Monday, August 23, 2010

The Pakistan Flood Relief - Victims or ...?


This post is written with much sadness and regret - at our people in general. For one thing, the Sialkot incident isn't leaving my mind. I keep picturing it. Again and again. Maybe I shouldn't have seen the uncensored video... :'(:'(:'(:'(. I felt like my heart would burst open. And I wasn't even standing there. What, then, can be said regarding those who were standing there, witnessing it, with camera phones in their hands, shooting the vid peacefully, while the poor poor guy thrashed about on the ground in pain? His brother got a little less pain I think, because ha passed away (or passed out) quite early on. But this poor poor guy... (Oh, I so hope he is enjoying himself in Jannah right now..Ameen *blinks back tears*)... this poor guy wasn't spared for 3 or so hours. We can't imagine the pain he must have gone through.

The reason why I watched the video was... because one part of my brain had just refused to accept, that a bunch of people can actually see something like this, and not intervene. It wasn't possible. So I had to see it, to believe it. But I couldn't watch the full video... I had to switch that tab off and I remember my heart was racing and my brain pounding with misery.

Another thing. The people standing there, they are QUITE visible in the video. So WHY isn't the police catching them? Oh yeah, I forgot. The police is the biggest, blood-thirstiest of them all! There is even a small kid there, who is beating up those poor guys, and WHY isn't he arrested on spot? And put behind bars for life?????  There is a police wala there, he's visible by his gait! He's asking the person with a stick... to use a BIGGER and THICKER stick!! Why isn't he dealt with...with the same blows...and left to bleed away with a crowd looking on?????? There are other 2-3 guys there who are beating the victims up. Clearly visible. Not wearing masks. Not hiding themselves. Talk about bayhissi with a flair! They should be all caught, the whole lot of them, and dealt with in the same way. No respite. I'm sorry if I sound blood-thirsty... but that's what I feel, after watching this carnage. So that the rest of those animals learn a lesson not to attack their own kind, ever ever again.

*tries to calm down*

Anyway, this post wasn't about the incident. Although it can be linked in one way... and that is... in a country where these animals exist, why wouldn't such a country be afflicted with the worst flood in the century? Why ever not? Why wouldn't its people die by drowning in flood waters? Why wouldn't their houses be swept away, their ready-to-harvest fields washed out, their livelihoods destroyed...Why wouldn't the rest of them perish in disease? Diaorrhea? Dehydration? Hunger? Poverty? Target killing? Why wouldn't we have rats as presidents? Goons as parliament members? Criminals as governors? Slaves as leaders? Illiterates as Ministers?

WHY not????????????

Of course these afflictions would hit such a country. People of Sialkot (witnesses - and there were many... I saw!)... I am ashamed of you. I am ashamed of all those who stood there, and yet dare to call themselves human. Dare to look at others in the eye. Manage to sleep at night. The mother of those kids hasn't forgiven you. She will never ever forgive you. Will pray against you for as long as she lives. The father will probably hate you and curse you for the rest of your miserable empty lives. And don't worry. The curse of the mazloom (victim) reaches Allah (SWT) first. So don't you worry. Even if you can sleep now and enjoy life now, you won't. Later. Insha Allah. Ameen. Summa Ameen.

So back to what this post was meant to be about.

The flood victims - the ones we feel so sorry for, and are rushing to help, aren't such innocent human beings after all. There were always cases of fraud, whenever a calamity strikes, but this time, it has really crossed the limits.

Incident 1:
My sister's domestic servant informed her that all her rleatives have gone to Interior Punjab now. Sis asked "Why?" - the servant said ... "Oh, to collect relief goods of course." Sis was horrified. The maasi then explained that see, they say that if food/clothing are being given to Punjabis, so we're Punjabis too and we should have a share.

Oh yeah? What if God started Thinking the same way, and since Interior Punjab has been flooded, your houses get flooded too in Karachi, since you're Punjabis? How's that for fairness? Dishonesty, corruption and greed. Traits of our society!

