very, very true. We do care about you, which is why I did not stop T from that awful spray despite the misgivings. I suspect that is the reason why he was so eager to drop me home on Thursday night. LOL!

majworld said...

hahaha @ the pic of this post :D i think the pic explains it all :p lucky, u were given tennis player treatment :p

Uni said...

Lol :D .. maybe. But it was sure funny how confident he was that half the bottle is to be emptied for 'perfect' treatment... considering the directions said '2-3 short bursts ONLY' :P

Thanks for dropping by!

Lol. Yeah, the pic was a lucky find. And I didn't think of that at the time.. I was too busy thinking of steroids and anti histamines :)..

But yeah, its a pretty superb spray. Have to admit.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

good to know that it worked at the end of the day and :D
He didnt stop!! On and on... it went.
I am imagining somebody brings something unknown and everybody is confused and staring in awe as to whats going on :P
but tennis player treatment ;)
And the picture in this post is too cute :D

Uni said...

Yes.. it did Allah ka shukkar. Now its even better than yesterday thank the Lord.

And yeah, the spray is an unknown thing - like, we're used to brufen cream, this herbal medicine we have, and Pain Gay - not sprays used on athletes :D

Hahah @ picture.. :).. it does tell the story of my horror at Dad's exclamations of steroids !! :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Tazeen said...

Hahahahah! He did what?! :D No way!

ROFL @ the picture. :D

P.S.: I would like to try this spray thingy next time I twist an ankle. Unfortunately, I had to wait for a whole month for my foot to get better so I could pray properly. =/

Uni said...

He sure did! On and on...nearly half the bottle emptied on my foot.

Btw, I never applied that spray again... I was too afraid of steroids ! :D

And sure you can try it out, but do test it first. Oooh your ankle twist took one month!! ? :(. Sad. Mine took like around 10 days to completely heal - so that no pain. But I do have bad foot days when I play with bhanju too much, or when I do floor mopping [not kharay hokay] .. :)

Thanks for dropping by!