Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taraweeh Giggles


Weird title. But I feel like adding some giggles in my life right now .. it's been too depressing these past ten days. And btw, please say a short duaa for my mom. Her fever wouldn't go down and now my Dad thinks it might be Dengue (since her WBCs and platelet counts are lower than normal). Hopefully, its not. But even then, I'm praying its just viral and not typhoid or something bad. So please do say Ameen to: "May Allah Grant Dr N a good health and make her daughter a source of great joy to her, Ameen" :). This last bit is a lil impossible, but no harm in praying right!


So our taraweeh this year was in masjid (instead of the hall where we prayed last year with tafseer and translation talk before the actual taraweeh). Now I had been a pioneer in the masjid to carry a pocket Holy Quran with me, and open it up during Taraweeh. The source of my act had been the Mecca/Medina Taraweeh where I had seen people do this, so I figured that if it were really wrong, the Saudis would be the first to ban it. Also, my concentration in taraweeh drastically improved after this Quran carrying thing. So it was a pleasure to read the full 20 rakahs, and they didn't even seem long!

One fine day (or rather, night), in Taraweeh prayers, the Imam Sahib was about to read a passage of the Holy Quran where a ''Sajdah'' (prostration) occured. My mum and this one Aunty knew that a sajdah is coming up. Pious people.. :S I was completely clueless. So this Aunty announced loudly to the group of ladies, that a sajdah is coming up! The Imam never announced this. He was one of us :D...

What happened was, that the Imam realized too late that there is a sajdah ayah in his recitation. So what he tried to do was, cut short the recitation, and recite only till one ayah before the sajdah! Hence, in 2 Rakahs, he decided to read just 4-5 Ayahs! **grinning from ear to ear**. Now, you all must be aware, that the least portion of the Quran recited in one rakah of namaaz, is one big Ayah, or three small ayahs. Ittefaq say, at that moment, there was one big ayah, and some small ones. SO the imam recited the one big Ayah, and said ''Allah-hu-Akbar'' - indicating Rukuh.

Obviously, what would have happened.. :D. Everybody was SO confused, so utterly bewildered keh yeh kia hua? ... And the sajdah announcemnet rang in everybody's head. (except mine, because I hadn't heard it!). So I went into Rukuh... and the people next to me went into Rukuh as well... Now, this all (and what follows) happened in seconds. Im just taking my time to describe it. Out of the corner of my eye, in Rukuh position, I saw some ladies in the corner... in sajdah! Prostrating!! Immediately my mind thinks "Aha! This was a sajdah!!! Thats why the Imam said Allah hu Akbar just after one Ayah!"

So me the moronic idiot... (who was carrying the Holy Quran and reading it, and hadn't seen any Sajdah indication!), drops straight into Sajdah! And meri daikha daikhi, all the poor ladies in my neighbourhood, thinking of me as the 'knowledgable girl who carries the Quran and follows the Taraweeh that way' - went straight into Sajdah too.

At that moment.. as soon as I (and the poor ladies next to me) had dropped down - ... the Imam says 'Sami Allahu liman Hamidah' ... Imagine the horror. I scrambled up (**lote pote with laughter now**).. in a great frenzy... and in even greater frenzy, scrambled up the poor ladies next to me from Sajdah position to the standing position... Obviously, un ko time laga... as soon as they all stood up, the Imam said 'Allah hu Akbar' and went straight into Sajdah. LOL. We all hastily dropped back to Sajdah -- Oh my God. I was convulsed with laughter. In namaaz. Imagine... {*feels very guilty*}. I couldn't stop myself. Shoulders shaking, I finished those two short rakahs, pata nahi kaisay, and then the buzzing started after Salaam. The ladies were all like, 'what the ..'? Mum and that Aunty had understood what had happened, and knew that they had also made the mistake of thinking that the Imam had gone into Sajdah, hence the confusion. I just sat there, laughing my head off (silently of course :$).