Incident 2: 
My BIL went with his organisation to Interior Sindh, to distribute a truck of relief goods. They had a bunch of people from his workplace, and armed guards on the truck - who had orders to shoot. Good. He was so motivated about helping out and doing his bit in the relief work. What happened was that when TB came back, he was quite disheartened. And he gloomily said that he will never go there to 'help' again. What was the reason?

Well, his workplace had organised this effort, and in the process, they had made a pre-survey of the affected area, made a note of deserving families, and given them a coupon with which they could get relief items, when the truck of goods came. So when the truck went in that area, there were all sorts of people coming over and begging for ''raashan'' (food stocks). TB narrated, that there were people coming in motorbikes which must have cost around 80k rupees, begging for flour, daal etc. TB and his colleagues asked around that what the hell is going on. The locals told them, that these people are ones who, when their harvest is cut in April, from the profits, they buy expensive things (like bikes, TV, what not), and the rest of the year, they beg for food. They're not poor, they just choose to be lavish and foolish. (and Leech-like and greedy and opportunistic).

All around, there were undeserving people coming over to take relief items. There were even people who had stock piled flour bags (boris) up to the ceiling of their places. And yet, their greed wasn't satisfied... and they had come over to beg for more. People have donated so MUCH. TB reported that there is an amazing amount of food items all around. But people STILL want MORE. Their greed isn't letting them get satisfied.

I am reminded of Surah Takasur's ayah - in which Allah Reminds the us, that we are SO involved with the life of this world, its goodies, its wealth, its benefits, that that's ALL we think about - how to attain more, and more and more... TILL... we reach our time of departure from this world, and that's the only way we stop.

Thanks for reading this far. I agree this was a rant-ish post, but it was a much needed one - and I am miserable at the state our society is in, the values have all but gone, and there is nobody who can stop the gross injustices happening to our own people, or rather.. KIDS. 


Vinnie said...

The whole sialkot incident is horrifying and one is shaken at all this.

Uni said...

Yeah. I don't know what else will happen here that will be beyond our wildest imaginations. They've crossed every line!

Thanks for dropping by.

majworld said...

The killing of two bros indeed a v sad incident..culprits were people like us, not from outside. So we must realize how much our society has deteriorated. and regarding the 2nd part, its also true. It happened in earthquake too and now here too. Its really sad that such things exist in our society. Really the corruption has traveled from the top in our country to the low..and pretty much everyone corrupt now...
But still there is hope..These are the conditions when nations rise. Hope things vl change..May allah forgive us all and have mercy on us.ameen

Uni said...

Yeah, the culprits were definitely Pakistani men... and btw, there were reports on how when some men tried to intervene, they were forcefully stopped by the police. They weren't allowed to do anything to help those kids.

I just hope there is some change in the society - some re-awakening. IA.

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

The sialkot incident was beyond shocking, and I couldn't and haven't watched the uncensored video myself..
I feel ashamed to even think that those people who were witnessing this incident and din't try to stop are from the same country as I am..

Bea said...

*sigh* Its too tragic.. May Allah guide us all and steer us to the right path.. This system of ours is at the edge of decaydence where morals mean nothing to people..

Uni said...

It'is indeed. Ameen to your duaa.
Thanks so much for dropping by!

Uni said...

(sorry, I somehow missed your comment - mind isn't working right I think).

That is exactly what I don't understand about this story..HOW come nobody tried to stop this brutality from happening. Some people say that there must be a 'bigger picture' - but I see nothing, that can justify this kind of brutality :(

Thanks for dropping by!

Nikki. said...

OK, for the sialkot incident then I guess I shouldnt be letting my flame come out again, done with ONE post already and cant torture people even more.
And then comes the flood victims, people are CRYING for there arent any MUCH relief efforts being put in, but good gracious I have seen piles of relieve items just sitting there and doing noting, because people know that they have had ENOUGH. But the victims keep on asking for more....and more....and more....
Greed burns all the existing stuff infront of your eyes so that you keep on asking for more.Period

Uni said...

True. Very true. I wish there could be ONE system of distribution! All pvt. organisations would have contributed to them with complete trust that it's going to be distrubuted fairly. Hazaaron khwaishain aisi!


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