Friday, August 27, 2010

Flood hits Thatta city, canal breach endangers Larkana

THATTA: After submerging kacha (unsubstantial) areas of Thatta, the flood water has changed its direction towards the concrete areas of the city outskirts. A breach in the embankment of Keerthar Canal has endangered Larkana and areas including Rato Dero and Garhi Khuda Bukhsh Bhutto, SAMAA reported on Thursday.

According to details, flood water is rapidly entering the houses of four concrete villages: Haji Khamiso Babbar, Mallan Babbar, Nawaz Ali Barast and Hali Moosa Khaskheli Goth, near Jhirk City.

The people of the all four villages, on their own, are trying to drain out flood water, but the water level is rising constantly. The District Administration is busy strengthening safety embankments to control flood water before it hits the National Highway. The flood affected people of the villages told SAMAA that after their houses submerged, they are taking refuge on roof tops and other elevated places.

The District Coordination Officer of Thatta, Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, said while talking to SAMAA that the people residing in these concrete area villages will be evacuated safely. In Garhi Khuda Bakhsh Bhutto area of Larkana, speedy work is underway to strengthen the safety embankment at Jannat Shakh to save the tombs of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and their ancestors.

Due to the shortage of modern equipment and stones in bulk, strengthening the Jannat Shakh safety embankment is suffering severely. After the constant rise of water pressure, Larkana is endangered by robust floods arriving from the two sides of the city.

The people of Larkana are threatened and harassed by the expected flood. They have started to evacuate from the endangered areas on their own. SAMAA 

Allah Khair karay... :(. Thatta is around 2 hours drive from Karachi. I really don't know where that water is headed!! (most probably for the Arabian sea of course). But the question is, will it take a plunge into Karachi? And if so... where? Man, if only I had a charted out plan of the water.. :(

The people of Thatta are quickly leaving their homes. And by the way, the tombs of BB and Zulfiqar Bhutto are desperately protected by personnel, and speedy work is going on by the govt to build some dam/protection surrounding the area. I do wish such effort could be done for LIVING people too by the govt.

Also, I think everybody who wants a safe place, to gather at Nawdero. That way, at least you will be assured of govt. efforts to save you since you're there at the 'sacred place'... May Allah Have Mercy on us Ameen!


majworld said...

Ameen on ur dua..I hope the this flood ends soon now..And gud point that living people should be protected rather than the dead tombs.
Have heard such news too, that some politicians to save their property directed waters towards large population area..

Uni said...

I hope so too.. but the damage is massive and tireless efforts are needed, not for a few months, but for the next few years! We need to keep the spirit alive, till then. IA.

Yeah, this is a common story by all poor people - that the zameendaars did it in their areas.

Thanks for dropping by!

xdc said...

very informative. now fretting over coming monsoon