Saturday, August 21, 2010

Khala-hood Chronicles


Among the gloom and doom in the country and everywhere around us, I thought of brightening this post up by mentioning a few habits of my bhanja (nephew). They're fun, easy to grin at, but sometimes worthy of a little grimace or a sharp yelp of pain, depending on the intensity of his acts.

Scene 1
At around 10 months Masha Allah (multiplied by 100000), Bhanju can now take his baby steps... unaided. There was quite a big prelude to this hallmark achievement, with him holding on to something (ranging from your shoulder, to your leg, to the sofa leg etc etc) and hoisting himself up. His skinny-ness helped I think. So he usually stood up, looked around in amazement (wow! I'm vertical! finally!), and then promptly... let go. Of whatever he was holding. We would all yell and either he would fall down and look startled (he isn't much of a crybaby shukar!), or he would grin cheekily as one of us would rush to hold him.

So after this prelude, the kid one day let go of whatever he was holding, and began to take teensy steps! I got a text saying ''Chotu is taking his first baby steps Masha Allah Masha Allah'' :D.. His proud daddy couldn't wait to announce it to the world!
Man, the love one's kid induces in the heart. It's astounding MA.

Now, when he came over, we would all want to see him walk (and I know this won't last when he manages to run around the house and get into scrapes). It's such fun when I stand in front of him, hold out my arms, and make clowny noises... he would WALK towards me. Er, I would back away (to make him walk more) but mum scolded :$, so I stood there till he reached me, all jubilant and excited at actually walking towards his khala.

Scene 2:
Me: Say, ''Yoooooooooooni - Khaaaa LAAAAAAA (note the emphasized capslocked portion).
Everytime he would come over for the last month or so (since he started saying mamaa, pappaa, amma, anna, aapaa etc etc :D), I would practise the same thing. "Say... Yoooooni-KhaaLAAA''
Now, when I was doing the same thing, the kid says all sorts of words, then gibberish, and among the gibberish comes out a word that very closely resembles a ''LaaaaAAAaaaaaaa" (imagine it in musical tones :S).

Well, its a start :) - Today, he managed to do this many times: look at me and let out a ''lllaaaaaaaa''' :D:D

Btw, this cracked me up :D:D

Scene 3
There are times when you just feel like giving him a nice smack (in his mum's vocab: a boopoo), or yelping your head out. I prefer the latter. It generates more sympathy for me (from the family who is onlooking), and it makes the lil dude laugh :D. SO what happens is that he would lovingly come towards you. His mouth would be half open... he would rest his cheek against your shoulder, and you'd go awww. In less than 2 seconds, you will be like aAAARgh! Because he would have bitten your shoulder with all of his 4 teeth (2 full, 2 half out). :D. The great part is, that the yelp makes him laugh, which makes him open his mouth and viola! Your shoulder (or hand, finger whatever) is released!!

He sure loves to stand by the window (on the bed) and would keep looking out, then turning around and giving you these adorable smiles. Often, if you're lying on the bed too trying to sleep .. he would check if you're sleeping. Yep? So then the next step is to either:
1. Sit down on the sleeping person's head! (yes, head! I have had him sit himself down on my head countless times in the past two days) ... lol. Of course, you wake up with a start and stare at him reproachfully. To which he gives another of his adorable laughs. Sigh. One can't stay mad at kids like these :D

2. OR, he's going to reach out his lil hands, grab a fistful of your hair, make a special I'm-being-naughty-and-I-know-it noise, and PULL. Ugh. It's a wonder I still have hair on my head. This has happened countless times toooo.

Exactly like this!

At the end of the day, it's been an exhausting but happy day. Because as I said, among the gloom and doom, kids bring joy (and disorder) in one's life. And there ain't no better anecdote to life's topsy-turviness ever!

Lucky them :). They rule - you just can't disobey a baby!


Ahmar said...

I will come back to comment on the post itself...but the pictures here...they are so lovely :D
you are good at finding cute pictures for your posts and I can see a good amount of effort in this regard Or perhaps you are so good at it now that its done effortlessly ;)

Uni said...

Thanks so much. It's a pleasure searching for pictures like these. It takes a leetle time, I just have to enter keywords in Google Images and the cues for these, I get from the blog post itself. So not a veryy big effort :).

Thanks for dropping by!

majworld said...

kids are cute nd innocent nd so are their acts :)..nice post, yooni lala of ur bhanja :)

Uni said...

Yep they sure are :). And I hope this nickname doesn't last :P.. It HAS to be Yooni-Khaala... !

The wait (and it's interesting temporary alterations) are interesting though !

Thanks for dropping by.

majworld said...

dun wry, juz tempt the lil one with few sweets nd choclates..he will speak ur desired nick soon :)

Uni said...

That's a funny suggestion. But I got scolded for giving him a square off my dairy milk chocolate. (he loved it and cried when I was sternly asked to cut it out). Lol. So nothing doing till he finally learns how to pronounce 'kha' :D

majworld said...

juz give him all squares of ur dairy milk and he vl speak khala in any language u ll say :p
btw dun test it :p

Uni said...

lol. I sure won't :)

Bea said...

awwww i love the pics... the rest is part of life but it has its own charms..

Uni said...

Thanks :). I know it's part of life, but a cool one! (esp if you're a Khala! No primary responsibility... if you know what I mean :D)

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

Er, I would back away (to make him walk more) but mum scolded :$, so I stood there till he reached me,
lol :D
Today, he managed to do this many times: look at me and let out a ''lllaaaaaaaa''' :D:D
So has he managed to say Uni khala yet? Or is the teaching still continuing...
You should keep a video recorder with you and record it when he does say it eventually :)..
You should also make more videos of him...would be fun to watch 'em..
I am wondering how much the lil dude will love these posts after many years later when he comes to this blog..make sure it is kept saved :)

Ahmar said...

Why do I always have to log in :(

Uni said...

Well, as for now, he still looks at me and says 'llllaaaaa' :S. I wonder how long this 'NO' (in Arabic) will continue :)

I will IA record the moment. That would be incredible.

Ah, I would love to make videos, but the problem right now is that my camera is dead... battery trouble (most likely). So will get it fixed soon IA. I hope he loves them :D. I'll have to er, edit my blog a bit... don't want him to know everything!

And as for the logging in business, this problem I am also facing but only with certain blogs, not all. Weird, though.

Thanks so much for dropping by!

PS: I had to log in too, for this comment! :@