Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where exactly are we going?

This is called: avoiding studies for an upcoming exam :$

Here goes:

Where exactly are we going?
Compared to just... last year
Prices weren't THIS high
Faith wasn't THIS dear

Where exactly indeed
What have we achieved?
Moral values have slowed down
Our consciences, run to ground

Where are we headed towards
What troughs will we reach
And for how long
Will corruption be preached

How long will we fall?
How long before we can stand tall
Before our own selves, our future generations
And we call ourselves humans? The gall!

Only today
I watched in dismay
As an MNA
Confidently displays

An inherent knowledge
About the kinds of liquor
Available to them
To enjoy without a ''fikr''

What constitution? What shamelessness
What blatant display of lowliness
He should be prosecuted for this
But no, he generated laughter in all his finesse

Could we think this would have happened
We know they do this stuff
But display it openly, we thought, NEVER

Today it's the talk of taxes
The poor masses look up from the flood
Exhausted they are, expecting relief
But they're stamped beneath feet, dealt with thuds

So many got injured today
Beaten, bloody, broken
What did they do, except stand in a line
Waiting for some money, a token

Life steadily grows worse
As our leaders' smiles get wider
THEIR leaders' greed becomes deeper
And we're just the silent spectators

No wonder we're hit so hard
And blessed with such a party, ruling
Never had we thought we're going to fall this low
Where exactly are we going!


Ahmar said...

I hate to say this but its totally hopeless..I have problems with the whole culture prevalent in the society and our rulers are the best manifestation of that!

Moon said...

When people die of hunger
Then only do they think
And when people start thinking
Then action is the link!

So, don't be disheartened
The stage is set for change
We are a great people
It's not beyond our range!


Uni said...

This situation is hopeless - but I kinda keep hoping for yet another political change in the country. I KNOW the ones who enter are never better than the ones who leave.. but there can be no worse govt. machinery than THIS present one .. and hence, I still have hopes this might get better...Insha Allah.

Thanks for dropping by!

Niceeeee :D

This action bit is what's really good (and I should have included that too in mine).. but that's the whole darn problem here. We don't KNOW what to do ..! In order to bring a change, sitting on a chair and typing away (like I am doing right now) isn't the solution. This solution finding is what seems so very hard, and hopefully we will come up with something the future.

Yeah, the stage is set for change :D.. that's what one politician said abhi recently.

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

really well written poem..i really loved the first stole the show :)..definitely faith is very dear these days..

Uni said...


Thanks very much. *went back and re-read the first stanza*.. I hadn't remembered..!

This faith thing - it's at personal levels as well as collective levels. It starts from simple running a red light, and simply 'asking' a person sitting next to us a 'formula' we don't remember during exams.

And this very selling of faith goes up to allowing helicopters to trash the sovereignty of a state under you, and watching calmy as bodies fall right and left.

Thanks for the comment!

majworld said...

nd may be one more aspect of this faith is our faith on Allah..It also fades very quickly on slightest of problems..
btw one of the most confused state is when u r on a red signal on empty road with no car in a radius of many km's..whether to pass or not :)..

Uni said...

Yeah, that one too. Good reminder.

Um, I have seen that its generally okay to cross it in the early mornings or late at nights when the signal is usually not ON - and that's pretty much done here. The problem is when its red, and it is that time of the day when traffic is on the roads.

If it is that time, then even if there are no cars, its no problem to wait for 1 min and then go !

Thanks for the comment!

majworld said...

chalo..yeh new rule nikala hai :D..anyways i agree, because i do nearly same..:)