Monday, October 18, 2010

Bhanja turned 1 today :D


Normally, I would have wanted to just fall into bed, because of the sheer exhaustion of today, but this day has to have a blogpost, marking it - as it is one full year (Masha Allah multiplied by 100000 to the power infinity) since my bhanju wanju was born!!

I still remember the time he was so amazingly TINY, and he couldn't do anything except stare and stare :).. I wrote a blogpost when he was just two days old :D.. and I now read it with great amusement! I remember the sleepless nights, and that the only one who knew how to do diaper changing on such a weak lil baby, out of the whole lot present in the room :D:D.. was moi!

And how the lil bundle of bones would cry and want only his index finger to suck, and would quieten immediately when given THAT finger only, and not when any other finger was given :)...

And how when the nurse gave him his very first bath, she remarked at how utterly weak he was, and pointed out his foot, which was nearly stuck to his ankle! And how we worried and worried, whether it would straighten or not, and whether he would walk properly or not.

And how the days went by when Sis the Priss was oh-so-emotional, and not used a lil child (who resided externally:D), and who demanded constant, undivided attention 24 hours a day! Saara internet hawa hogya :D.

How some nights went by when he would just not be able to sleep, and how I used to pace the room, holding him in various different positions, till he finally dropped off! Man, I cant describe the feeling it is to have a lil baby drop off to sleep in your arms.

How cute it was, when he learned to smile for the first time. How he smiled and smiled. And all we wanted to do whenever he visited, was to see that smile. How Dad would prance around the room, making clowny faces, how I'd do funny stuff, JUST to see that one rare toothless smile... :D.

How that smile turned into gurgles and giggles, and he could finally sit up, and crawl a bit. How he used to move around on the bed, but unable to lift his head up :D... so he was actually moving around in sajdah position (prostration). !

How he finally learned to lift up his head and crawl, and support himself, and stand up - at long last.

The day he said ''Maa-Maa-Maa-Ammaa" ...his very first words, and how utterly overjoyed Sis the Priss was :). How I vainly (to this day) tried to make him say ''Yooooni - Khala'' :S.

And then the day came when TB messaged and told us that the baby is now taking his very first steps.. :D... he was walking!! In a very unsteady manner, yeah. But still. Walking! At less than 9 months :):). Alhamdulillah.

Lol. It was FUN to see him trotting here and there on unsteady legs. But the excitement was a er, shortlived. Now we had to take care of all the things that could potentially be touched (read ruined) by his inquisitive hands!

Now..? He just doesn't wanna sit still. At alll! Just wants to touch things that he knows will raise a rukus - then turns to us, and smiles angelically (all the while holding a dirty slipper to his mouth!)... :S Ugh.

And how can I forget, the amazing greeting I still get from him. It started from when he could cackle with laughter - how he laughed whenever he saw me after some days. And even now, his whole entire face lights up, and Im always glad that there is somebody out there, actually GLAD to see me :D. It's remarkable, I tell you.

Lol. It's so cool to teach him new things now. He imitates nearly everything :D. After the first words of ''mama'' - there came ''paapa'' and then ''abbaa'' and then, ''dada'' and then ''annaa'' (even now, the milk = anna) - and lol, the sounds are cool. For months, I set up the routine of ''Billi kaisay bolti hay?" '-- Ans = Meaaoowww
Billi ka bacha kaisay bolta hay? Kitten? Ans - meeeeeew
Doggy kaisay bolta hay - Bhaoo waooo (or... Ruff ruff)
Horse kaisay bolta hay - Neeaiiiighhhhh
Shair kaisay bolta hay...LION...(making a hugely scared face) :D... = Whaaaaooooooo [in a roaring voice]
Bakri kaisay bolti hay? - Baaaa baaaa

Etc :D

And then he learned the bakri noise. Man! It was so cute getting that exact perfect Baa out of him :D.... eh eh eh eh... but the fact is, that when I now said ''shair kaisay bolta hay?'' - he would let out the perfect ''baaaa baaa'' ... (And my chotpo would remark that Pakistani shairs (lions) are like this only, so the kid is right :D.

