Friday, September 24, 2010

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's Sentencing :'(


I had been hoping against hope that something would somehow change the course of action we all knew would happen, but nothing came in between. No Pakistani consulate in America, no our dearly beloved ambassador to the US, and no Muslim leader, sham or real. A/c to Dr. Fozia Siddiqui (Dr Aafia's sister), nobody really did anything substantial except give false hopes and even more false deadlines. They weren't serious, just stalling. Now that the sentencing has been done (btw, I wonder why they had to say 86 years.. they could have simply said ''Till you die!'' ) - the case has become more complex, and Dr Aafia's return to Pakistan now has become totally impossible.

The TV has been showing pretty much all the news and analysis related to her sentencing, but here I'd like to share this video. It's not new, but it's very gripping and tells real facts, not false assurances.

And part 2:


majworld said...

its really sad news :(..few days back, i saw a news clip that rehman malik had written to US for aafia..nd i got some hope..But its sad this news..i m wondering, she was kidnapped from khi..then how come she could try to kill american soldiers in afghanistan :S..dun understand..but hope something can happen still...her statement in press is very positive though..but still all leaders shud be ashamed..

Uni said...

It's shocking news. Think about it... the woman allegedly just took a weapon and TRIED to shoot at soldiers. She failed. And nobody was hurt, not even a finger was hurt. YET she is handed over this sentence.

It's a gross miscarriage of justice, and btw, the kidnapping of Khi, and the alleged incident in Afghanistan are FIVE years apart! She was taken in 2003, and the alleged incident happened in 2008. The popular belief still is that this alleged incident is a huge cover up to hide the fact that she was kept in illegal custody of the American soldiers in Bagram, Afghanistan, with inhumane treatment at their hands, - and this whole incident was created to provide protection to their own hides.

Oh, how I wish our leaders (esp esp Mush) wasn't SO bika hua!

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