Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Kitten :'(


Ideally, I should be saying .. ''My midterm!'' :'( :'(... but frankly, I don't have the strength to go through that melodrama again. Suffice it to say that my preparation had been solely to get those Snooping Protocols firmly fixed in my brain, so I don't have to snoop much while recalling them. That's all I had focussed on. But what happened was the teacher somehow got in his head that this is a rather lot to memorize..., and hence, he gave an open book exam part B. Part A was closed-book. It sucked at all levels! (levels makes me think of L1, L2, L3 ...ugh, I need to get a life). And khair, it was a stupid paper, with a very low hope for a good score.

One good thing came out of this kharoos (bad!) paper. I forgot about the terrible Saturday morning... I forgot about the even more terrible Sunday evening, and I totally forgot about the disaster that happened just before I left for the exam.

My kitten passed away! :'( :'( :'(

Basically, there is a background to this episode. One fine day, we heard a load of mewing coming from our garage. It turned out that somebody in the neighbourhood, had uprooted 5 kittens - who had been really really small, turned out their mum, and now they had just seen our door open and had scrambled in, mewing their heads off. Our land lady shrieked at me to ''turn them out'' :(...and I had to. Once out, they couldn't sense anything at all. Some went idher, some went udhar, one beychara got into an accident :( because a car driver couldn't see the tiny lil thing at all. *shakes her fist at the stupid neighbourhood cruel people*.

Anyway, night fell, and in the silence of the night, one could hear a lil mewling sound  not far from our gate. It got unbearable. We couldn't bear the thought of a poor lil kitten, not knowing how to eat/drink (only suck) lying there in the dark, scared to death. So me and Chotpo stealthily got out, and finally located a lonesome lil animal, curled up in a ball, trembling. I picked it up by the scruff of it's neck and brought it in the garage.

We wrapped the trembling soul into napkins, and laid him there.

We put milk in front of it, but obviously it wouldn't take it. It didn't even know enough to bend down and even smell the stuff. Poor poor kitten. Then the only thought that went through our brains was whether this kitten will survive the night or not. It really was in a pitiable condition.

Next morning, we saw that it was still alive, huddled onto the napkins and mewling away, calling out his mum and siblings most likely :(. That day, dad and TB brought a 0 (zero) cc feeder bottle, and it was my job to feed the kitten. Having never done this kind of a thing before, this was some experience !! I felt like a mother !! :'(

Oh well, it was some experience anyway. The kitten finally figured out how to work on the bottle, and drink up some sips. And when he did, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Even that day was uncertain, we weren't sure whether he'd make it. But the next day, he was a little better at feeding ..

. but then too, it looked pretty skinny and weak.

Days passed, and he survived. We were so elated. That day was a landmark, when he finally learned how to lap at milk in a bowl, and then learned how to attack bones :D. Whenever we went outside, it would play with our feet! (and that would make mum shriek, and me and chotpo laugh :D).

The memories are many. It was now getting a little fatter. And we said a prayer of thanks to see that! He would eat the cat food so eagerly! And all the nearby cats would watch jealously! (and when we weren't looking, creep over to the lil kitten and smack him and then steal his food). Sigh. Anyway, the latest is that this kitten (whom a cousin suggested to name Rhino btw :)..what an irony!), he became very weird 2 days back.

He wasn't eating anything, he wasn't running after our feet, he was totally withdrawn!

We had no clue, what was wrong. We thought it's the scorching heat that's making him lethargic. He would just sit in a corner, and not move. We tried to tempt it with a lot of stuff... :( He just wouldn't touch food. And last night, he just stayed in the bin where he used to sleep, he wouldn't even have the strength to come out of it... :(

And finally yesterday, it wouldn't touch anything and in the afternoon (or evening), passed away. Inna lillah he wa inna ilaihee Rajeoon :(... Our driver informed us that the kitten was lying motionless in the garage... the very place he had survived, about which we weren't even sure that he'd make it or not. It's so very true that everybody comes with a particular time period in this world attached to them... we should all take a lesson from this, limited life span and make the most of it in the best way possible.

May Rhino be playing happily with people's feet in Jannah, Ameen. And may he have loads of playmates too!


PassingStranger said...

Aww, poor kitten
One thing I am still wondering is what went wrong with the poor Rhino before its death , any specific sickness? any diagnosis?
May Rhino be playing happily with people's feet in Jannah, Ameen.
In Jannah? Animals going to Jannah or not, do you think there is even room for such a question to exist?

majworld said...

oh dats sad..one gets attached to the pets..really a cute kitten..although i don't like pets..nice memories..esp kitten drinking milk in feeder :)..and ameen for ur dua for kitten :)
gudluck for the result of mid terms :)..nd for remembering cache protocols..:p..

Uni said...

I think it got dehydrated. It was scorchingly hot and has been for the last 4-5 days. Above 40 degrees temperatures. Terrible. So Im guessing that's what got to him!

And that wasn't a question *bewildered*.. that was a duaa.
And the emphasis was on 'playing with people's feet'... :)

Thanks for dropping by!

You don't like pets???????????
Yeah it was a cute experience.. :) but he outgrew it very quickly!

Thanks for the wish. Am not too hopeful. The second midterm is on my head now... and there are huge chapters to somehow cram up !

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

ya, i dun like pets..may be i am afraid of them..or touching them :p
ya, i dun like coursework in MS esp for those who wana do phd. almost all things u read in Bachelors..nd then again u reading most of them. only research should be there esp for those who have gud base..

Uni said...

Well, kittens are the cutest pets ever.. :S.. and if you pick them up the way their mum does, (by the scruff of their necks), they don't struggle, or do anything to stop you :)

MS coursework for me is waisay a novelty... cuz I changed departments. But even then, right now, the subjects are very dry.. !

Thanks for the comment!

Nikki. said...

Just a Question sweetness, just because you might know it. Do animals go to Jannah once they leave this world? Or are they meant for this world only? Im always confused about this question :(

Uni said...

As far as I know, they do go to Jannah (because they're completely innocent). We've all heard of how the animals we sacrifice, reach Jannah, even before their first drop of blood hits the ground .. :)

So IA .. they DO go to Jannah! And my kitten would be playing there too Ameeeeen!

Thanks for dropping by!