Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's next, nobody knows :S

What's next, nobody knows
Some little highs, some little lows
Whiling away time, some two hours ago
We received a shock, in one big blow

As I sat on my chair, and reached for the mouse
A strange smell struck me, was there something in the house?
In a few microseconds, it became clear
Something was definitely amiss, oh dear

Two seconds later, I felt quite sure
My laptop was about to catch fire, how immature!
The smell wasn't coming from the laptop, it was from another room
I jumped up and ran, convinced I (and laptop) were doomed

"DAD! There's a fire!" my yell resounded, quite loudly I guess
Dad came sprinting out, and ran straight to the UPS
The brand new stabilizer, was smoking away profusely
A horrid smell was everywhere, I tried not to breath

Within seconds the whole house was awash in that smoke smell
Poor mum and dad were coughing, unable to breath well
I opened all the doors and windows, trying not to choke
The stabilizer was disconnected and carried outside to smoke

A few minutes later, things went back to normal here
But I can't help thinking - with great great fear
What if we were asleep? And it had happened v.late at night?
Would we have smelled it, made it out in time?

The day proved to be a lesson, a lesson in the fact
That anything can happen anytime, we should make a pact
With ourselves, that we should be ready ... at any moment in time
To welcome death with respect, not with shock, sublime

The day was quite eventful - with this happeneing in the end
A mixture of upsets, playfulness and well, quite a blend
I should be really thankful to Allah, for we escaped something dreadful
And to be better humans, prepared for death always -- I'm hopeful!

Copyright Uni_Sombreooony_2010


Ahmar said...

Thank Allah, everything is ok in the end...

Uni said...

Alhamdulillah. Yes I agree, and I did.

Allah ka bohttt shukar.

Nikki. said...

these UPS's can be realllllllyyyyy torturous as well as Dangerous at time =/ Im glad all of you are fine :) alhumdulilAllah

Uni said...

Thanks so much. It was a horrible experience. The UPS has been giving trouble since it was installed :(. We're thinking of a generator. But its something to think about - in terms of expense.

Thanks for dropping by!

Nikki. said...

Generators are good, BUT a High Maintenance machine. And plus u have to GET UP in the middle of the night to turn that damn thing ON... while UPS is automatic... thats one advantage ;)

Uni said...

:D. I know. There are upsides and downsides everywhere! So still thinking what to do basically. :)