Wednesday, August 4, 2010

70 people (and counting) - Karachi smolders away...!


My heart bleeds as I write this. The city of Karachi seems to be in a state of civil war. The good news is that some parts of Karachi are completely peaceful (Clifton, Defence etc) but the north of Karachi is facing a very troubled time.

It started with the assassination of MPA Haider Raza, whose namaz-e-janaza (funeral prayers) were held yesterday. Alhamdulillah, nothing happened in his funeral prayers. Rahman Malik had predicted otherwise. Thank the Lord, as always, RM's predictions didn't come true.

Later on, we started hearing of firing incidents, and death and destruction. Who was targeted? You may wonder. Who died? What infrastructure was targeted, and ultimately burned?

The infrastructure and vehicles that were destroyed included:
1. Trucks
2. Rickshaws
3. Tea shops
4. Road side cafes
5. Carpet shops
6. Miscellanneous shops

The class of people who were brutally killed:

1. Katchray walas (the boys who pick up the garbage from homes and deposit it)
2. Rickshaw walas (rickshaw drivers)
3. Truck drivers

The class of people targeted *MAJORITY* belongs to ONE ethnic group. The majority of our truck drivers are pathaan, majority of our tea shop owners are pathaan, our public transport personnel is mostly pathaan. As far as I have observed, majority of katchray walas are also pathaan. So the majority of the 70 (probably above 70) people killed in cold blood... were pathans.

Now, those who bleat out about the ''aslaha carried by them, and the training they have, and the taliban-like approach and other blah blahs" lemme give you a few facts which should (if it doesn't, God Help you) appeal to your sanity.

1. Why would pathans kill... pathaans?
2. Why would they burn their own vehicles?
3. Why would they burn their own shops?
4. Why would they destroy their own businesses?

And now, the most important one...

--> If you kill one pathaan who doesn't have the social standing to even be named on television (all we're getting is numbers, no names, no occupations)... then there isn't anybody to fight for those were killed. Nobody to protest for them. Nobody to have a yaum-e-sog for them (they deserve it too, no?). So if they have nobody to carry out any justice on their behalf, what do you expect their family men to do? (considering they are well versed in weapon usage) ??? And if you kill off more than 50 of them? Or even 40, or 30???????

What do you, sane, educated, well-balanced, London-prostrating, people think would happen?

If you point fingers at them (anybody heard the Rabta Committee this evening?), and count out the number of 'Muhajirs' who were killed (how many? I heard a few, but really. Talk about numbers. How many?)... and you count out the looting that was going on (looting, not murder - remember that)... then what do you have to say about the 50+ number of pathans who are dead now? Not looted ...... killed. In cold blood. An eye witness told my Aunt that they saw with their own eyes: two pathans being shot  dead in front of their house! Murder is despicable whenever it happens, so why are you so upset at ONE SIDED murder and refuse to acknowledge what's going on from your own end?

Now let's talk in terms of state might and power.
Who does the police/rangers/law enforcing agencies belong to (coalition included) ..? YOU.
Which party does the governor belong to? YOURS
Who is sitting in provincial assembly and able to control the city? You!

Coming to ANP now. What can be said about the loyalty of a party, which lets its own people die merrily away in our northern areas? This party is sitting meekly in the lap of the government. A government which doesn't mind drones entering its airspace, bombing the heck out of its people and killing whoever it feels like. You both are government allies, hence you both are FRIENDS. So stop blaming each other childishly and don't think we're all stupids.

PS: This ranty post is not meant to ignore the terrible gunfight that's going on around the area of 'Kati Pahari' and 'Qasba Colony' - my sympathies with the loss of life. And we're hearing it's mainly the pathans who are out on this gun rampage. Even so, who are they fighting with? Taali dono hathon say bajti hay!

So long :@ *am boiling here, really*

PS: A practical solution would be (again at state level and ha! as if they're going to do that!), to confiscate every last weapon found in Karachi. There might be a huge outcry, but at least that will solve instant shooting and killing scenarios.


majworld said...

uni, confiscating weapon may be one idea..but y don't leaders of ANP and MQM sit together and stop this bullshit..really sad that both sides are killing each other and the enemy may actually be some third one :S..i think all the parties should meet and make some plan and leaders of both parties should play some role...Karachi is central hub of the country..its really sad, everything is stopped there..seeing this target killing, i remember one of the longest fights in arab i guess, which started on very petty issue like some camel or sth like dat..Hope all gets fine soon..Our country really tested these days..

Uni said...

I wish this idealistic solution could be implemented, but if you really see the leadership of both parties... none of them are taking the slightest notice (and I mean action here) to stop the carnage.

MQM leaders keep shouting about Karachi being financial hub and getting destroyed etc... but the governor and his team is sitting, helplessly as people keep dying and suffering. Even children haven't been spared in this disaster!

Waqai main, there isn't anything one can do except pray! You can't even help the people out.. (who are stranded in their homes for a long time now! And no shops open so not much food!)... because if you venture out, you just might be riddled with bullets!

Thanks for dropping by!

Ahmar said...

this is extremely depressing and heart wrenching!
Weapons confiscation sounds like solution to me but its the will and resolve of government that is lacking..

anas imtiaz said...

Confiscating weapons is the ideal solution. Sadly, not practical.

About these parties...

MQM is crying loudly as being the victim and asking the govt to do something..the govt? aur kon hai govt? Its silly why ppl are even listening to these ba*****s

ANP on the other hand..u've pointed out what they are..

and both parties are not willing to leave the govt!

I really dont want all these parties sitting together and look for a solution, because they've done that before (mafahmat). What I want is to see the culprits taking these innocent lives get punished...but then again has anyone *ever* been punished in Pakistan as such?

Ahmar said...

Just wondering..(I dont read much on the current situaiton nor am I aware of much of history of khi)..but I am wondering, where does the Police and Rangers etc. come in this whole picture? Such incidents are not new to karachi right? And if this police etc. are so dysfunctional, then isn't it obvious that the government is at fault? Sorry for my ignorance , these questions might be too dumb but they just come to mind straight away when I read the news...

Uni said...

That's the whole point. PPP government sits and watches this whole thing with amusement. Zahir hay, if the coalition fights among itself, who is it weakening? And who is it strenghtening!

As far as your question is concerned, it's not dumb of course. I'm not well versed in the Sindh Govt structure too. But as far as I know, the Rangers/police fall under the Sind Govt... which is presently comprising of PPP, MQM, ANP - the strongest hold in Karachi being for: MQM. So if they really were sincere in 'not destroying the financial hub' thing, they could have EASILY controlled the situation and btw, the Sindh Govt even has the right to call in the army in places where control is hard to be established.

I was hearing that rangers weren't able to enter Qasba Colony. So they could have called the army, but nobody did that. Lives are much more important to save... a pity nobody has that feeling anymore.

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah I know it's not an ideal solution... But what else is out there. I can't KNOCK sense into the leaders of both ANP and MQM... (it would take quite a bit of knocking too)...

MQM is crying loudly as being the victim and asking the govt to do something..the govt? aur kon hai govt?
That's the THING. They're crying and appearing oh so mazloom, where in fact, they're the controlling body in Karachi (esp in Karachi!). The media is JUST showing muhajir families who have had their people passed away from gunshots. Hence only a handful of families were shown (with that sad music etc etc). But what I'm miffed about is, why aren't they showing the countless pathans who got killed!...

Both parties won't leave the govt. because at the highest level, they're all equal, friends, highly amused at these happenings, and what not.

Punished, they shall be! Allah mian dunya main hee dikhaa daitay hain.

Thanks for dropping by!