Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pain... and lots of it!


Everywhere we look around, everywhere we see - there is nothing but bloodshed, nothing but misery... (this should have been a poem waisay). The day was a little more promising, in terms of peace, but if you see people on the roads, everybody has this wary look on their faces. They are afraid of staying out too long. The only thing that keeps them out is worry for their livelihood, and school of course. Otherwise, if given a choice, nobody would live here... in this city of utter darkness.

Not that I blame the city/country anyway. I blame the people. Normal people who run a red light - to pocket-filling government officials who have gone to the US for the strategic talks when only 'strategic personnel' should have gone anyway. Why have these ministers gone on the trip? At state expense!? So this underlying corruption is the basic root of our problems, hence the blame.

Today's newspaper reported details about the Sher Shah market shooting, and one of the scenes described is that this man and his two sons were killed... so the father begged the brutal animals to shoot only him, and spare his two sons. But the inhumane species (I refuse to acknowledge they are humans) shot them ALL in cold blood. And they were showing these son's mom on TV. She was like, we don't belong to any political party, what had we done? What was our fault..? Now, it's her... and her six daughters! Because the only two brothers and dad are gone!... It's beyond belief how barbaric these acts are, and how helpless humans have become in the face of such rot.!

Speaking of er, pain. Today I got up late. Bad! Then, since I had gotten up when loadshedding starts - so 1.5 hours were there w/o electricity. Double bad! Since didn't have to cook today except rice, and city situation seemed better, thought of going to university in afternoon, and thus, had to finish work here at home quickly. Maasi (domestic servant) has gone to Punjab, so had to sweep and stuff too. Triple Bad! [and this is the good part!].

Finally when it was really late, and I was in a hurry to get out of the house, I came out of the kitchen, and aaargh! Twisted my foot. Same foot which twisted two years ago, exact same place how it twisted then. The pain blinded me for a full five minutes... as I sat down on a chair and just tried to make the pain bearable...

It became bearable...

I hurried to this herbal medicine we have called ''Suranjaan'' - and applied it liberally, hoping against hope that it works some magic, and the pain is gone. The pain receded to a dull throb, and I was able to hurriedly get out of the house. I had no idea what agony awaited me. [usoolan, I shouldn't have driven to univ, knowing I had sprained my foot].

The driving wasn't too tough. The work at university was okay too. I mean, sitting with a dull pain isn't a biggie. But when I got up after 2 hours of working in a nice airconditioned room, my foot!!!! It just wouldn't ... move! Man! I was limping... :'(. Somehow, hobbled out of the building, to the car. Sat down with great difficulty. Then went to pick Chotpo. Went back home. Agony increased.

And now, as I try to breath through the pain... it dawns on me, how much torture our fellow brothers and sisters go through ... when they are put behind bars, in foreign countries...without a trial...without much evidence.

Just reading, makes me want to cry.

So even though my pain is nothing compared to theirs, I still feel like....


Moon said...

:( .. And after reading the story of your pain, it dawns on me, what the relatives/families of those victims must go through when they learn about the pain of their loved ones.. How is the pain now? (And why did you have to be a superwoman and dare to drive to the uni despite of all the pain!!?? :@) Take care bhaee!

Enjay said...

er... @moon... i went to work the next day myself. and life cant stop because people have forgotten how valuable life is... my heart bleeds for the people who lost their lives and their families who lost their loved one. But we cant stop living ourselves, can we?

Moon said...

er.. apparently you don't seem to know the context of my comment.. the context will become clear to you if you read the post.. i m obviously not talking about stopping life because of haalaat...

Sis the Priss said...

Enjay Penjay: Mr. Moon meant, and i totally agreed, that Uni dear should not have driven to univ as she had hurt her foot really badly.

Uni dear do post an update regarding Mr. T. the spray and the allergy. LOL.

majworld said...

twisted foot..oh get well soon..must be painful...
nd i hope situation gets right in khi soon..nd allah relieve the pain of all such muslims..

Ahmar said...

I hope the twisted foot is better now :/
enjay?? what happened to uni :)?

Ahmar said...

er...ignore the last line in my comment :S
I thought you changed your name to that..**embarrassed**

Uni said...

*grinning from ear to ear at the comedy of errors in this comment thread*

You're very right about pain of loved ones. It's ultra hard for the families to cope, knowing (and imagining) the pain their loved ones must have gone through - it's a nightmare really. Allah hum sub ko aisi aazmaaishon say bachaai Ameen.

I wasn't a superwoman, really. That pain was nothing when I drove to university. The wapsi ka safar was unbearable... :S something I should have predicted, but hoped otherwise...and just went. Btw, pain is better now, Allah ka shukkar!

Thanks for dropping by!

I didn't know you read my blog :D..
Thanks for dropping by!

@Sis the Priss
Lol. The sequel is interesting - sure I'll post the update if this stupid net starts working for a change.

Dont you use 'dear' too often? *gag*

It was totally painful, but muchhh better now Alhamdulillah!

Thanks for dropping by and Ameen to your duaa.

:D:D @ you thinking I'm NJ.. The foot is kaafi better than yesterday Alhamdulillah!

No need to be embarrassed though!

Thanks for dropping by!