Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Weddings, Wehshat, and ... What?


Today is a day of unusual titles. I love the previous post's one :D. Khair. This is a lil story about the wedding of my nearly 1st cousin (I call her nearly 1st cousin because she is the daughter of my dad's first cousin, and they're VERY close..).

This cousin of ours is really sweet MA :) and very seedhi (simple) as well. Yesterday was her wedding, and today was her Valima. And the functions were both pretty lavish. Hence, the wehshat (what's wehshat in English?). When I entered the hall yesterday, the scene seemed to be out of some catalogue. And when I stepped into the hall today in the Valima, the scene seemed to be out of some movie. Sigh. Beyond amazing decor, and today's food ! ! !  - man! I mean Masha Allah! At one place, we could see ''kataa kat'' being made! (what's kataa kat in English?)..

and at another place, fresh roti was being made. Then, there was a separate dessert table, filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, mousse cake, pudding, gulaab jamun, blueberry mousse, mango mousse/icecream - this was just dessert! You can imagine the rest !. Then, the stage setting, the bride and groom setting... I'll elaborate here.

Yesterday, the bride was in her room - and now ready to be escorted to the stage. Nikkah had been done, and poor her was looking so beyond tense that I couldn't help quipping some jokes around so that she may smile ... she did! But then her face would fall back into tension. Then, the moment came when she was to come out and go to the stage, which was at a lil distance. She went with her brother, and friends, and reached the stage. From the stage's stairs, the groom was supposed to take her hand, and guide her to the decorated chairs to sit. This whole scene was supposed to be captured in much detail by the video-wala (man shooting the wedding video). I watched in dismay, as she reached the stairs, the groom was standing right there, and the movie man stepped forward, straightened her dupatta (!!!), and settled her clothes in I dunno, a somewhat more photogenic fashion (!!), and then stepped back to shoot !! *outraged*...

If I were her husband, I would have poked this man in the eye! ! ! :@:@

Is this like common?!?!? Am I the only one getting outraged at this amazing display of all hudood crossing! ? Why wasn't anybody else outraged, and kept smiling? Sheeeeesh!

So this wedding day, and today's lavish Valima, I was all like... ''I so wanna leave!'' - sigh. I wish I had some .. I dunno... girl-inclinations towards this whole farcical sajaawat dikhaawat (dunno what's that in English :D). The whole bridal makeup deal, and the superb dress, and the pretty much laakhs of rupees spent on just the decor... and I'm not even estimating the catering costs...

In this day and age, when Pakistan is suffering so much, and the flood has taken away so many of the good lifestyles of people, won't we be questioned about any lavish spending we do in the name of .. weddings? Something to think about.

Now, the ''what'' in the title of this post:

Today in the Valima, my BIL looked very busy. Apparently, he found some friends who had also been invited, and what not. Later on, my sis told me (very smilingly) - and this was the conversation that went on:

Sis: You know what T is doing?
Me: What?
Her: Socializing!!
Me: Er, so? We all are, aren't we?
Her: No no.. he's socializing... for that!
Me: (*kind of knew what was up, yet asked*) What kinda socializing bhui?
She: He's trying to ''create contacts'' -- and find out suitable matches... for you!
[My dessert turned sour]
Me: *speechless* Why in the world?
She: Well, he thinks I won't do it, and this is the best WAY of doing this kind of thing... so he's out and about!
Me:*scowling* ... koi aur kaam nahi mila?

I mean seriously... a bari bee (bara baa actually) if there ever WAS one... is my BIL. I never thought my sis would get married, and I'd be obtaining a dada! (or more approprately, a dadi!) *a huge sigh*


Moon said...

Mr. BIL is making an effort for your happiness after all .. so if you can't be thankful, at least don't call him a bari bee :P

PS: And I just realized I shouldn't be reading your blog that often.. Because sometimes, "Ignorance is Bliss!"

Sis the Priss said...

Hey, don't worry about it. All of the "candidates" that he liked were married. Plus, I told T that our parents will NEVER agree to marry you to some random guy from a shadi.

By the way, did you notice that the devar was following his brother and bhabi last night as they were making rounds of the table? T later told me that he was told to check out the girls by his mother. Duh!

Khair, I agree with the comment above. T (and I) just want you to be happily married with the most amazing, incredible guy in this whole wide world, who makes you (and in turn, our parents) very berry happy dappy.

majworld said...

nice titles both ones..last one wala was gud :)..nd is mulk mein toh shaadi krna bhi bht expensive hai :p haven't attended a wedding for so much time :S....nice effort by BIL :).i hope his efforts won't go in vain :p..