That taraweeh was hilarious. Afterwards, my Dad remarked (obviously) that I should have had more sense, especially since I was carrying the Quran and knew there wasn't any Sajdah Ayah there... But the brain sometimes does the funniest things... and then you realize later what's happened.

Something that terrifically applies to me: -


Ahmar said...

May Allah Grant Dr N a good health and make her daughter a source of great joy to her
Ameen :)

The taraweeh story was funny :D
And the last picture, nice find :P

majworld said...

May ur mother get well soon and recover from this fever. ameen
and hilarious to read ur travi experience..really :D..real comedy of errors :D :D...haha...:D thanks it never happend in our travis. This time our imam didn't go for sajda in a travi and later told that i did niyat of sajda in ruku..but we later did the sajda too..and in one fajar prayer he read ayats of sajda and went to was bit shock for me as was never expecting sajda ayat in fajar..
nd i really like quran thing in travi..its really hard to concentrate when u dun know what imam is reading..hve never seen anyone doing in our masjid..but it wud be more ez to read travis..
anyways things like that happen as we all are humans :) never mind..
Wish ur mother a healthy recovery soon..

Uni said...

Thanks for the duaa. And that taraweeh was a funny one. I still laugh a lot when I recall that!

Thanks for dropping by.

Ameen :)

These kinda things happen, and I'm sure one shouldn't laugh at it, but I couldn't help myself. It was just too funny to go into sajdah, and have the Imam stand up from Rukuh! And when you scramble up as fast as you can, the Imam says Allah hu Akbar, only to go back to Sajdah again :D:D.. Hilarious!

Lol. It must have been strange to find a sajdah ayah at fajr time :)

Thanks very much for the duas.

Bea said...

May ur mum get well soon

Uni said...

thanks so very much :)


Nikki. said...

Ok this is really really REALLY bad laughing like this, but when you said that it was a RUKU and when you stood up the Imam made the call for Sajdah 'Man that was emmmm hahahahahhahah :P' (AstaghferulAllah)
We are mean :P

Uni said...

I know it's bad... :$:$. That's why I feel (and felt) SO guilty. But this is one thing I am helpless at... :S:S.. these bungle ups.. and when somebody goes into Rukuh at the time of Dua-e-Qunoot, in Witr prayers... (oh lOl!)...

Allah Maaf karay:S:S. Astagrifullah is right!!

Thanks for dropping by. :)

majworld said...

hows ur mother health now??? i hope she feeling better..

Uni said...

Yeah she is.. :D Alhamdulillah. She today had no fever. Shukarrrrrrr bohtttttttt Allahhhh kaaaaaaa...
*happy after a loongg time* :).

I hope your visa comes soon IA. {IF it's behtar in your haqq}

majworld said...

thats gud news..may she be blessed with gud health. u must be relaxed now nd ya happy too..
Thanks for the wish..I hope too IA..although time is passing :)

Uni said...

Ameen :).. and yep I am!

Let the time pass. This WILL be for the better Insha Allah.

Uni said...
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Adnan said...

Glad to know your mom is recovering.

As far as seeing pocket quran in hand and reading while in Taraweeh,as far as I have heard,it kills the concept of Namaz when you hear Imam reciting Quran. I know Saudis in Makkah do that. Maybe it's in their Maslak but Hanafi Madhab doesn't permit it, or maybe no one does. Rest Allah knows the best.

Uni said...


Hm, that's what I was told. By this very strict Aunty in the masjid. Told me..'ap kay koi na rukuh horahay hain, na sajday, basically koi namaz bhe nahi' ... and since my friend also started bringing a pocket Quran, I was told 'aur aap doosron ko bhe gumrah kar rahi hain' ...

Two things:
1. When I hold the Quran, I AM following the Imam - AND listening to the Imam. Who else am I listening to?

2. Taraweeh isn't fardh namaaz, and by traditions of the Holy Prophet (SAW), the nafil namaazes are offered in varying ways (different ways) than the normal fardh salah.

Allah Definitely Knows Best ...