Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Of juicy gossip - and walks :)

This post was meant to come day before yesterday.

How many times have we said stuff like:

1. XYZ is reported to have happened, but I THINK....
2. This guy/organisation is collecting money for charity, but I THINK...
3. I HEARD so so saying that....
4. I BELIEVE this to be true/false
5. I think she/he is lying...
6. I do think he/she will go to hell
7. Uss ke shakal pay 'kafir' likha hay !! Phitkaar barasti hay chahray pay!

All of these things are based on rumours, or our own thinking. And hence, strongly discouraged in Islam. If somebody comes to you with so and so story, don't believe in it, or worst, start spreading it, or re-tweeting it, or blogging about it, or status updating about it etc. Do it only after you are absolutely 100% sure about that piece of hot news - before making judgements.

I hope to follow this first :(. And then pass it on to the rest of you.

So today's Taraweeh Truffle: Hot Gossip and Juicy Rumours


A walk to remember :P


Sis the Priss said...

Awwwwwwwww!!!! I like, I heart, I twitter, I everything:):):). Love it my dear Uni!! I tried to make choto potu watch it but he was too interested in his latest toy - dada's hairbrush.

Uni said...

@Sis the Priss

:D:D:D.. Dil khush kardia!!
Well, thanks for the uplifting comment! And no problem about chotu's short attention span :P. He can watch this later IA.

Dada's hairbrush? :D. Hope he doesn't learn that one can smack others with a brush lol!

Ahmar said...

:D:D I LOVED the last video of bhanju wanju...I had to pause a couple of times to catch up with the text but otherwise it was so cute masha'Allah...He sounds so intrigued and curious about everything in the room, I wonder if he ever sits still :P..doesn't like he does though :)

P.S. I am logged in today without me having to sign in :D

Ahmar said...

btw, this swtich business..He should be watched ALL the time and SHOULD stay away from the electric switches.. :S

Uni said...

Thanks! :)

He is curious about everything! Down to our own expressions, he stares so hard! :D. MA. And no! He doesn't sit still. So we also have to move around with him! And definitely, he IS watched all the time. We have too much paraphernalia in the house.. I think we should do 'baby-proofing' real soon :S.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Ahmar said...

I think we should do 'baby-proofing' real soon :S
looking at his curious nature (masha'Allah masha'Allah) and how he just walks around, you should..

lol at the way he handles the sandle..picked it, held it for a bit and threw it with a jerk and leaned back to pick it up again :D:D..

Uni said...

Definitely :)

And yeah.. I didn't notice it when it happened, but I noticed this in the video (strange, I know) - how cleverly (MA) he managed to prevent me from snatching the slipper from his hands! By throwing it !! And catching it again!

Thanks for dropping by !