Uni said...

Er, the bari bees around the world are ALSO doing their business because they want to make their bachas happy !

And no way am I thankful for THIS - so utterly embarrassing! If I had consented to such a search operatin, then maybe I would've appreciated :S

Thanks for dropping by!
[and for reading the blog!]

@Sis the Priss
All of the "candidates" that he liked were married
You just made my day :D

By the way, did you notice that the devar was following his brother and bhabi last night as they were making rounds of the table? T later told me that he was told to check out the girls by his mother. Duh!

HOW does TB note these things when you and I don't? I never saw any devar. Good thing too!

*all water water with embarassment at your last comment*... but lemme add, this kinda stuff exists in the movies, not reality!

Thanks for dropping by!

Thanks! And yeah it surely is, but you see, we have made this thing so expensive for us!
And good thing you haven't.. :P it's not a VERY nice experience, considering the usual norm of today.

About BIL's efforts... with any luck, I hope the efforts DO go in vain. You wouldn't wanna know how disastrous his 'efforts' [though well-meant] have been in the past :P lol.

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

LOL@ disastrous efforts :D..

Sis the Priss said...

My dear Uni Puny. Such things do not always exist in movies. Note, I did not say the perfect guy - I said an incredible and amazing guy who makes you really happy. And if I can be fortunate enough to get married to one, surely you will too, by Allah's Mercy and at the time He has willed for you.

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss

Puny? :@

And where did I say that you talked about somebody perfect? :P

*tries not to gag at the sappiness of your comment*

I mean, Masha Allah :P

As Zack and Cody say to their mum, 'yeah yeah yeah' :P

Nikki. said...

Awww love your Sis's comment ;)
The end Part pf the Post was the BEST!
bus ab apni shaadi ka card POST krna mat bholna PLEASE ;)

Uni said...


Sis's sappy comments? :P.. WHY?!

And the end part was the most painful in the day :D

Also, shadi card wegaira.. I'm kinda hoping this calamity (not meant literally, but in terms of responsibility) doesn't befall me any time soon :S:S

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

hmm...your BIL is very caring and sweet masha'Allah...:)
and lucky you, I don't have a BIL or a SIL to worry about me :P..

Uni said...

Yeah he's very caring and sweet - yeh to I will also agree with you (and my sis if she sees your comment, she'd go all garden garden too :D).. but there are times when one should ASK before being all sweet and caring ..


Hmm.. you can't have a BIL - obviously ... (and I can't have a SIL :S..can't imagine a SIL actually!).. but you can have a SIL in the future.. :)

SILs take long to come by - BILs occur more quickly in life. Just a societal norm, I mean.

Thanks for the comment!

Ahmar said...

SILs take long to come by - BILs occur more quickly in life. Just a societal norm, I mean.
I thought that a SIL and a BIL are created at the same time, and in equal quantities :P
(of course subject to them having siblings, which I would believe has an equal chance in a large population)

Ahmar said...


Uni said...

Er.. I meant from our perspective (like generally sisters get married earlier than brothers ... so if two people are of the same age, and one has sisters rather than brothers, then BILs would occur faster)...

Thats what I meant. Lol.

Sis the Priss said...

water water
garden garden

This must be making Lord Macaluay and Mirza Ghalib turn over in their grave. No kidding.

I laughed so hard when I got your sms saying "water water" I almost fell out of the bed. Kiddo cackled with laughter too, and T looked very bewildered.

Khair, I agree that BILS occur faster, but only because SIL refers to bhabis AND nands only! BILs are nandois, devar, jhayth, hum zulf and the list goes on. Kiya samjheen?

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss
*scratches head*.. Huh???

I didn't get that last bit at all! [what in the world is a hum zulf!]

And nice to know the kid cackled :D:D:D

SisthePriss said...

Heck my dear sis. Hum zulf means:your husband (ia)and minewouldbehumzul fsofeachother. AndIamnotstrugglingwith yourspacebaranymore.

Uni said...


*and then bursts out laughing* haaaaaaahahahahahahahah

:D.. what in the world !! .. you were sitting (as far as I remember) on THIS very laptop, and complaining about the space bar. When you stopped complaining, I thought it had started working!

It's working fine for me :P - Maybe it works well for whoever the laptop belongs to :P:P

Khair.. so hum-zulf (is zulf here meant to be, HAIR?)... so hum zulf would kinda sharing of HAIR?

Weird. They'd probably be 'hum don't-like-each-others' :P lol.