His mukka sign (showing his fist) whenever Sis the Priss and TB said ''Power to the people'' was another landmark :D.. Power to the people being democracy's slogan, it was cool to have him show the fist and say stuff like ''I pledge to be Bobo!'' :D... [Bobo is a fond nickname kept by his dad, since the days he used to bob his head a lot!]

The latest in this episode is the series of actions under the category of ''Motorbike kaisay chalaatay hain [how do we drive a motorbike]'' replete with the dhumm dhummm, and the honking horn :D [man, I look weird when teaching him this, but its fun!].. Sis the Priss informed me that the lil dude has been ''driving a motorbike'' for quite some time now on his own.

So this is the story so far, one year on. It's 18th now, so I'm late :). But better late than never ! Today they came over to our place, and brougth a ''Java chocolate cake'' (Question: Why wasn't it a C++ chocolate cake :D.. it has  C :P)

May he have a long, happy, healthy, iman-filled life, Ameen and may he be a source of joy and laughter (and few frustration peaks :P) for his parents in the years to come. Ameen!


Sis the Priss said...

Awwww! Such a cute post. You have accurately summarised all his milestones. Loved every bit of your post!!!!

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
Thank yee :D..
I should really get down to making the video gift.. somehow, I keep procrastinating!

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

interesting post :)..enjoyed reading all of his one year story. i enjoy time with kids too..they get attach with me v quick :)..God bless the little one..
nd y u had to mention chocolate cake in the post :(..i m feeling to have it now :)

SAS said...

this was one cute and lovely post :D
the baby logic was interesting and how true I suppose.. :)
so can he now say yooni khala? (from your post, it sounded like he still can't)
If he can make these sounds n all, give it another ago in case he isn't saying it now..
Sis the Priss informed me that the lil dude has been ''driving a motorbike'' for quite some time now on his own.
hahahahaa :D:D
Now..? He just doesn't wanna sit still. At alll! Just wants to touch things that he knows will raise a rukus - then turns to us, and smiles angelically (all the while holding a dirty slipper to his mouth!).
that totally reflects a video of him that I watched where he din't sit still for even a second and moved around in the room :)

Uni said...

Thanks! That's great if kids can get attached to you very quickly! That means, you're an approachable person.

Warna kids can detect immediately whether a person is approachable (and affable :D) or not. [GRE vocab sucks!]

The chocolate cake was actually less cake, more coffee mousse layer, and chocolate mousse layer... and pinna saa cake layer at the botton :D.. on the top, there was floating chocolate (whatever that is)...and cream.

Ahhh! :D

Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks so very much :)

The logic rocks! It's totally 100% true !!
No he can't say Uni Khala at all :(.. I mean, it's either a 'Laaaa' [in American accent, pronounced Laayyy], or nothing! (Uni to duur kee baat hay)

Oh yeah. Kids of his age usually think sitting still is a sheer waste of time (and space :)).

Thanks so much for dropping by!

majworld said...

ya, kids k saath attachment nt an issue..fam k saray kids attach to me..i knw the art to attract them ;) haha..ya kids have strong detection power :D..i can see the gre vocabulary hardwork result in ur writings. :p..
nd :( :( u had to give such a long description of that cake :( i can juz imagine how tasty it was :p mera brownie khanay ka dil kr rha hai :(..
btw i had gulab jaman abhi dinner k baad :p

Uni said...

Hey, that's very nice.

And the cake was actually thora boht nice.. (I'm not much into mousse cakes anyway). [sis the priss brought homemade brownies too yesterday :P:P:P:P]

And why did you have to mention gulaab jamun.. *scowl*

Bea said...

awww tahst sooo cute! lovely!

Uni said...

Thanks :D

The year was lovely! :):) [however much I complain about things being better in 2007!]

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

brownie..i vl have that soon too..soon may be end of semester in this case :p.nd u mentioned cake toh mera bhi farz bnta tha gulab jaman mention krne ka :p

Uni said...

Lol. Well, okay. But the (un)lucky [lucky for you] conincidence was that I'm a huge fan of gulaab jamuns (out of all mithaais)!

majworld said...

ya, its my fav too..but it doesn't mean that i ll spare others if they come home anytime :p

Uni said...

Same goes !